6 ways to make money as a college student: 2016 edition


You are constantly talked about. You’re the generation that has been analyzed, fawned over, and criticized by countless employers, scientists, and baby boomers. You’re expected to have certain skills, but are you using them to your advantage? We already gave you 10 easy ways to make money in college, so here are six more ways to make money as a college student on and off campus.

1. Brand ambassador

Major brands will pay you to represent them on your college campus. Brand ambassadors are responsible for developing and implementing a university-specific marketing plan targeted at students, such as presenting to a class, passing out samples, or posting about the brand on social media. This is one of the most flexible part-time jobs available for college students — you can set your own hours and brand ambassadors are often generously compensated. Working as a campus brand representative goes beyond just being a resume builder; you’ll accumulate a collection of stories and skills from which to draw for future job interviews.

2. Tech support

As a millennial, you’re not just good with technology, you’re great. Because of your vast knowledge of social media platforms, you can make a part-time job for yourself and help create strategies for a client or get paid to teach older people how use modern technology.

3. Freelance jobs

In all that spare time you have (yeah, right), get a freelance job! If you’re a Java pro, try selling your skills to companies who need a revamped website. Or if you’re a talented content creator and writer, write for that fashion or sports magazine you read religiously. You can limit your workload and only take on projects when you’re not completely swamped with school. Also, your freelancing experience can definitely come in handy post-graduation, when you’re looking to supplement your real adult paycheck.

4. Market research guinea pig

If you’re just looking for some extra cash once in a while instead of a regular gig, market research may be a good fit. This can be a very easy part-time job that mostly entails filling out some online surveys, taste-testing different juice flavors, or talking about brand relationships with different companies.

5. Nanny/babysitter

This may seem kind of high school, but think about it: if you were a parent would you rather have a high schooler, or an older, more responsible college student watching your kids? Also, the hours are super flexible, the pay is pretty good, and you can usually get full access to the fridge.

6. Catering

If you’re looking for flexible hours and a way to enhance your interpersonal skills and network, get a part-time job as a caterer. You’ll develop great multi-tasking skills and it shows employers that you’re levelheaded and exceptionally organized.

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About the author

Maria is a recent graduate from Lewis & Clark College. She enjoys binge-watching all movies on Netflix, traveling, and reading food blogs. Hobbies also include staring longingly at the outdoors from her cubicle.

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