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What Kind of Online College Scholarships are Available?

Online college scholarships offset the costs of distance learning classes. Many online college scholarships range from $500 to $25,000 awards such as CSEG Family Focused College.

Over 6.6 million students took online college classes in 2017 and it is even more popular today. There is no ‘one size fits all’ format to online learning. Sometimes you take classes with your peers at set times using video conferencing. And other times, you might log in anytime to progress at your own pace.

Either way, there is an access portal which functions like a campus. Here you may find your courses, submit assignments, and reach out to teachers and classmates.

One of the perks of online learning is the ease. You can study from anywhere you have a computer and internet. So, many busy adults find it an ideal way to refresh skills without giving up an ongoing career.

If this appeals to you, many accredited online colleges offer scholarships. These funds may offset the costs of online college degrees or a few online courses. As long as you meet the criteria set for each one, you can apply.

What Online Colleges Offer Scholarships?

Many online colleges offer various scholarships for online college students. Columbia Southern University, Western Governors University, Bemidji State University are some college

Many of the top online colleges feature a wide range of majors. They offer certificates, plus degrees at all levels. There are online degrees for associate, bachelors, masters and PhD.

One of the affordable online colleges on this list is Columbia Southern University. Each year, they offer two Safety Scholarships. The first program runs from January 17 to May 21 and the second, from May 30 to November 25.

Safety Scholarships pay tuition for up to three years or until you complete your online degree. To be eligible you must have a 2.0 undergrad or 3.0 grad GPA. Current and prospective CSU Occupational Safety and Health students may apply.

Grantham University offers the Dr. Susan Fairchild Nursing Scholarship. An annual award, it provides two nursing students (one undergrad, one grad) $2,040 each.

To be eligible, you must be in good standing and have a 3.0 GPA. You also submit an essay and must meet admission criteria for a Grantham online BSN or MSN.

Why Apply for a Scholarship?

Unlike a loan, you do not have to pay back the scholarship money. You may use the scholarship funds toward tuition and fees.

Amounts for online college scholarships vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Some pay only one time, while others renew if you keep good grades. 

You should look for scholarships that match your interests, achievements, and future goals. For instance, if you are a medical student, then look for medical scholarships.

Scholarships provide academic, professional and financial benefits. Your chance of earning a scholarship might increase by applying to many awards. Local scholarships or ones from your college might be a good idea to start with. Scholarships might help students earn a degree without breaking the bank.

List of Online College Scholarships

Check out our list of online college scholarships below. We have awards worth .