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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


In high school, they diminish students that end up attending community college, whether it is because of financial reasons or lack of required GPA and SAT scores to attend a four year college. If I could go back to the crying high school senior (that was me), devastated because her family couldn’t afford the school of her dreams and had to go to community college. I would tell her “chin up” because you’re about to enter a fantastic experience. Community college will provide you with a solid academic foundation without putting you in a large amount of debt. Work hard in it, so that when you do attend a four year college, you have an impeccable transcript. Apply early for financial aid and scholarships to have your academic year secured. Learn everything possible in each subject because it’s good to be a well-rounded, knowledgeable individual. But above all trust in God because He will get you throughout anything if you honor Him. College is a wonderful place to become a great member of society, so enjoy it while it lasts.


Everyone says that college will be the best years of your life, but what they don't tell you is it is completely different from high school. At the age of 18 I would consider myself pretty responsible, but I had no clue just how tough college would be. Senior year was just a year ago, but if I could go back in time to that year I would tell myself everything I didn't know entering college. I would tell myself that college is completely on you. If you fail, that's on you. It's your money, and it's best not to waste something like that. I also wish I applied myself more in high school because college would probably be that much easier. All in all, I think I would tell my high school senior self that I am going to be just fine in college and to try my hardest.


I would tell myself that everything happens for a reason. That there is always a good thing that we can find in the bad that happens around us. Whatever that looks like, if we find it, it can make our lives easier and will allow us to grow and mature in a way to understand and view the world in a better perspective. Complaining and being in a negative attitude is easy to do, but if we really strive to find that positive aspect in life from the negative things around us, we can really grow up with a personality that will shape us into better people. Not only will we become "better" people, we will also grow up to really enjoy our lives. How can you enjoy anything when you are always complaining. You can't. You have to find the good in the bad and grow from them. Learn to live a joyful and thankful life and in return, God will Bless us with things that we couldn't have even imagined.


As a college student, I would advice to actually do everything possible to pass my AP classes. They would have given me credits equivalent to a whole semester that I wouldn't have to take. I would say to try my best to aim for a higher GPA and higher SAT scores because I could have qualified for an on-campus housing scholarship. I would also advice to apply for the most amount of scholarships possible because then I wouldn't be having to pay money out of my pocket to pay for school and textbooks. This would have to be all the advice I would give myself if I could go back in time.


To go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have actually been a lot harder on myself. I would tell myself to take college seriously. Always make time for things and never wait last minute, which is a mistake I have made a few times as a college student. I would tell myself to always find that happy medium, and if something is not working out, do not force it. If there is a class that you need to drop, DROP IT!!!!!! I would tell myself to reach out to the professors because although they give you the grade, you earn it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself, even though going to community college my not be the ideal social setting, going to comminity college will allow you to finish college in a timely and an economical manor.


If I could go back in time to my high school self . I would telll myself to get a job and save money. To start taking life seriously and study hard . I would say self you need to read more , read any and everything. To join clubs ,get more active in my community, to go to town meeting and meet people to network with. do not worry because you will find your way.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would get myself in eating healthy and exercising more. My problem with college is I eat too much junk food and don't exercise enough but if I eat healthier in high school and wasn't so lazy, I feel I would have an easier time in college when it came to eating and going to the gym. In addition, if I was more active in high school, walking around campus now would be easier because I'd have more endruance. I would also tell myself to listen to my teacher's advice about college because in most cases, they were correct.


Advice that I would give myself is to be myself and continue on and work as hard as I did in highschool. I would make sure I know what I want to do with my life and work hard to accomplish that. I would tell myseld to keep my head high and try my best. I would also tell myself that nothing is easy in life because without the hard work and effort it would mean as much. I wouldnt feel that all my hard work paid off. If nothing was hard it wouldnt be rewarding. I would tell myself to stive to be the best I can be.


