Thanksgiving hacks for your dorm


Stuck on campus for the holiday? No worries. We’re pretty sure there are several others who are in the same boat as you. But, instead of spending Thanksgiving alone with a frozen pizza, why not start your own holiday tradition and host a feast right in your own dorm room? It’s totally possible to have a delicious dinner that would make even your momma proud simply by using a microwave, crockpot, and coffee pot. Don’t believe us? Check out this yummy menu and our Thanksgiving hacks for making your holiday feast a success.

Turkey Time

Be thankful you aren’t eating this turkey, Courtesy of

There are a few ways to handle the main course. One, you could simply pick up some pre-cooked turkey at a local grocery store, but where’s the fun in that? Two, you could microwave just the turkey breast, but some of your guests may not be fond of white meat. So, why not go all out and grab a 6-8 pound fresh turkey and roast it right in your microwave? All you need is a microwave-safe roasting bag, some butter and spices, and in less than 90 minutes you’ll be done!

Grab Some Spuds

'Cause the taters gonna tate, tate, tate, Courtesy of Giphy
‘Cause the taters gonna tate, tate, tate, tate, tate, Courtesy of Giphy.

Whether you love mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, the microwave (again) is your friend. There are several pre-cooked options at your local store that you can jazz-up with some creative spices and additions. Or, you can easily microwave the spuds, too. This will allow for more customization, especially if you have guests with special dietary concerns. For sweet potatoes, try a little butter and cinnamon, or top them with brown sugar, marshmallows and pecans. Mashed potatoes are also delicious with a little butter or fully loaded (bacon and cheese, anyone?).

Get Stuffed

You'll never look at stuffing the same way, Courtesy of
You’ll never look at stuffing the same way, Courtesy of

After all, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without some Stovetop Stuffing. You can quickly whip up some in less than 10 minutes, using a stove top or your coffee maker. But, these are supposed to be hacks to help make your Thanksgiving special. Don’t just settle for the box version; chop up some nuts, apples, or cranberries to give it a little zing. If you have a crockpot, this version from Recipes That Crock is also delicious, but takes a little longer (2-4 hours) to prepare.

Don’t Forget Dessert!

When you ask, "How's the pie." They'll answer, "Soooo good." Courtesy of  Reaction Gifs
When you ask, “How’s the pie.” They’ll answer, “Soooo good.” Courtesy of Reaction Gifs.

Yes, you could totally grab something from your local bakery, but we found a two-minute pumpkin pie recipe that’s actually amazing. And, you guessed it…you can make it in your microwave! Not a fan of pumpkin? Try making carrot or chocolate mug cakes for your guests. Don’t forget to invite everyone else who may be spending the holiday alone, too. Encourage them to bring a dish or some beverages to share. It may not be home, but we’re pretty sure you’ll be having so much fun making new friends and stuffing your face that you’ll soon forget you’re spending it in your dorm.

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