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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Being a Christian I would first and foremost say to pray about it. Second I would visit all the schools and ask if you can sit in on some classes which pertain to your major (if major is known). Third, I would look at your financial situation. Some schools which have equally strong departments can cost thousands of dollars less. Make a list of your top 5 priorities and what you are looking in a college so that you can keep your thoughts organized. You know how they say when you try the right wedding dress on you just know. Well once I received my acceptance letters back, made my list, and visited all the Universities I knew William Paterson was right for me. Then to get the most out of your college experience one should get involved in something. Join a club, start a club, work, volunteer, do something that gets you connected. Lastly, and yes it may sound to simple but work hard. When you put effort into your class work and you do well you take pride in yourself. When you feel good about the future you become a more productive person, and life is more meaningful.


If your heart and soul is in going to a particular school, I would say go to it. However, never underestimate your safety school. You may end up going to it and having a great time. If you want to make the most out of your college experience, join a club and get active on campus! Remember, you don't have to live on campus in order to get involved. I am a commuter and I joined a sorority in order to get involved at my school. It was the best decision I made in all four years of being at my school. Not only have I made friends for life, but I have given back to my school, and my community. I feel good about my college experience, and I know that when I am older, I will look back on it with very fond memories.


If I were to give advice to students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience, I would mainly emphasize having patience. Why patience? Well why not patience. It is a valid point to say that it's crucial to go to the right college, have the best college experience, develop long-lasting relationships, choose the right major, have the right friends, but heavily focusing on such matters allows room for the student to miss the point. That point is that life will have its bumb on the roads, some bigger then others, hence why patience is so pivotal. Acting on impulse in regards to any matter will have a consequence, as any choice thats made. To avoid a bitter consequence, impulse would have to be put aside. Lets use developing a long-lasting relationship as an example. Long-lasting relationships are long lasting primarily because of the patience that has been exercised through the thick and thin experiences of that relationship. We, people/students, have a tendency to always want to make the right decision, the right choice, at the right time. It's valid, but it's not life. My advice; have patience.


There are a number of things to look into before picking a school. Number one and most important make sure you visit the school and several others. it should feel perfect with no doubts. Another advice would be make sure the classes have the right amount of students. If you can not be in a class with 100 students make sure that school has small classes. If you do not want to be too far away from home make sure you are near by. You should look into the dorm rooms if you plan on dorming. Pick a school because its what you want not because a friend goes there or even because thats where your parents want you to go. this is a decision only the student can make. Good luck and have fun.


The best advice I could offer students and parents looking to find the right college and making the most of your experience is to start thinking about what you really and truly want to gain out of your life. It's hard to do when you're in high school, but if you don't know, you could follow your interests or even take a diagnostic test. If you pick something you truly love, not because of money or because someone else tells you to, you will be able to put yourself on a track that you won't even want to deviate from. Your determination will be evident to your professors and potential employers also. I honestly believe and know from experience that choosing one path, one you strongly care about and think about will get you through college while you feel enthusiastic about classes. I recommend making what I like to call a "dream wall" in your dorm. Then, pick a spot on the wall, and when you come across a flyer, a poster, a person that represents your dream career, tape it up! Every day you will be reminded of what you are working for.


First I want you to know that you do not have to go to the most expensive, well-known college to have an amazing college experience. For students, you should choose a college that is best for whatever major you want to get into. If you are not sure what that will be, just check out their choices to see if you will have a variety to choose from. For parents, you can go with your son/daughter to check out the tours when they are provided at the campuses to see if you you both like what you see. As a student in college you can make the most out of your experience by just being yourself. Hang out on the campus and attend the sorority/fraternity meet and greets. Get involved in activities going on around the campus even if you don't belong to a specific club. See about getting an on-campus job to get to know more people. Check out some parties, and try to get involved in maybe setting up some special events on campus ; this way you meet more people and you become known for something great.


My advice would be first of all, to start your search early so you do not run into application deadlines so easily. You should also visit the campuses and talk to students because they will tell you what is really going on and not what the glossy brochures tell you. As for making the most of the college experience, definitely get involved in things! When you join organizations of like-minded people or people who have a similar goal, you will enjoy your time more than if you just sit in your dorm room or at home and don't take the time to get out and meet people and do things. Your experiences with friends you make and things you do are going to be what make your college experience memorable and enjoyable, not the classes on their own.


I would suggest that both the student and his parent/guardian research and visit various colleges and universities. Pick the one that seems right for you, if you turn out not comfortable with it, you can always transfer to another school. What is important is not about how long it takes to get your degree; it is about actually earning your degree. If you have financial help make the best of it, make sure to get your work done on time because this is not like high school, no one is after you. You will be responsible for your own actions and there will always be someone to turn to for help and guidance. Also four of five years of focusing more on your studies rather than partying will be worth it, think about it, you will graduate by at least age 21 and you will be a legal adult stepping into the real world with an advantage and head start on a life career. It's also good to be involved in club & activities, there's a chance you'll meet a friend for life.


