10 Best Colleges on Pinterest


10 Best Colleges on Pinterest

PinterestIf you haven’t been on Pinterest, you’re really missing out. Not only does the site offer a ton of great do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and yummy recipes, but it is also the third largest social networking site. That fact did not go unnoticed by many colleges. Many have ramped up their recruiting efforts and marketing by creating some pretty cool Pinterest pages to draw in prospective students. Let’s face it, today’s students don’t want to wade through a pile of boring brochures; they want to be visually stimulated and have some fun too. You can find a slew of colleges on Pinterest, but most still resemble those boring brochures. A few, however, really understand what students want to see. Here, in my opinion, are the 10 colleges with the most Pinteresting pages!

1. Texas A & M University

Once you hit the Texas A & M page, there’s no doubt that being an Aggie is a way of life. Whether it’s taking pride in the football team, preparing for an Aggie wedding, or awaiting the arrival of a little Aggie, you’ll find everything you need to turn your life maroon.

2. Duke University

Want to know what life as a Blue Devil is like? Check out this page! There are boards featuring Duke’s amazing architecture, university traditions and even the lemurs (who knew?!). You can find out what life is like on campus, in the community and around the world.

3. Syracuse University

I’ll be the first to admit that orange is not my favorite color, but the Syracuse page has me intrigued. Their clever use of boards, such as ‘Orange is the New Pink’ and ‘Home is Where the Orange Is,’ could convince anyone that orange isn’t just for Halloween. I especially enjoy the college’s ‘Campus Tour’ and ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ boards, as both give you the chance to wander the campus (and surrounding area) from the comfort of your home.

4. West Virginia University

There are 27 boards on the West Virginia University page and all of them are dedicated to the Mountaineer lifestyle. Whether you need some fashion help, cooking ideas, or suggestions on what to do over the summer, you will find it here. Clearly, West Virginia isn’t for lovers – it’s for college students!

5. Full Sail University

Want to know if a degree from Full Sail will land you a job? Check out their ‘Doing Big Things’ board to see the projects alumni has been working on – it’s pretty impressive! Their ‘College Survival Guide’ also has a ton of handy tips (wish I saw this when I was in college!) and there are plenty of pins for nearby Orlando and the beautiful Full Sail campus.

6. Marist College

Marist has done a great job of combining everything you would find in a marketing brochure with other things you would expect to find on their Facebook or college website. Information about the campus, academics, student life and even decorating your dorm abound. The page is well-balanced, offering something for everyone.

7. Stonehill College

Why Stonehill? The college has a board that will answer that question and many more! You can see what your Hill card gives you access to, review possible housing options, and even check out what should be on your bucket list before graduating. If purple is one of your favorite colors, be sure to sneak a peek at the ‘Everything Purple’ board too.

8. Columbia College Chicago

What I love most about the Columbia College page is every board directly relates to a career path at the college. You can also check out some of the famous alumni, awesome hair and makeup designs, as well as a collection of student photos. The college even has a Quidditch team – how cool is that?!

9. Clemson University Career Center

Okay, so it’s not the college’s main page, but it is pretty darn awesome. Anyone who needs some help finding an internship or a job really needs to check this page out. You can get interview tips, help with your resume and even ideas for your personal business cards. The page is packed with great advice.

10. Shepherd’s College

The Shepherd’s College page serves as an inspiration to anyone contemplating college. The smiling photos of the students radiate throughout the page, making it impossible not to click on the boards to see more of what the campus has to offer. If you ever need a lift, be sure to check out the ‘Created on Purpose for Purpose’ board. I dare you not to smile too. Have you come across a great college board on Pinterest? Be sure to share it with us on our Facebook page, Twitter or in the comment section of this article.

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