June Newsletter for High School Parents


We know that you and your family have questions about college, questions that aren’t answered in guide books or on the school’s website. And who better to answer those questions than actual, real-life college students?! That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Huffington Post to create College Uncensored, a new weekly column in HuffPost Teen in which college students from all over the country answer your questions on video. Each week we choose a new question submitted to Unigo by high school juniors and seniors, and ask three college students to record an answer on video and send it back to us. The result is an inside look into college life and a unique chance for your family to get answers to your questions before stepping foot on campus.

Submit your own questions by commenting on this post from our Facebook page. As the saying goes, “There are no stupid questions.” You have questions, so send them our way!

Check out the first three questions:

Will it be difficult to have a social life in college if I don’t drink?
Do people really wear pajamas to class in college?
How often should I call home when I’m in college? Is once a week too much?

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