While searching for a college or university individual preferences must be taken into consideration. For every student class size can hold different affects. For some people, larger class sizes cause greater distractions and less personal attention from the professor when an individual is struggling. For others small classes may be intimidating and cause anxiety about how much personal attention can be received from the professor. Choosing a school with varied class size may be the best way to discover your prefence without having to transfer schools after completing a semester or full year. Another important factor is to consider the major things you desire to accomplish. Although college is supposed to be about education and networking, it is also important to take into account the social structure of the campus. If the student is easily distracted by parties and things of that nature, that must be considered when selecting a college. It is very possible to have an enjoyable college experience without spending every free moment partying. You want to find a way to create an enjoyable atmosphere without allowing distraction from school work. A person should be explore who they are rather than lose themselves through their college years.


The advice I would give to parents and students about finding the right college is do their reserach and don't be afriad to ask questions. I would go to tours and open houses, talk with the department of your desired major. If your want to know anything or don't know anything, do not be afraid to ask. I would say the way to make the most of the college experience is to be open to new ideas and meeting different types of people. Accept and learn about other students culture and lifestyle, but also be confident in your own culture, belief, and lifestyle. That will enable you to meet friends, cocentrate on your school work, and have a social life. I also recommend, taking advantage of some of the actitivites the University holds by going to the offices that handle them, and asking. You can have alot of fun, and activities are normaly cheaper than going on one's own.


For parents, I would advice them to sitr back and let your child choose the school they want to go to. If they ask for your help, step-in, and then sit back. They are about to go to a college that may change the rest of THEIR lives not YOURS. They have to go to a college for over 2 years and should be at on ethey like; if they want to transfer, be supportive and help if they ask. For students, look at as many schools as you can, know your opitions, and choose what would best suite you, not anyone else. REMEMBER, you are the one who has to go to the school, sit in the classes and take coourse all day. Don't you want to choose a place that is suitable for you? Have fun and good luck in school!!


Parents and prospective students must attend orientations together, its a big decision and students, just like me, can be very indecisive. Financial aid, activities, and academics are imperative. Also keep in mind that the university's presence is essential in deciding. But above all, make sure you sit in during a lecture and analyze how the professors communicate with the students, and if there are enrichment centers for tutoring and group research to better fulfill your major and all the credentials that come with your potential career.


Look around you. There are millions of colleges and each one has its merits. Some may be visually appealing, some may be academically stimulating, and some may have the services and programs that may land you your dream job. As you filter through the immense list of colleges in your academic directory and read the tireless brochures and catalogues, keep in mind one important advice: know who you are. It?s too easy to let yourself get caught up in the ?college-mania? around you. Your friends hover around you and offer their suggestions; your parents have an inexhaustible supply of recommendations; and your educators and counselors all strive to give you guidance as you narrow down your list of colleges and choose the one you believe will benefit you in the long run. But as you take all their propositions in stride, look within yourself. Whether you want a rewarding educational experience or life skills in succeeding at your desired career, you will find that one college that seems to be specifically designed just for you. When you find the institution you feel you belong in, you know success is within your fingertips.


The advice that I would give parents and students about finding the right college is for them to pick a college that has a variety of majors and academic programs. A college that has limited majors is excellent if the student who is sure of what they want to pursue however many students aren?t positively sure on which major to pursue. And if on the last mintue you decide to change you major you'll be able to and you'll have alot to choose from. However if they already know what they want and have their mind set on it, the best advice on making the most of their college experience would be to study hard and as much as you can to get and achieve good grades and gpa but to have fun in the process. Join different clubs where you?ll meet new friends and go to as much events on campus as possible because they are worthwhile. And don?t forget as they say, college is the best four years of your life.


I would tell them to definitely visit the campus. I knew which schools were right for me by taking a tour and getting a feel for the campus life. You also want to talk to administrators as well as professors to make sure they have the right program that you're looking for. I would also say that if you can sit in for a class that would be good. You should go with what you feel is right as well as what is financially accessible for you. If you find the right things in a college then you're experience will be great. Make sure they have activities you would want to be a part of as well as different clubs you can join.


