What is the NCAA Clearinghouse?


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During the spring semester of your junior year it is imperative that you register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. The NCAA Clearinghouse (or Eligibility Center) is the center for all initial (freshman) eligibility – and without approval from them prior to your collegiate freshman year you will not be able to participate in games or training.

You should meet with your high school counselor prior to registering with the Clearinghouse to assure you are on the correct academic path to assure eligibility. 

For NCAA1 these include 16 core classes and a successful SAT or ACT score.

For NCAA2 eligibility you need 14 core classes and a successful SAT or ACT score.

To register for the NCAA Clearinghouse click here. Click on the Prospective Student Athlete button. This will take you through to the registration process.

The cost of registration is $50 unless you qualify for a waiver.

At this point your work is not yet complete. You will not be deemed eligible until after your senior year has been completed. At the time of registration ask your high school (or if you have attended more than one high school – your high schools) to send a current official transcript to the NCAA Clearinghouse (address listed below). You will need to follow your transcripts with your SAT and/or ACT scores direct from the testing agency. Finally, once you have completed your senior year your high school(s) need to send official transcripts with proof of graduation. At this point the NCAA can determine your eligibility.

During the summer prior to enrolling in college, check with the Clearinghouse via their website (you will need your PIN to do this so keep it in a safe place after the registration process). If the NCAA Clearinghouse does not show that they have received your transcripts and/or test scores by July 1 ask your high school and/or testing agencies to resend the needed information back to the Clearinghouse. It is important at this time that you follow up with a phone call to the NCAA and ask your college coach/compliance official to also follow up with the NCAA.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are eligible for athletic competition and constant follow up with the Clearinghouse, when needed, is very important. Throughout the summer the Clearinghouse is inundated with transcripts and eligibility completion may take time – but being proactive in your approach will save you the headache (and possible heartache) of not being eligible at the beginning of your freshman year.

NCAA Clearinghouse Address: 301 ACT Drive, Box 4043, Iowa City, IA 52243-4044

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