Unigo scholarship alert: July


Ah, summer is in full swing! It’s the perfect time to sleep in and bask in the sunshine with a waffle cone. That’s what we’d do, anyway. We’d also use this free time to get extra volunteer hours, make some college visits, or start a summer job to save some money for college. (Hey, at least we said we’d like some ice cream!) You could also start adding some dough to that savings fund by applying for scholarships. Just because school’s out doesn’t mean the cash can’t come flowing in for college. Check out these July scholarships that are melting away faster than your frozen treat.

Chegg $1000 Textbook Scholarship

If you’re a high school or college student 16 years or older, write about someone who inspires you for a chance at a $1,000 scholarship. Deadline: June 30

Tylenol Future Care Scholarship

College students who plan to pursue an education in health care and have completed at least one year of undergraduate or graduate coursework may apply for this scholarship. Ten awards of $10,000 and 30 awards of $5,000 are offered annually. Deadline: June 30

Unigo Do-Over Scholarship

Have a moment you’d like a second chance at? Tell us about it in 250 words or less for the chance to win this $1,500 scholarship. Students 13 years and older are eligible to apply. Deadline: June 30

Spokeo Connections Scholarship

High school seniors and college undergrads with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher are eligible for one of three $1,000 scholarships. To apply, candidates must submit an essay on one of three topics: connection, data, or social media. Deadline: July 1

Savor Summer College Scholarship

Summer vacation is on your mind, so why not use those plans to help you earn a $500 scholarship? High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher can submit a short essay about how they plan to spend their summer vacation for a chance to win. Deadline: July 1

Resume Genius $1,000 Scholarship Giveaway

For this $1,000 scholarship, submit a résumé based on the life of a fictional or non-fictional character from television, history, literature, or myth. Current undergraduates, graduates, and high school seniors who will graduate this semester and enroll in college are eligible to apply. Deadline: July 14

Legal Scholarship

For those with a future in law, this $1,000 scholarship can help you pay for your education. College undergrads or older, pursuing a degree in pre-law, paralegal studies, or a juris doctorate in any concentration of the law, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible to apply. Deadline: July 15

Liberty Power Bright Horizons Scholarship

College undergraduate and graduate students majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics who plan to pursue a career in power generation or environmental studies are eligible to apply for one of four scholarships, ranging in value from $2,000 to $10,000. Deadline: July 20

Logo Design Scholarship

Creative thinkers and designers can put their talents to use in this $2,500 scholarship. Even if you’re not a graphic artist, having a unique insight on the current state of art in commerce could make you a winner. Current college undergrads are eligible to apply. Deadline: July 31

Storage.com Scholarship Contest

Undergraduate students can submit a short essay (250–400 words) for the chance to win this $2,500 scholarship. Parents can even submit an entry on their child’s behalf by including an essay on the parental topic. Deadline: July 31

“My Mentor Was Me” Scholarship Video Challenge

Who is your mentor and how have they had an impact on your pursuit of success? High school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students may submit a short video for the chance to win this $1,000 scholarship. Deadline: July 31

Unigo Flavor of the Month Scholarship

We’re awarding $1,500 for the flavor of the month  and it could be you! Tell us what ice cream flavor best reflects your personality for the chance to win. Students 13 years and older are eligible to apply. Deadline: July 31

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