2008 VP Debates – Opinions from UCSC Undergrads


By Tierney Elizabeth Werner
Unigo Campus Rep at UCSC

The Vice President Debates were a truly a heated discussion at my house this past Thursday. My personal opinion, after watching the elections very carefully, is that while Sarah Palin put up a good fight, Joe Biden was the clear winner.

Anya Curtis, a student at UCSC and her boyfriend Burt had this to say about the debates, “I don’t understand how people could buy into Sarah Palin. She’s didn’t answer any of the questions, or say anything substantial! I understand that she’s had to deal with energy issues, but she even said it herself, she doesn’t understand how the Washington folk think. While that could be refreshing in a candidate that could promote positive change, it seems as if she wants to revert back to the 1950’s!”

UCSC professor Dean Mathiowetz had another take on the situation. “She appealed to the average Joe six pack that so many Americans relate to. She may not have said anything, but the mere fact that she can relate and therefore promote change based on that can be compelling to many voters.”

The general consensus seemed to be that Joe Biden did a good job of sounding intelligent like he knew what he was talking about. Matt Workman said, “Sarah Palin had a good go of it. But she winked at the camera. How can you take someone who is running to be the Vice President seriously if during the middle of the debate you turn to the camera and wink?!”

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