6 New Year’s resolutions to enrich your college experience

By Sam Graudins

Christmas trees are riding on top of cars, lights are being strung, and before you know it, the ball will be dropping. Here's a list of New Year's resolutions for every college student to make the most of their college experience.

1. Work toward a minor

Work towards a minor

Most major courses only take three years to complete, so why not make use of those elective credits filling the rest of your schedule? Many academic courses overlap and fulfill both major and minor requirements. So, one conversation with your advisor could reveal that you’re already halfway to finishing a minor! If you’re looking for a fast, compelling, and convenient way to advance your education, or get an edge on the competition when it comes time to look for a job, this is the perfect college New Year’s resolution.

2. Get to know your professors

Open up to teachers

Students often forget that their professors are people, too, and their lessons go far beyond what they've prepared for class. This year could be an excellent opportunity to establish connections with your professors outside of class. Try participating more in the classroom, stopping by for a few minutes after class, or visiting during office hours. Spending time with your teachers can offer a wealth of knowledge you won’t find anywhere else outside of college, and you may end up hitting it off and using them as a resource for finding a job later on.

3. Join a club

Join a club

Teachers are important for future connections, but connections you make with fellow students are equally important. Students in the halls will eventually become peers in your field, so taking an active approach to making connections is crucial for future success! Whether it’s an athletic club, a film project, or a musical, any connections you make will be good ones. Having a non-academic outlet can also help with your sanity  giving you a break from the stress of school. If your schedule allows, take the plunge!

4. Develop a fitness regimen

Develop a fitness regimen

This is a pretty obvious one, but it’s especially relevant in college when you have access to free equipment! This year, get your money’s worth and take some fitness courses. A healthy body supports a healthy mind, and the more time you spend with fitness professionals, the easier it will be to develop your own solo regimen in the future. The worst thing you can do for your body is develop an unbalanced strength or cardio training that hurts more than it helps, so it’s wise to take the advice when you can get it. Regular exercise can improve brain function and even enhance brain growth — making those biology terms much easier to memorize.

5. Apply for a scholarship

Apply for a scholarship

Speaking of getting your money’s worth, why not ask for more money? There are plenty of opportunities out there to receive funding for your education, and Unigo has tools that make applying for scholarships even easier than you’d expect. Worst case, you don’t get the scholarship, and nothing changes. But if you do win the scholarship, bye-bye student loans! What more incentive do you need?

6. Drink more water

Drink more water

If your busy college life makes these New Year’s resolutions seem like too much work, don’t fret. There’s an easy go-to I use as a resolution that can open doors and make bigger projects seem possible: drinking water! Drinking water is an essential activity that fuels both your body and your mind. Plus, it clears your skin and reduces the size of pores, so you’ll look as good as you feel. This one simple step can help you prove to yourself that you are capable of making and keeping New Year’s resolutions  even while in college, at no extra cost to you.

Any one of these New Year’s resolutions will improve your college experience and help you more fully take advantage of your education. Remember, college is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so make the most of it!

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About the author

Sam Graudins, Emerson College studentSam is a life blogger from Franklin, Massachusetts with a big heart and a bigger appetite for sweets. She loves Korean bakeries, Japanese animation, and providing you insight into her college experience. Sam is a second-year communication studies major at Emerson College with a minor in gender studies, and she’s over the moon about sharing tips on how to have a fully-custom college experience. “Standardization is a rejection of creativity. Do you and do it big!”