DIY holiday gift guide for broke college students


There’s nothing better than the holidays to remind you that you’re a broke college student. We get it, which is why we created “DIY holiday gifts on a student budget” last year. So this year we decided to expand the DIY holiday gift guide. Here are five DIY holiday gift ideas that are cheap and simple to make.

1. Snowman hot chocolate mason jars

Snowman hot chocolate Mason Jar 
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All you need are miniature marshmallows, hot chocolate mix, three small four-ounce mason jars, peppermint candy, ribbon, and a hot glue gun to make it all work. Put some life into your hot chocolate snowman and use a sharpie to add eyes, nose, a mouth, and buttons  extra points for giving your snowman a hat. Give this DIY holiday gift to your friends, siblings, professors, or even your grandmother!

2. Marble candle holder

Marbled candle holder 
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This gift will average about $10 to $15, but the look on your mother’s face when she sees it: priceless. Buy a mason jar, flat marbles of any color, and a hot glue gun. Carefully apply hot glue to each marble and stick it on the jar. Put a candle inside the mason jar before you wrap it so that it’s ready to use when it’s opened. Just like that, you’ll have created one of the simplest, yet most elegant holiday gift ideas out there.

3. DIY button ornaments

Button ornaments 
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Get some string or thin wire and a few buttons of different colors and sizes to make a gift that can be used every Christmas. Thread the string through the holes of the buttons so you can tie the ends in a knot at the top. This DIY holiday gift idea can be for the whole family to enjoy.

4. Picture collage

Picture collage 
Courtesy of Pinterest.

This is a great holiday gift for a friend. All you need is a wood letter or shape (which can be found at any crafts store), a few printed pictures, scissors, and a glue stick. Share your memories of the past year with your besties. 

5. Gifts in a jar

Gifts in a jar 
Courtesy of Pinterest. 

This gift tops our holiday gift guide, which is why we saved it for last. Get a jar (yes, another mason jar) and put any mini-gifts inside that can fit. Tea kits, mini candies, mani-pedi sets, small tools, etc., and give these to anyone! This holiday gift idea is super fun to put together, and even more fun to receive.

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