Wesleyan University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Wesleyan is largely considered a hippie school, full of rich, pretentious white kids from New York or Boston who are overly idealistic, politically correct,


Well if not confused with Wellesly or Ohio-Wesleyan or Kansas-Wesleyan or anything of those other "W" schools, I'd say the stereotype of Wesleyan is a ultra-liberal, protest-loving, weed-smoking, sport-hating University full of artists and hippies. It's also nicknamed "Diversity University". And everyone is brilliant.


Wesleyan students are stereotyped as hippy- dippy-trippy students who are free loving, who challenge social norms, and are unbiased and equality loving.


They are hippies/activists/druggies.


Before coming to Wesleyan, I heard there were a lot of hippies and hipsters. Mostly, people said Wesleyan kids were really "weird."


The stereotypical Wesleyan student is an intelligent, passionate, quirky vegetarian hippie who smokes a little pot, wants to save the world, and hates Fox news.


There is this prevailing notion that Wesleyan is some drugged-out, uber-liberal, meta-pretentious bacchanal where students split their time evenly between protesting every conceivable affront to political correctness and making soap out of dirt. Now, while this is something of an exaggeration, I think these impressions are based on the prevailing stereotype that Wesleyan students are so fully ingratiated into their own exclusive Wesleyan society that they really have no association whatsoever with the outside world – i.e. Wesleyan students would rather rip down gendered bathroom signs then write their congressperson demanding the passage of meaningful legislation.


Stereotypically, Wesleyan students are ultra-liberal activist hipsters/hippies who are frequently naked.


Well, I don't like the first question you guys ask to be about stereotypes, its setting it up to be negative from the start. But in general, if someone has even heard of wesleyan, or even within wesleyan, wes students are stereotyped as liberal, gender-neutral, polysexual hipsters/hippies. And they are mostly regarded as creative.


That we all applied to Brown and didn't get in. That we don't do any work