2017 Unigo Sweet and Simple Scholarship winner and tips


We’re excited to announce the winner of the Unigo Sweet and Simple Scholarship. The question was, “Tell us about a simple, meaningful gift you received and why it meant so much to you.” Check out Bing L.’s winning essay and scholarship tips.

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Winning scholarship essay

“Click.” The lighter ignited the candle. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you …” I stared at the flame sullenly as it flickered. My sister faced me, clapping her hands in tune with the song. “Happy birthday dear Bing … ” Her head bobbed back and forth, swaying her hair from side to side. “Come on, cheer up Bing.” She smiled. “Don’t worry about mom and dad, everything will be fine. You’re not going anywhere.” A small honey cake the size of my palm sat on a paper plate between us and a single pink candle adorned the top, bright and dainty. The two of us sat in the sun-spotted living room. My parents were not home and instead, at work. After consecutive fights and days of physical arguments, my mom declared, “Go. Take Bing with you. Leave.”

My sister had lugged herself to a neighborhood deli, purchased a seventy-five-cent pound cake, and scoured through endless drawers for a candle to construct a cake equivalent to that of any other bakery delicacy. I sat there, beaming at my companion. “Thank you,” I thought. “There would be no greater present than this.” After all, gifts are not always defined by a price tag. Whether they are material or intangible, they are valued based on sincerity, care, and thought.

Min faces me. “Bing, it’s okay. I’m here.”

And that was the most valuable gift of all.

I grinned lopsidedly.

Scholarship tips from our winner

Bing L.

How to win scholarships

Since we live in such a technological age, I am often able to find numerous resources online. Unigo was a major source of scholarships, along with other sites such as Niche. On these websites, I was able to customize my own personal interests to filter for relevant scholarships. I search for new scholarships every month.

How to write a winning scholarship essay

Writing the essay is often the hardest part because there are a myriad of topics that you can talk about. However, the most important element in a successful essay is your unique voice. You should always make the topic personal. I made sure to write my essay in a way that reflected my personality and that I told a story I felt strongly about.

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