5 ways to make money this holiday season


Are you heading home for the holidays? We’re betting your plans include a few days curled up in bed catching up on Netflix and getting some much-deserved sleep. But, when you wake up from your post-college coma, the reality of how broke you are will probably set in. Don’t panic. This is the perfect time of year to make extra money. People are stressed and busy, so everyone’s looking for some help right about now. You could get a job in retail and deal with angry shoppers, but who needs that drama? Besides, you deserve a little time to yourself to have fun and enjoy the holidays, too. Instead of applying for a temporary job over winter break, consider these fun and easy alternatives for bagging some dead presidents.

1. Uber


Have a car? Wondering how to make extra money over the holidays? You can score some easy cash by registering as a seasonal driver with Uber. You set your hours and decide how often and how long you will work.

2. Holiday decorator

holiday decorator
Spread the joy! Found on Tumblr.

Many senior citizens would love to decorate their homes, but can’t because of physical limitations. Offer your assistance at a reasonable price and you could bring a little holiday cheer to your neighborhood … and your bank account!

3. Gift wrapper


Many people love to shop, but they don’t always have the time (or the skills) to gift wrap everything they purchase. Ask about opportunities at local stores, or see if you can set up a table at a nearby mall to rack up that Christmas money.

4. Pet sitter

pet sitter
Jingle pug, jingle pug, jingle all the way! Courtesy of Soupe Du Jour.

If you love animals, this is one of the ways to make extra money. Many people travel during the holidays — and while a “pet resort” sounds awesome, chances are that Fido would be much happier at home. Hang fliers at local pet and grocery stores advertising your services.

5. Photographer


Professional photo shoots are becoming more popular among couples and families (new profile pic!), especially around the holidays. Check with local photographers to see if they can use a hand, or call around and offer your services for company parties and other events.

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