The advise that I give parents/students on finding the right college is find what feels right. You need to feel comfortable with the campus, and also don't ignore the financial aspect of it. If it costs too much think twice about it. Remember lesser known school will pay more for you to attend them, which means bigger scholarships. Don't go to a big name school for the name, because all it may be is just a name. Look at various schools, look at lesser known ones, and apply. Many schools offer the same day decision process, so they also offer the financal awards in the same sitting. Remember the schools want you more than you want them, use it to your advantage. They are trying to impress you. The best school maybe they one you over looked, look into everything. Remember you'll be there for the next 4 years of your life. After you get to that college don't make the mistake of blending in, get involved. Check everything out, find your nook. You're bound to find something that interests you. Speak up, the school has a student governing board that listen to problems.


Look for a school which fits into your budget because college is very expensive. Every semester the tuition increases and now my family and I are experiencing financial hardship. Graduate education is not even in the picture right noe because of financial issues,


I would tell students that they should choose the college that they think will benefit them both in their future career and their interaction with the "real world." They should choose a college with a variety of courses and a diverse population in order to have a well-rounded education, where they could learn in and outside of the classroom. When they begin their college education, they should have an open mind and wilingness to learn about different cultures and topics. Also, they should take advantage of the extracurricular activities and learn time management skills in order to enjoy college and excel simultaneously. Although academics is the first and foremost reason for attending college, the skills and experiences outside of the classroom matter just as equally.


have fun


I would certainly recommend finding a school, like William Paterson, with a great faculty. Professors and administrators who are attentive and well versed in their areas of study really make a difference in a student's education. Research and technology are also important in a school. I also believe that racial and ethnic diversity is a great thing for a school's environment because it opens students to a whole new world in which they prepare themselves for a future in American society.


to find the right college, is to research on your major. i do so believe about enjoying college life, but to me, academics come first. Attending a univeristy that will suit your needs will help one accomplish the goal. yes there is freedom when dorming in colllege; only dorm when you know you are responsible for school work and not being persuaded by others to "have fun". i always say," do things that you know will get you somewhere". having fun only last temporarily but have a education will last forever. Attened a univeristy for benefits, not to enjoy your life a negative way.


Make sure that your going to college for the right reasons. Don't pick a college because your friend or boyfriend goes there. Go because you know you will be able to excel in your field of study. Go becuase you know that that college will open your eyes and mind to new experiences. Go because you want to make something of yourself and your life.


The earlier the better. Start looking and applying to colleges as soon as possible. More choices will be available to you and your chances of finding exactly what you are looking for are better.


To pick a school where the student feels comfortable and will get the best out of it.


It is always best to look for the school that makes you feel most comfortable. Picking a school that will be convienant as well as well priced will be very helpful too. Minimize the number of credit cards and debt you aquire before you get into college because your time needs to be focused on school, not paying bills.


Try and talk to people about a school you are considering. Finding out about a school from a peer is much better than going on a tour of your school. You will never find out what you really want to know, like how is the night/social life, etc.


Coming to William Paterson University was a big step for me. I was not always privilaged but I worked for what i truly wanted. I was the first in my intire family to go to college. when chosing your college do what i did, visit the school first. There is no way you can choose a school by looking on line or on a piece of paper. Not only does the enviroment have an affect on your choice but also the people on campus. You need to be in a school where you know you can make friends because trust me you will become depressed. When chosing your school find out how big the classes are. You might not like to sit in a class with over 100 students. If you are dorming take a look in the dorms, you will be sleeping there. Most important over all make sure you are chosing the school for yourself and not because you are being influenced by others. Dont go to a school because thats where your parents want you to be or because a bestfriend or boyfriend/girlfriend go there. make this a personal choice and you wont regret it.


I would tell them to apply to school that they are really serious about attending and work hard in high school to get accpeted. once you get into college you should work hard to maintain a good gpa and take advantage of all the helpful resources that the college offers to its students.


Make sure you have fun and dont get cought up in the financial side of it. Make sure you plan well ahead of time what classes you want to take . Sometimes they might be full or canceled. Be a responsible adult both academically and socially.... remenber that pictures you took with your friend could end up on facebook.


Life is what you make it . We as students have the power to create ourselves. College is the start of a better tomorrow. The future is in our hands therefore we must grab on to the opportunity we have today because nothing lasts forever. We as students can choose the path in which we will take. That path starts with the right college because college gives students the power to do anything. The right college is one that fits you. Where you can express yourself and be happy with the person you are. Those four years will either make or break you. You choose the outcome. So let college build your knowledge and give you the insight of your major. Just listen and learn as tomorrow comes and everything will come your way. Our choices today effect our tomorrow. If you make the right choices today then tomorrow will be even better. Just remember that life is all yours so act on your own mind and do what you feel is right. The past is tomorrow, the future was yesturday and today is over so make lifE all yours..the End.//


One thing i would have to say to kids and parents is to make sure in the beging the student doesnt get to into the partying cause it will hurt there grades. Also to get your GPA up from the start it so much easier to keep it high then to try to bring it back up.


