Scholarships for Women in Science


Are there scholarships specifically for women in science?

If you are majoring in any of the sciences, there are lots of scholarships available. If you are a woman, there are even more.  STEM majors are in high demand. The U.S. does not have enough people working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics jobs. Because of this, scholarships are plentiful. Last year, the U.S. had just over a half million graduates with STEM degrees. Compared to India, which had 2.7 million graduates, and China, with 4.8 million, the U.S. has some catching up to do. In order to stay globally competitive in technology and science, the U.S. needs to produce more workers in this field.  Recruiting women to the STEM fields is important. This is good news because this means lots of scholarships for women in science fields. If you study these majors, then you can likely go to college for free.

10 General Science Scholarships to Apply for in 2019

The Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarships Awarded to low-income women studying in technical or vocational fields.VariesFebruary
Society of Women Engineers Sophomore-Graduate Scholarships Supports women pursuing bachelor or graduate student programs in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology and computer science in the United States.VariesFebruary 15
Libbie H. Hyman Memorial Scholarship This scholarship is given to one lucky undergraduate or graduate biology student each year.$1000March
AWIS Kirsten R. Lorentzen Award Applicants must be female students in the sophomore or junior year of college who are majoring in physics, including space physics and geophysics, or geoscience.$2000March 15
Zonta Club of Washington, D.C. Undergraduate Scholarship Scholarships are awarded to women of any age pursuing a bachelor’s degree in areas such as science (social or general).$5000March 16
The Heinlein Society Scholarship Awarded to undergraduate female students majoring in engineering, math, or biological or physical sciences.$2000April 1
AWG Minority Scholarship Awarded to a woman who is African-American, Hispanic, or Natve American who is a  full-time student who is pursuing an undergraduate degree in the geosciences.$6000June 30
Junior Horizons Award Offered to high school seniors who live in Michigan and who demonstrate achievements in Science.$2500June 30
Science Ambassador Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to the female STEM student who creates a winning three minute YouTube video on the STEM subject of her choosing.Full TuitionVaries
Women in Science UAV Scholarship Dronenthusiast is offering this scholarship to female students who are choosing to pursue science.$500December 1

15 Scholarships to Apply for if you are into Biology

National Garden Clubs Scholarship Awarded to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in biology. A preference is given to those majoring in plant biology.$3500February 1
Libbie H. Hyman Memorial Scholarship This scholarship is given to one lucky undergraduate or graduate biology student each year.$1000March
Wildlife Leadership Award The program awards scholarships to college juniors and seniors chosen for their leadership ability, dedication to wildlife conservation and scholastic achievements.$3000March 1
Blandy Experimental Farm Undergraduate Research Education Program Visiting scientists and graduate students conduct research on habitat and community biodiversity, reproductive ecology and plant/insect relationships.$6325March 1
Environmental Studies/Natural Science Scholarship Program Applicant must be a high school senior applying to an accredited college/university to study environmental or natural science.$1000March 31
Turf and Ornamental Communicators Association Scholarship Scholarship is for undergraduate students majoring in biology or horticulture.$2500April 15
EPOC Environmental Scholarship Fund Scholarships go to individuals planning a career in the environmental industry.VariesApril 30
AFE Scholarships in Floriculture and Horticulture Awards scholarships for floriculture and horticulture students.$4000May 1
Thermo Fisher Scientific Antibody Scholarship Program Open to students majoring in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, or a related life science field.$10,000May 20
The Educational Foundation of the Recreational Boating Industries This scholarship goes to undergraduates who major in the fields of biology, the natural resources or any other science related to tourism.$1000Varies
Wildlife Leadership Awards This scholarship award goes to juniors and senior students studying natural resources or biology.$2000Varies
ACIL Scholarship Alliance Biology Major Open to college juniors and seniors majoring in biology, physics, chemistry, etc.$5000Varies
Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship This scholarship shows preference to women and minorities who are studying sciences related to the ocean. This includes oceanography, maritime archeology and marine biology.VariesVaries
Corrie Whitlock Memorial Scholarship Open to college juniors and seniors majoring in Horticulture, Floriculture, Landscape Design, Botany, Plant Pathology, Biology, Forestry, etc.$2000February 1
Earl & Patricia Armstrong Biology Scholarship Scholarship applicants must be minority undergraduates majoring in biology, health, or pre-medicine.$3000Varies

10 Scholarships to apply for in other sciences

The Katherine E. Weimer Scholarship Awarded to female physicists specializing in plasma research.$2000April 1
The Priscilla Carney Jones Scholarship The scholarship provides funding for women in their junior or senior year of studying chemistry or a related field.$1500May 1
The M. Hildred Blewett Scholarship This scholarship is given to women in the field of physics who have completed work towards a doctorate degree, but who put their career on hold for their family.$45,000June 3
Association for Women Geoscientists Minority Scholarship Awarded to minority women studying in the geoscience field.VariesJune 30
Barbara Lotze Scholarship Open to future high school physics teachers.$2000December 1
The Association for Women in Science College Scholarship Awarded to freshman women majoring in science.$1000Varies
Fellowships in Physical Science by The National Physical Science Consortium Awarded to women and minorities majoring in chemistry, geology, computer science, etc.VariesVaries
The Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship Awarded to women in graduate programs for computer science, electrical engineering or mathematical fields.$15,000Varies
NASA Scholarships and Research Programs Open to undergraduate and graduate students studying science.VariesVaries
Geological Society of America Research Grant Provides a number of different grants to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing geological research.VariesVaries

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