Top 10 party schools for 2016


The Princeton Review surveyed 136,000 college students from around the country. Students rated these 10 colleges highest for drug and alcohol consumption, and popularity of fraternities and sororities. 

1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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“The Greek life here is actually the largest in the world … There are Pan-Hellenic sororities, fraternities run by the Inter-Fraternity Council, service fraternities, fraternities based on major or ethnicity, and many others. It is awesome how there is a sorority or fraternity for everyone that wants to join one.”  Paige, sophomore

2. University of Iowa

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“People who like a lively, bustling environment will love the feel of this campus. In addition, we have a lot of school spirit, and sports are a huge talking point around campus. University of Iowa is great for people who want to feel like they’re a part of something larger, where everyone around them is welcoming of other fellow Hawkeyes.”  Maci, freshman

3. University of Wisconsin-Madison

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“We party hard, study hard, and produce leaders. We have a lot of wild campus-wide parties, like Halloween and Mifflin Street Block Party. We also have a lot of libraries that are amazing and open at all hours. Students spend a lot of time studying.”  Lindsay, freshman 

4. Bucknell University

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“If you are serious about your academic career as well as having a great social life, Bucknell is the place for you. We live by the motto ‘work hard, play hard.’ During the week you will always find students in the library and studying, but when the weekends come everyone knows how to enjoy themselves. There is great school spirit at Bucknell, and all of the students are proud to call themselves Bucknellians.”  Michelle, freshman

5. Syracuse University

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“People party ALL THE TIME. Frats/sororities are huge and important, but that’s not all there is to do. It honestly does help a person’s social life if they so choose to become involved.”  Alex, Sophomore 

6. University of California, Santa Barbara

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“My school is best known for the parties that people have on the weekends and during special events, such as Halloween, and Deltopia at the beginning of spring.”  Mark, sophomore

7. West Virginia University

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“WVU has a very solid ‘party school’ reputation. It is very typical to find kids at the school whose focus is more on partying than getting an education.'”  Josh, freshman

8. University of Georgia

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“[This is a] heavy-drinking business school where football is everything.”  Joseph, junior 

9. Tulane University

“A person should attend this school if they are a fun, outgoing person that likes to have fun, but at the same time knows when to focus and can avoid distractions to get the work done. New Orleans is a very entertaining city that has a lot going on, all of the time.”  Karrington, freshman 

10. Colgate University

“I love telling my friends that after all of my hard work in school, I was accepted into a competitive college. In spite of this top-notch reputation, however, Colgate has a vibrant and flourishing social scene.”  Meghan, freshman

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