Scholarships for teachers and education majors


For some students, the love of learning in the classroom evolves into a passion for inspiring and teaching a new generation of students. These students are on their way to becoming future teachers, counselors, and principals. These students are pursuing a noble and giving career in education.

Careers in education cover a wide scope of opportunities. Thus, education majors have a variety of scholarships from which to choose, from general education awards to more specific awards. No matter your education path, extra college dollars can help chip away at the costs of education.

Our scholarship directory has a list of education scholarships, from bachelor’s degrees to graduate schooling and beyond. Winning a scholarship may be the coolest way to get some bonus college dollars.

Career Paths in Education

Students pursuing an education degree will discover a variety of career paths to follow. Education is a popular major and it’s easy to transition from college to a professional career. However, many education opportunities, especially in the grade school levels, are affected by local and state budgets, so salaries may vary.

Here are a few careers in education, with median annual salaries from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • High School Teachers$59,170
  • Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers$56,900
  • Librarians$58,520
  • Middle School Teachers$57,720
  • Postsecondary Teachers$85,620
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants$37,750
  • Elementary, Middle School and High School Principals$94,390

Types of Education Scholarships

You are now on your path toward education. Now, it’s time to choose a scholarship.  You have a lot from which to choose, and you can start your research right here on Unigo, where you can compare and contrast the available education scholarships.

Educations scholarships run the gamut, and you can find scholarships for teaching specialties as well as general education scholarships. Add to that university scholarships and government scholarships. And you can apply for them all – right here on Unigo!

Applying for Education Scholarships

Education-based scholarships often have specific requirements and criteria, depending on their specialization and teaching experience, among other things. Alongside the more scholarship-specific requirements, keep in mind the importance of the actual application and accompanying essay.

Superb writing skills are essential for all scholarships as is a passion for education. Excellent writing skills will set you apart from others in your application process, but those same superb writing skills are needed to score well on the SAT and ACT – which are also part of most scholarship requirements. The Big 3 is the catchphrase here: High grades, standout writing, and a passion for education.

5 Tips to Winning the Education Scholarship Prize

You’ve searched the Unigo directory and found some education scholarships. You want to win, right? Keep in mind that scholarships are awarded to those with academic, athletic, or extracurricular achievements. Plus, providers will also look more favorably on those who show passion and commitment to education and their specialty. Of course, you’ll also need to follow the application directions and submit an organized application – requirements and criteria vary, so make sure you follow the instructions carefully; don’t let a sloppy submission be your undoing.

Here are five tips that may help you win an education scholarship:

  1. Apply early – There are many education scholarships available to education students pursuing bachelor’s and graduate degrees and beyond. Thus, competition is still high, as more and more students pursue their teaching degrees. To increase your chances of winning, apply as early as possible.
  2. Throw your hat in the ring for as many scholarships as possible – Since it’s a sheer numbers equation, you can increase your chances to win a scholarship when you apply for as many as possible. Be sure to take each scholarship you apply for seriously, no matter the size of the payout. The more scholarships you win, well, the more money you will have.
  3. Attention to organization, detail, and the personal touch is essential – Each scholarship you apply for has specific requirements and criteria, no matter your specialty. Read carefully and know what you need to submit. Is an essay required? What are my extracurricular requirements? Be sure to follow the instructions, make sure your submission is organized neatly and easy to understand, give it the personal touch – show them the best part of YOU and your passion for teaching.
  4. Create an education scholarship calendar – Once you’ve decided on what scholarships you want to apply for, create a calendar with submission deadlines and application requirements. It’s an efficient way to manage your time for maximum scholarship submissions since there may be some overlap among applications.
  5. Use correct spelling – Most applications require an essay. Once you’ve finished writing it, spell check your document, then proofread it to make sure every word is spelled correctly and that it makes good sense. This is an easy step to overlook, but it is one that may seriously hurt your chances to win a scholarship.

Start Your Scholarship Search with Unigo!

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