The best bucket list for college students


You only go to college once, or in some cases a few times, but either way, attending undergrad is a special experience. It’s one of the only times in your life when you’re handed numerous things to try, experience, and discover what you like. Here are a few bucket list ideas for college students, whether you’re a freshman or a senior, to get the most out of your college experience.

1. Study abroad

Have you ever dreamed of roaming the streets of Paris, surfing off the coast of Australia, or learning to speak Mandarin with a host family in China? Then add it to your bucket list and make it happen.

Study abroad

This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in a completely new culture. Make the world your classroom and visit amazing new places while expanding your education – and getting college credit! Plus, in this increasingly global market, future employers are going to be impressed if you have international experience. Not only will your college experience benefit, but your post-graduate life will be better off as well!

2. Get involved!

Join a club. You’ve probably heard this one a lot, but it’s so true. Even if it’s not the most exciting bucket list idea, like bungee jumping off the Eiffel Tower, it’s definitely a beneficial one.

Join a club

Colleges literally hand you tons of different opportunities to find something that interests you, such as foreign language clubs, sports clubs, student body leadership programs, etc.; the options are limitless. Whatever it is, choose something that genuinely interests you. Plus, it’s an easy friend finder and will make your undergrad experience that much more memorable.

3. Be a tourist for a day

Pull out those cameras, sunscreen, and I Heart NY T-shirts, it’s time to be a tourist!

Be a tourist

Take a day to pretend that you’re visiting the city your college is located in for the first time. Hit up all the tourist shops, famous food stops, and museums that draw people from all around the country. It’s a great way to get to know the city you’re living in, or revisit some of the cool locations you forgot were there. Try taking public transportation to a new part of town, or asking a shop owner where the best dessert can be found. You may be surprised at all the new things you learn and get to know about your city.

4. Form relationships with your professors

Some of the coolest people on campus are the ones that you may least expect: your professors. They have gone through numerous years of education in order to be where they are today, and there’s so much you can learn from them.

Form relationships with your professors

So grab a coffee, get lunch, or just go to your professor’s office hours and check it off your college bucket list. They can provide you with insight into the working world and even be a contact post-graduation.

5. Take a class that doesn’t relate to your major

Ever wanted to learn about the myths of ancient Rome, but you’re an engineering major? Or perhaps you’re studying fashion, but you’ve always wanted to take a culinary class.

Take an elective class

If you have space in your schedule for an elective, take it! This is your chance to learn something totally new just for fun. You may even discover that you’re half-way to fulfilling a minor from the other classes you’ve taken!

6. Visit the career center

Most college seniors save this trip for last, when it’s already too late. You don’t have to be in your last semester of senior year to make an appointment with the career center.

Visit the career center

In fact, it’s best to visit as a freshman or sophomore so that you can start forming ideas about what you want to pursue post-grad in order to get on the track to success. Use your undergrad experience wisely and make your college bucket list direct you towards a successful future.

These are just a few bucket list ideas that can make your college experience memorable. No matter how stressful or intimidating it can get, remember that college can and should be fun.


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