8 crazy college clubs


If you’re thinking of joining or starting a college club on your campus, these eight quirky clubs will give you some great ideas. Heck, you may even consider transferring! 

1. Johns Hopkins Wading Team

If you feel like a fish out of water, this may be the club for you. The wading team, which consists of seven players — six waders and a referee — often competes with Harvard University. Just make sure you don’t prune too much.

2. MIT underwater hockey

At MIT, you don’t have to wait until it gets cold to play hockey. You can just step into the pool with a short wooden stick and hit a brass hockey puck into the other team’s trench.

3. Ball State Quidditch

Major Harry Potter fans are in luck. Are you still waiting for your Hogwarts letter to arrive? Well, wait no longer because you can now play Quidditch at many universities, including Boston University, Texas A & M University, Ohio State University, Emerson College, and many others. Live out your childhood dreams without being judged.

4. Virginia Tech Skydiving Club

Wish you could skydive, but don’t exactly know how? Well now you can join the skydiving club at Virginia Tech and soar through the air with professional jumpers. Just be sure to land with two feet on the ground before class starts.

5. Dignified Educated United Crust Eaters Society at Western Michigan University

Their motto? “We the people of the Dignified Educated United Crust Eaters Society, hereby set forth to make sure that no crust go uneaten and to bring a stop to the discrimination of crust.” It’s DEUCES for short.

6. Squirrel Club at University of Michigan

Have a thing for squirrels? Just love the sight of their bushy little tails? Well now you can feed and make new bushy-tailed friends at many colleges such as Cornell University, Princeton University, and Pennsylvania State University.

7. Clown Nose Club at North Carolina State University

Got rejected from clowning school? Don’t fret, you can live out your dream all while living out your parents’ dream of getting a college education.

8. Stony Brook Hula-Hoop Enthusiasts Club

This isn’t the type of hula hooping your grandmother did as a child. These days, hula hooping consists of doing tricks, dances, and cartwheels. It’s a great way to stay fit all while having fun. You can also find this club at Binghamton University and Ithaca College.

If you don’t have cool college clubs on your campus, it’s definitely time to start one.

What are the college clubs on your campus like? Review your college and let others know.