6 best things about going home for the holidays


Now that you’re prepared to survive your family this winter break, let’s focus on some of the BEST things about going home for the holidays.

Your parents want to buy you things

Lots of things. And then give you money to buy more things. Your parents have missed you and want to take care of you when you come home. You know they don’t need to buy you things to show their affection, but that doesn’t mean you don’t really appreciate it when they do.

You get to put real food in your body

Let’s be real; you’re fueled by pizza and Taco Bell. Break is your chance to get some nutrients in there.

Someone else makes that real food for you

Better leave cooking to the professionals anyway. Courtesy of foodrepublic.com
Best to leave cooking to the professionals anyway. Courtesy of foodrepublic.com. 

At first, a diet of pizza and Taco Bell seems awesome, but eating it every day gets old. So why do you keep doing it? Because salty, greasy, chemical-laden food is still food you don’t have to make yourself, and that’s what really matters. One of the best things about going home for the holidays is that you get to eat delicious food that your parents are kind enough to make for you.

A break from doing laundry

Not only will every load done at home save you enough quarters to buy two cheesy bean-and-rice burritos when you get back to campus, but every load at home is a load you don’t have to do yourself. No more putting off your laundry until your last T-shirt fails the shake ‘n smell test (including your last-resort, over-sized T-shirt you got for free from the bank), because once again your parents are kind enough to do it for you. THANK YOU.

You’re treated like a celebrity

Everyone is so excited to see you. Your high school friends, your family, even the clerk at the grocery store is excited to see you back home, and everyone can’t wait to ask you questions about your life at college.


Insurance, parking, gas, maintenance — cars are expensive, and it’s not always feasible to have one at college. So, break may be the only chance you get to drive. Sure, cars are all about independence and freedom, but what’s the real reason driving is so great? Car singing. There are some feelings that can only be expressed by belting out “Blank Space” while driving.

Home sweet home

What are some of your favorite things about going home for the holidays? Share them with us on Twitter or in the comments section below.

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