If I could only say one word to my high school self, I wouldn't have to explain any further. Procrastination. I have had a major problem with procrastination since high school started, and it's managed to impact my college life as well. If I knew how badly things were going to get as far as tuition costs and finding enough money to pay for college goes, I would have gotten on with finding scholarships and other means of earning money a lot sooner. I tend to put off so many things, and I'd warn myself not to do the exact same thing with college. I've regretted what I've done (or haven't done, rather), and I really wish I could go back and change it all now. In applying for this scholarship, I'm hoping that I can kind of help teach myself that procrastination shouldn't be an option when it comes to school matters. Now that I'm more independent when it comes to education, I see how important getting things in on time is.


If I were able to talk to myself as high school senior I'd encourage myself to stay focused. College is time consuming. It's difficult to do just about everything at school. I'd probably prefer to be single rather than stay with my high school sweetheart who often wasted my time when I could be studying or in the gym or anything productive for that matter. I would get a 2nd job during the summer leading into my freshman year. College is so expensive, and even after you pay for tution room and board you still have books to purchase. I would tell myself to enjoy my summer leading into school as best as possible. My childish days were ending quick and my life will never be the same. I was turning into the adult I would be for the rest of my life. I would tell myself to take the SAT one more time and try not to overwork myself into injury that I suffered from track and field. Overall I wouldn't change too much but the transition from High School to College is monumental, and I'd make sure I was ready. Thank You


I honestly would not give myself any different advice because I did what I wanted to do. I attended a high school my senior year that was a college transition high school. They allowed the students to take college courses in place of regular high school courses. It allowed me to become accustomed to how college courses work and what the professors expect from their students. I learned how different the environment was from a regular high school setting. It helped me a lot preparing for the semesters that I had classes after my graduation. If I didn't go to this high school my senior year, I would have gone into college after graduation cold turkey, not knowing what to expect and may have done worse than I would have if I didn't go to the college transition high school.


As a college student looking back at my senior year of high school, I do not see where any advice is needed. I came into college well-prepared and I think I did it on the best possible route. In my eleventh grade year, I dual-enrolled at a local college and took two classes a semester. By my last semester of twelfth grade, I was up to three classes a semester with half of my AA degree done on top of doing my high school classes, dance practice, a part-time job, church, and jumping at all scholarship opportunities. While a lot of students went into college with almost no money, I got a scholarship that paid for my classes to finish my AA degree so I only needed to worry about money for my remaining four years of college. While a lot of students have been failing out of their classes because of the shock of the course load and exposure to alcohol and drugs, I have been excelling with four classes a semester, alcohol and drug free. I am proud to say that I did it right as a high school senior.


Honestly, I do not have many regrets about transitioning into college. I believe that I have lived my life the best I can. I was pregnant when I began my college career. So while I may have missed out on the typical activities a college student may engage in, I took a different path and have been blessed with a beautiful family. That said, I would probably go back to high school and tell myself: "Stick with it and you will thrive. When you feel overwhelmed, keep your eye on the fact that one day you will be doing what you love, which is teaching students with disabilities. But at the same time, these are memorable years of your life. Don't get discouraged that your college career will take a long time. Rather, enjoy the journey that you're on and take in the moments you appreciate by making the best of your college years and the relationships you're forming."


To be more socialble, get more involved in extracirricular activities


Parties, spending time with friends while you are still all together, and making those times you cannot help but smile to as you look back on them would be a typical senior year for most. Senior year is the best time of some peoples lives, for me it was exasperating. Remembering senior year, I regret saying no to class get togethers, or seasonal dances because friends are what help end your high school career and help you to make that transition. I continuously felt behind on applications, or my grades were slipping and I would not be accepted into college resulting in a, "no, to those invites. My expectations for college were higher than most, thanks to every high school teachers exaggerations. After my semester in college I have found that studying and homework is mandatory as I expected, but nothing I cannot handle and recieve a good grade on. If I could talk to myself as a senior, I would tell myself to slow down, take a break from academics and kick back, say yes to a few of those events, and above all, have fun. High school only happens once, and I wish I would have realized that.