I would tell students to try to do as many college tours as possible. I would also tell students not to limit themselves to one region and they should expand their choices by looking at schools that may be across the country. I also would tell students to think about the type of atmosphere they really want to be in because they are going to be there for 8 months out of the year. I also would tell students to try to learn as much as possible because college is not cheap and it is best to get your money's worth. Parents should also allow their children to make the decision that they really want to make instead of having to do what the parents would rather them do. It is hard to force an opinion on someone and expect them to perform well if they are not dedicated to the decision.


Advice in choosing the right college is essential. Study, visit, and talk to those who attend the school so then it will be easier for you to decifer between which school is best for you. For the students I would also suggest learning about both the national review and ranking of the schools in the major(s) that you are both interested in and/or the one(s) you choose. Also think of the social aspects, ask yourself "Do I want to play a sport? Join a fraternity/sorority? What clubs are available?". Also think of location, in a city, near a city, in a rural area, or in a suburb. With all of those questions answered bring it further to your individual "drive" will you be able to stay in the night of a big party in order to study for a test the next day? Or can you manage your time well and can make time for both work and play? If you are easily distracted a school with little social events may be best in order to succeed academically. If you manage things well and enjoy to party you can opt for the more social college/university.


In order to satisfy your need for college, I believe you must have a hunger for one. My first mistake was trying to figure out what I wanted to be, when I should of been asking myself, where do I want to go? Do you even want to go to college? College is a great experience, but it is not obtainable to everyone, even with access to Finacial Aid, and Scholarships, a guy like me, in a Middle-Upper Class Family, has so many problems sending their child to college. My family can't pay for it, Finacial Aid always has a response, like your're too wealthy enough, or incomplete data, when in actuallity, we aren't wealthy at all. Before you even think about college, you need to think about a) what is in reason/where can I go, where I can manage a lifestyle b) do you want to stay local, or live at college c) what will be my goal of going to college d) how fast do I want to graduate and e) by going to college, how will this further my future? College is a big step, that we all need to think about...


Make sure to research the professors that are in the major you want. Look up the clubs and groups on campus, and don't be afrais to start a new club. Be sure to get information on the surroundings, stores, jobs, housing, police/hospital, and local residents. Ask allot of questions to faculty, but students will give you more honest feed back.


My advice to the parents of perspective students to any college is the right college for them might not be the college you have thought up for them and let them pick their major and minor because if you choose everything they will not be happy and they will be risky of dropping out and you will lose alot of money. To the Students, going away to a college is the best choice and it doesn't even have to be that far from your home, just as long as you stay on campus and get to know new people, it makes the experience so much better. Dont be shy to sign up for things because it's going to help you in the long run of your carrer and your social life.


In my opinion, the best advice to give parents and/or students about finding the right college would be to pick the college or university that best caters to your needs. Location is an important aspect of college, but also how well organized the departments. Another factor that should be considered is the overall professor to student ratio. Bigger colleges are going to provide less personal attention than a smaller college. In regards to making the most of a students college experience: live your life at school. Experiement safely, enjoy the good and bad times, and always put school first...that is why you are there. I also believe students should limit their visits back home in their first semester. Being away from home is an important part of growing as an individual. With all of that and a little more, parents and students will almost definetly have a positive college experience.


To find the right college you need to look at a lot of things. Most important I think is location. This is where you are going to be living and spending the next few years of your life. Next is size. Do you want to disappear in a big school, know everyone at a small school, or something in between. Finally, does the school have the major you want and good faculty available? When you visit the right school, you'll know it's the one for you.


My best advice to find the best college fit is to come to the college. Take tours, look around and ask many questions. Meet with the representitives of your desired majors. Talk with students already enrolled in the programs. Find out the stats of graduation and retention of students. I believe that how willing a department is to give you attention while you are deciding on a school is a clear indicator of how they will make themselves available to you once you're enrolled as a student.


To my brother: I didn't get into my #1 school. Afterwards, I went with the highest scholarship offer, and I only recently realized why it's the perfect fit. It isn't the money: The school seems tailored to my needs, or at least the ones I found important. It's similar to selecting a cell: It makes little sense to buy one with a camera if you rarely take pictures, right? For me, I didn't need a highly competitive (academically-obsessed) school, because I knew I could achieve academically on my own. I did need an honors program with accredited professors, small classes, and a living environment where I could easily bridge my academic & social life. Large, suite-style dorms with wireless internet were an absolute, and I had to easily reach fun, social events both on & off campus. Luckily, my university fulfills these roles, but there are many which don't. So as you look at colleges, remember this: Don't get absorbed in what's popularly considered ideal, and don't underestimate what you consider important. If you need a great gym for sports training, then go for it, but try to balance your priorities.