Benefits of Volunteering in College


Benefits of Volunteering in College

volunteers During college, you may desire to live the party life and have your focus set on the three F’s: Food, Fridays & Fun! However, you can get all those goodies and more by volunteering at a local food bank, school, or homeless shelter. Based on a report issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with higher levels of educational attainment are more likely to volunteer. In 2010, 42.3 percent of college graduates volunteered. Moreover, you are not alone in the community service movement. Young people, like you, are making a difference across this nation. You may even want to discuss your service with others at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in New Orleans on June 6-8, 2011. Think about how you can serve your community, and then review the benefits that volunteering will have on your life.

1. Build Your Network Want to meet people? Volunteer! Your network will increase quickly as you volunteer with individuals who love to help others. Not only will you meet people your age, but you also will be introduced to older folks who can share their career experience with you. In the past, individuals have found jobs and even met their future wives and husbands while sorting can goods at a food bank. 2. Strengthen Your Resume Volunteering gives you the opportunity to explore new skills. You may have to coordinate tasks, write concisely, or even set goals for an organization. Whatever your role as a volunteer, make sure you add it to your resume. Scholarship committees love to learn how youth are helping their communities. 3. Gain a Sense of Achievement Some things can’t be explained, like the feelings of excitement and gratitude. Volunteering gives people a sense of belonging and achievement. Those intangibles make you a stronger individual. When you help someone, you are helping yourself grow as a person. So, do you plan to volunteer in college? If so, tell us about it! We want to know. Leave a comment below. Photo Credit

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