The advice I would give myself as a college senior is to be devoted to your studies and still be involved in activities you like. Also, do not give in to peer pressure and be yourself. I would tell myself to express myself in my own way and not be afraid to be different and to not go along with what everyone else is doing. Also, I would tell myself that since I am planning on being a college athlete, stay focused on your team when you are on the field, and stay even more foused when you are in the classroom. This is very important to me. Finally, I would tell myself to stay determined in accomplishing my goal of becoming a successful Art Teacher and to never give up.


Listen to your stepmom go for speech pathology! ANd don't ever ever let your 4.0 gpa drop!


From the vast knowledge to different cultures being exposed to me, WIlliam Paterson University is deffinitly different than high school. The classes are a lot more challenging such as Biology, but the difference that is highlighted is the communication withing the student and the professor. In highschool it was mainly facts being taught rather than being able to express what I felt about the subject. In college, being able to express my opinion gives me a better understanding why it isn't what I think or why it should be what I think. College gives me that chance to show my feelings toward a subject and to also better understand it. For example, in Social Problems, the professor discussed the box we have on applications for ethnicity. The class was so intrigued by that question and asked does that category best describe me. People even suggested to fill in the "other" section and writing in human instead. This subject was interesting because of the fact we got to express our own opinion on the subject and also ask questions that were further explained rather than the results from high school. That is the experience I have gotten from college.


I am a single mother who was born with one arm. I have wanted to better myself by getting a better education than just high school. I have made great friends here through the groups that I regularly attend and feel I will have thosefriends for life. I feel that there is so much negativity in the world and by getting my teaching certificate I strive to share my patience and kindness with the students that may not have such a positive outlook on life because of certain economic and family situation. I know I am just one women but by going to school I have seen that many individuals together can have a large effect on the way communities and states are run. These students that are getting jobs and going out in the world start out getting an education, and the quality of that education is determined by many factors, such as campus life. Ultimatelty, you have the choice of what you want to get out of your education. I feel that if you try hard and focus on your goals to succeed than you can acheive anything.


I've gotten a lot out of college, especially because I live on campus. I have been able to experience different ways people live and and people's different habits and normalcies. Being in a sorority, I have been able to meet alot of people and stand for a my beliefs and share my views with like minded people. Although I'm still in my college experience, I have had the chance to really find out who I was as a person and how I am when I have my own rules to follow. College has been a time of soul searching and trial and error so for me. After I graduate and go into the "real world" i think college would have been an asset for my life and who I am as a person.


Decision making foundation, assistance with all aspects of my life and secure hope for my future.


I haven't had that experience yet, thats why I want to go to school and finish my education. Thank you.


AT this school the thing that is stressed the most is helping others. I have earned respect for helping others that are less fortunate. Iam very needed of financial assistance and have to work and get loans and financial aid to attend college. I have found out that there are those that cannot even think about doing that. I love to help others. My school was instrumental in helping me to understand this. Now I enjoy helping others in need. I have also learned to respect education. Thru education one can make a difference in the lives of others as well as your own. I have also gotten to know myself and the value that I have as a human being that has the power to help others. Also the most important thing I have learned is that I matter to the world and that I am capable and very smart. I was not to aware of this and the power I held in the knowledge that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.


Aside from making countless valuable friends that will last forever, I have really had a chance to get to know me. I have the opportunity to join organizations that have allowed me to really do the things that matter to me most. I have and will continue to take part in helping others. I mostly like to work for chelters for humanity and walking for breast cancer. the latest is my passion. I enjoyed doing all types of charity work in my community around the school, which to me was not a job, but an opportunity to become better acquainted with my peers. I plan to continue doing as much of this in my life as possible. To be able to help others is such a natural high, that I personally woud like to invite others to take part of at least one opportunity to be useful for the better of those that need it. It will really enrich their lives.


