Parent's Checklist

Parent's Checklist for College Bound Kids

By Unigo Editors
Help Your Child Make the Most of the College Search and Admissions Process: A Guide for Parents

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Before 11th Grade

? Help your child evaluate his/her academic strengths and weaknesses
? Get your child thinking about which subjects he/she finds most interesting
? Research tutor options if your child is struggling with certain subjects
? Suggest extracurricular activities
? Talk with your child about his/her academic, post-high school plan

11th Grade

? Encourage your child to research Advanced Placement programs at his/her high school
? Make sure your child takes the PSAT no later than fall of 11th grade
? Begin discussing the different college options (public, private, liberal arts, technical, large, small community, etc.) in the beginning of 11th grade, and help your child figure out what type of school he/she may want to attend
? Attend college and financial aid fairs
? Athletes intending to play D1 or D2 must register with the NCAA Clearing House in September of their junior year
? Your child should take the SAT and ACT during the spring
? Visit college campuses during spring breaks and over the summer

12th Grade – Fall

? Make sure your child requests letters of recommendation as early as possible
? Encourage your child to research early action/decision options
? Offer to help your child generate ideas for the admissions essay
? Encourage your child to take the SAT a second time
? Help your child narrow down top choices and organize application forms
? Request financial aid forms

12th Grade - Spring
? Help your child apply for scholarships and financial aid in January
? All applications are due by the end of January
? Attend an “Admitted Students Day” during February break
? Once your child begins to receive admissions letters, discuss options and top choices
? The final decision MUST be made in April
? Don’t forget to send in those financial aid forms!