8 college moving tips to make it easier on you


The promise of moving away to college is exciting and adventurous. The process of moving, however, can be a headache. Here are some college moving tips to make things easier and save you from arguments with your parents.

1. Coordinate with your roommate

Before arriving, make sure you and your roommate plan to be on campus at the same time so that both of you can discuss how you want your dorm room set up. Christmas lights? Tapestries? Don’t put them up until you’ve discussed it first.

2. To dolly, or not to dolly?

If your dorm room is on an upper floor with no elevator, you should consider renting a dolly. On check-in day, residence halls should have several dollies to help students carry heavy loads, but you should call ahead to confirm. And don’t forget, lift with your knees, not your back!

3. Move in early

If there’s any way to move into student housing earlier than the official move-in day, do it! Moving into your college dorm will be much easier without hordes of people doing the same thing. This will also give you more time to explore the campus, get your books, help others move in, and decorate your dorm room. You’ll be SO glad you did!

Moving tip: Colleges often ask football players to help freshmen on moving day. If your college offers this, it might be better to move in on time and take advantage of the help. It can make a big difference.

4. Get your bearings

Before move-in day, find out where the nearest all-purpose department or hardware stores are, like Target or Home Depot. That way, if you need something for your room, you’ll be prepared, instead of having to scramble to find directions during the chaos of moving.

5. Visit the bookstore early

If you have to buy textbooks from the bookstore on move-in day, remember that other students may need to do the same, so try to find a time where the bookstore will be less crowded. If you can, come the day before and hit the bookstore before most students have arrived on campus. Or better yet, order your textbooks online and have them sent to your mailbox. If possible, get your ID card and mailbox information early, too.

6. Watch your stuff

At many colleges, parking near student housing is limited, so you may be asked to unload your car near your dorm room, park your car at a different location, then return to the dorm and carry your items up to your room. Keep a careful eye on cameras, stereos, computers, and other items of value to prevent them from getting lost or stolen while piled outside the residence halls. Be sure to keep an eye on them in your room, too, as you’ll likely keep it unlocked while you’re moving in.

7. Don’t fight the Kodak moments

Your parents may want to take many, many pictures of you moving into your college dorm. Don’t fight it. They may view this as a big, exciting moment — even if it’s not your first year — and you’ll probably be happy you have those pictures later in life.

8. Hire a moving company

Hiring a moving company that specializes in helping college students move in and out of dorms, like DormRoomMovers.com, can save you a ton of hassle. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Happy moving!

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