I have been married a little over three years and have a 5 month old son. Education is very important to me because it will provide me a career to support my family.


I have gotten quiet a bit of knowledge from my college experience, not only academically, but i was exposed to many different races and religions then i have ever have been before. William Paterson has taught me that if you work hard, you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to. Anything worth having, is worth working for.


Coming out of high school I was as clueless as the next kid. Thinking about college and how to pay for it was an everyday thought that stressed me out and it still does til this day. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would not change a thing. After graduating high school I did not attend a four year university as my other peers did, instead I attended a community college. Thinking back the decision I made was a smart one. As a high school senior knowing what I know now I would tell myself that it does not matter where everyone else is going, how hard they party at their school, what matters is that you are getting an education at an afforable cost. At the end of the day it does not matter where you started, what will matter is where you finish and what you become of yourself. I would tell myself to continue to get good grades and not let the social life take over because getting good grades can benefit in the long run.


I would tell myself to visit the college first and find out what documents are needed so that you wouldn't go through some issues right now.


Advice from a college-experienced Welma, is the greatest thing that could have occurred. However, if given this opportunity, I 'd touch up on the value of time, organization, communication and networking. It is important that as a student you put a great importance on how one spends their time because time cannot be taken back. This intertwines with something significant, known as organization. Organization seemed to be the answer to all time conflicts. As long as one was able to have their day planned, one will be able to have a smooth, stress-free day. Similarly, the act of communication with one?s teacher must be very secure. With this relation, one can achieve major respect as well as an addition means of help with any question, comments, or concerns. Knowing the value of communication should emphasize how efficient networking should be. By knowing a lot of people, one develops an all-time safety to most of your mistakes. You gain sources that can assist you with missed assignments, and serve as help with the coursework. Unfortunately, I did not utilize these traits earlier, but fortunately, had to go through difficulties to realize the imperative meaning of them.


I would of gave my self a long speech on how to get my self ready for college. As a high school student, I never gave much thought about college. I would tell my self of the limitless posiblitys that could be in store for me if I really tried hard to get good grades . I would of told my self to focus on major goals and work harder. Then I would of gave my self an effective career plan to make sure I end up successful sooner then now.


I?m sure that you can?t wrap your head around the whole time travel paradox, but I have to tell you about the next few years. It?s going to be really easy to take the simple paths and fall back on the knowledge you think you have now; but it?s not that simple. No matter where you think you?re going after college, it won?t mean a thing if you don?t challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and seek out abilities and skills that you can use for the rest of your life, not just those abilities that they are going to cram down your throat in those godless 8am classes. And, for your own sake, make an impact on wherever you end up ? not the other way around.


Not to underestimate myself and to work harder. I certainly did not work hard enough my last years of highshool or the begining of college.


Please, go to a big school where you can have fun, be far from home, and play sports at a high level. Choose a school like Penn State, Michigan, or any other big school.


I would encourage my self to get a college degree when I finished high school because I have learned how much a person can grow by going to college.


I would say to make the most of the years in college and not mess around so that you can get out and accomplsih your life goals. It goes by so fast.


i would tell myself to get ready for the best time, but hardest part of my life. College is fun but you must know when to be serious about your studies and when to play around. Life is serious business and you must dedicate yourself to long nights and early mornings in order to achieve what you want in college.


To start out small. I figured I could jump right into the college life at a 4 year institution, and I later found out that I was definitely ready for the challenge. I ended up going to community college and 2 years later received my Associates Degree in something that I love. It also saves a lot of money. Going to community college was the best thing that could have happened to me, it mentally prepared me for the work that would be coming if I decided to continue my education at a 4 year institution. I am now attending William Paterson University hoping to complete my education and receive my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and Psychology.


Do not get caught in the hype of college, do what you need to do to get your degree, and then have fun.


