The Ultimate Club Sport at BC


By Amanda Colwell Unigo Campus Rep at Boston College Boston College looks for well-rounded individuals. A large percentage of the school’s student body competed in varsity level sports in high school. Since not many of these individuals are qualified to play in the varsity sports offered at BC, a D-I school, many compete in the club sports program instead. BC offers a wide range of club sports, including: Crew, Cycling, Equestrian, Field Hockey, Figure Skating, Golf, Karate, Volleyball, Running, Lacrosse, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Water Polo, Special Olympics and Ultimate Frisbee. These sports vary in competition level. Some are strictly competitive, recreational, or instructional while others are a combination of these levels. The Women’s Club Ultimate Frisbee Team, called Flix, is among the club sports at BC that combine different recreational elements in order to create a fun, competitive environment. Senior Jackie Ouellet, one of the captains of Flix, distinguished Ultimate Frisbee as a limited-contact team sport that encourages high spirits and good sportsmanship. “It’s a great sport to learn,” she said.  The fundamental skills of Ultimate are taught during the practices, so previous experience is not required to join the team.” Flix typically holds practices three times a week. The team competes against other Boston area club teams in the fall and has tournaments in both the fall and the spring. “Many people underestimate the skill and effort required to play Ultimate Frisbee,” said junior Karen Quan, a member of Flix.. “They think we’re goofing around when in fact there is strategy involved. The team devotes a lot of time to learning how to throw and catch the disc effectively.” Though some may underestimate the legitimacy of Ultimate Frisbee as a sport, its presence at BC and on other college campuses is certainly growing. Last year, more than 1,000 college, club, and youth teams were registered in the United States as a part of the Ultimate Players Association. “It is an addicting sport,” Quan commented. “I think many students are beginning to realize how much fun it is to play Frisbee at a competitive level. There is also the social aspect of being on the team which many college students miss from high school.” Ouellet agreed. “Ultimate has become a big part of my life. The men’s and women’s teams have formed a tight bond which makes practices and competitions a lot of fun,” she said. For those interested in becoming a member of Flix, use the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Web site to get in touch with the captains. Remember, the team offers a development program to introduce new members to the sport so previous experience is not required or necessary.

Last day to enter is October 31st!
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