10 Ways to Go Green in College


Going green isn’t just for hippies anymore. These ten simple steps can help you make less of an impact on the environment without making a huge impact on your student lifestyle.

  1. Power Shower: Shortening your showers will conserve H2O. Try turning the heat down from your sauna-steam norm to save energy, too.
  2. Lap Stance: Opting for a laptop instead of a desktop computer requires up to 50 percent less electricity–not to mention using far less muscle-power when moving it cross-campus.
  3. Seeing Double: Print on both sides of the paper whenever possible and use recycled paper. You’ll cut back on paper waste and annoying trips to Staples.
  4. Out of the Outlet: Unplug appliances when they don’t need juice. That phone charger permanently parked in the socket sucks up energy even when it’s not powering your cell.
  5. Out of Line: Skip the drive-thru and go inside, lazy! Idling in the long T-Bell line wastes gas (and cash).
  6. H-2-the Ozone: Use a water filter to refill a Nalgene instead of buying bottles of water all the time. Plastic bottles cost a lot to make and end up in landfills by the ton every year.
  7. Light Idea: Replace standard light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs). They use up to 75 percent less energy than regular bulbs and shave dollars off your utility bills. And don’t forget to turn the lights off when you head out.
  8. Step Off the Pedal: Check your car at the garage and walk or bike to class. You’ll get exercise and save gas (and avoid your daily parking-spot headache). If you’re a commuter, explore carpool options or check out public transportation.
  9. Beef with Beef: Eat less meat. It takes more natural resources to raise animals and transport meat than it does to grow crops. Plus, you’ll have the long-term advantage of reducing your risk of heart disease.
  10. R-r-recycle! That empty beer-can pyramid in your room isn’t adding anything to the decor. Do your girlfriend a favor and recycle it already!

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