I would strongly urge myself to consider my career options. I did not think about what I wanted to do with my life nearly enough before deciding on a major, and once I got into college I mildly regretted not doing so for a while. I began to think that maybe I should switch my major, which caused a lot of extra stress in my life. I ended up sticking with my original choice, psychology, but the whole situation of thinking and rethinking my decision could have been avoided if I had given some thought to my major and what I could do with it in high school.


College is what you make of it, so make it a good experience. Don't be afraid to take chances, but remember that your choices will effect your life.


I wouldn't say anything at all to myself, since I wouldn't need to. The only advice I would have to give is the exact same advice my parents gave me: "Study hard, eat right, and have an open mind." Besides, it wouldn't make a difference. The importance of those three lessons, especially the last one, is something that has to be learned through trial and error. No one can make you learn it, they can only guide you, and my parents and the friends I made in college did a perfect job of that.


First of all, you need to get your ducks in a row NOW. Fill out your financial aid papers as soon as possible, get all the college applications you'll need together early and send them out, and most importantly, always be on the lookout for scholarships!!! You can get accepted by every college in the country, but it won't mean squat if you can't afford to go to any of them. I know you're relieved that you made it through high school, but the battle is by no means over. You've still got four years of school in front of you, at least, and these are the most important education years of your life. You need to stop letting people with no goals drag you down with them. Keep your head in the game. But most importantly, put yourself out there and talk to people. Give yourself a chance to grow as a person. You've come a LONG way, but don't stop there. No one else is gonna do it for you, so take a chance and meet new people. You never know who might be your next lifelong friend.


Take some time to find what you actually like to do, and what fields of study that pertain to your interests and potential career choice. Don't just jump into a major, or career path, without knowing if it is something you would actually want to do with your life. Most importantly find a school that will provide a comfortable environment where you will be able to persue your interests, and do well academically and socially. If i could do it all over again, i would have taken a year off in between high school and college to take the time to find what i enjoy, instead of getting rushed into it just because it was the next step.


Don' t pick the college because its "far enough". Pick a school and vist a school that fits all of your needs and makes you feel comfortable. Being at a university is like being at a secomd home so feeling that you are needed is a major aspect. Talk tot some of the professors within your major before entering to see how interested they are in your future. After all, your tuition is their paycheck!


I would tell any student to look mainly for a college that has excellent ratings in whatever field they plan to study. But to also remember to look for schools that they feel at home at. I chose WPU because I loved the campus life. It was close to home so I wasn't really looking for it to be like home. It also had my major and many resources. I had my challenges, but overall I would chose this school again and again if asked to start over. I have also found my best friends for life here. Any student looking for a better future should definitely continue their education. William paterson University made one of the biggest impacts on my life.


Just Allow Your Child to express & discover their own path in life. This is there shining moment to define their career.


College only happens once in a lifetime, so I believe it's crucial for parents and students to think long and hard about the right college. College is what you make of it, so present as many opportunities for yourself as possible, and enjoy!


College is a great time to find yourself. To choose the best college for you, look for one that best fits into your current life style. For example, are sports important for you, or acedemics, or a great nursing program? Even if you end up attending a college and hating it, go ahead a keep searching for one you will love. There is a college out there for everyone so find yourself and the college that you will be satisfied with.


Advice I would give parents when finding the right college is, pick a school that you know your child will be happy and can succeed in. My first year experience at William Paterson I have met students parents who weren't content with them being there, but accepted it because their child is happy and excelling. For students the best advice I can present to you to make the best out of your experience here at William Paterson University is networking. Make friends with as many people you can possible, upper class men, tutors, and faculty. By doing this you are spreading your wings here at William Paterson. Upper class men love to meet new students and take them under their guidance and show them around campus. Tutors are very helpful when it comes to your school work, they have no problem staying a couple minutes behind to help you in anything you may have trouble with. Faculty is easy to get in contact with. Wether it's your professor or advisor, every faculty member is accessible through email to assist you.