Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates seem to keep to themselves. However, asking a classmate a question, they will always respond nicely even if they do not know the correct answer.


My classmates care about each other, their social lives, and doing well in school to get ahead for their careers.


CSU students are determined, willing to help, and extremely friendly.


My classmates are generally friendly and willing to work together so that everyone understands the material.


My classmates like to have fun but grades and school are also important to them.


My classmates are hard working and well rounded students with a variety of experiences and background knowledge. Representing all fifty states and many foreign countires, my classmates and I make up a diverse population at Colorado State of students passionate about their field of studies and genuinely interested in the betterment of out society. As advocates for acceptance and social change, CSU students engage in many activities ranging from leadership and service workshops to community outreach programs to improve our school, the Fort Collins community, Colorado, and the United States.


Very friendly and smart


My classmates are inspiring, uplifting, and diverse in their opinions and experiences.


I don't know, I haven't started yet.


The students have a wide range of diversity and are very friendly. Everyone seems very willing to help out.


Very kind and unique.


My classmates are both shy and friendly, most however are very talkative.


My classmates are diverse students, not necessarily by race but by personality; from the hippies to the fratstars, rednecks to scooter riders, its a unique environment to learn in.


Completley motivated to bored and lazy; wide range.


Upbeat and willing to help


There are always students willing to learn and some that don't. Just find the group you want to be part of and study, or don't, with them!




My class mates are smart, nice and helpful.


Everyone is very helpfull and wants to do just as well as you.


My classmates were very helpful and fun. Like I mentioned before I made a lot of friends. Friends that were going through the same things and experiences I was. We would study together and figure things out together. You didn't know everyone's name in class because class size was so large but you did get to know a close group of your classmates that would help in any way they could.


There is a whole slew of people here from all races and backgrounds. I don't think there's anyone that wouldn't be able to find a place here. There are political advocaists, religious groups of all sorts, Asians, Hispanics, white people, black people, jocks, nerds, band geeks, pretty much every social clique ever created exists on this campus. While most students are from Colorado, there is still a fair share of people from all over the country, and even the world. These groups don't really interact a whole lot. People are good about finding their group members and sticking with them, but they all exist nonetheless.


CSU is definitely a diverse school. There is a club for almost every activity you can think of and if there's not a club, you can always start your own. There's plenty of clubs/orgs that people will fit into.


Everyone under the sun! From sorority girls to hippie stoners CSU has everything. Most of the campus is composed of "average" Colorado students, attending with lots of friends from high school. We also have a good amount of international students, at least a few in each class.


The students are totally diverse. I have met students from all types of backgrounds and interests. People wear all different kinds of clothes and participate in all types of activities. Most students are from Colorado, but it is not uncommon to meet people from out of state or even out of the country!


The majority of my classmates were middleclass white students who were taking out some student loans. Most were motivated to at least earn a degree but not put forth the effort to be the best in their degree. I watched many of them party (drink and or drugs) because they believed they were old enough to handle it, but the reality was no one was there to tell them they were wasting their time. There were a few who were motivated and knew what they wanted. They successfully completed grad school and found great carreers right after graduating.


The students here all seem to be very down to earth and responsible with their school work. They dress comfortably and nobody seems to put themselves on a higher pedestal than everyone else. Fellow students are always willing to have a friendly conversation while waiting in a line for something or to help a classmate who is struggling with a concept learned in class. I haven't seen anyone be bullied or discriminated against during my time at CSU. Most students are very passionate about what they're studying and make connections with others that are in their classes. Study groups and clubs are very common.


There is a place for everyone on campus. There are clubs and organizations available for everyone from any background with any interests. I'm part of greek life and a member of Sigma Alpha professional sorority which a sorority for young women from agriculture backgrounds. There are many different types of sororities and fraternities for anyone interested in going greek. Most people coming onto a big campus are nervous and just wanting to meet people. It's the same for everyone. Most people are super friendly and will give advice or help or just have a conversation if that's what you need.


There is a fair amount of diversity at CSU. There is a large portion of international students who are here anywhere from a semester to all four years. It is interesting learning about their life style in their country to discover how it differs from ours here. There are also a lot of different religious beliefs on campus. Bible study groups are big and there are several different groups you can get involved in relating to your religious beliefs. There is something for everybody at CSU. As a large school there are bound to be another group of students who are similar to you. I honestly do not think anybody would feel out of place. You can tell this fact by just walking around. There are girls who wear sweatpants and sweatshirts to class and then there are girls who dress up to go to class along with everything in between. Most of the students are from Colorado, however there is a large portion of out of state students as well. Personally I am from upstate New York and I know people from several other states besides Colorado. We are also a financially diverse school. I know people who are very wealthy and drive nice cars, have a lot of designer clothing and own a lot of other expensive items. There are also people who are just barely getting by and live very modestly and there is everything in between.


Students at CSU are very welcoming and friendly. I never ran into any "snobby" people or racist people during my time there. People are more than willing to embrace different cultures and lifestyles on campus, and there are plenty of support groups as well. The majority of students are white, but there is a growing number of Hispanic, African, and Asian students each year.


I wish there was more diversity at CSU. I'm from the city and CSU is a bit one sided. I think we are making an effort to get more minority students to come to CSU, but I hope that we try even harder. Socio-economically we are pretty diverse. Most of the time athletes and minority students stick together but for the most part everyone is friendly and it isn't hard to talk to someone. I'm also from a very liberal city and being at CSU was a bit of a culture shock in that manner. There are a lot of christians and conservatives on campus and it is noticeable! But not overbearing. It's interesting to be around people of different opinions and hear there side. I have certainly learned a lot from my peers!


CSU is not incredibly culturally or racially diverse. There are a lot of caucasian students from Colorado. However, different identities do make a very strong showing at CSU through the diversity offices, which provide a safe haven and comfort zone for students of undermined identities and also put on a lot of programming sponsoring diversity and the recognition of various identities. The residence life staff is also very savvy on issues of diversity and works to instill residents in their first year with an appreciation for diversity of cultures and identities. So, the student body in itself is not highly representative of all identities, but the mindset and atmosphere at CSU is very inclusive. The student body is more left and center than right as far as political affiliations, which is kind of to be expected with any college


There is just about every typpe of person at this school and we have many programs suited for everyone. There is also lots of programs from financial assistance like work study or hourly paid positions at CSU. Most students are from Colorado but we have students from all over the USA and other countries. Me have military students and islamic students. And we have people from all sides of the political options and many times you will see people out of the plaza talking about their beliefs.


Willing to form study groups.


Full, but worthwhile and engaging.


The student body is very laid back. Some people get dressed up for class and others rock the normal hoodie. It seems that a lot of CSU students are CO natives but we get our fair share of out-of-staters and they fit right in.


Mostly understanding, but some are still very close-minded.


All of my classmates here at CSU are great. Everyone promotes a healthy learning environment and academic success is a very important. goal. If you want to receive a great education, come here.


My fellow classmates are really enjoyable and a lot of fun. They are very nice and easy to get a long with. They are also there if you ever need help.


My classmates tend to be in-state students from all over Colorado that are generally polite in initial contact, and they become friendlier and kinder as a real relationship begins to form.


Usually rather social and participating. Easy to form for group projects.


My classmates are like any normal group where there are kids who want to succeed in college and those that are there just to have fun.




In all of my classes so far at Colorado State University, all of my classmates seem very dedicated to their current and future work. Many people in my classes have the mindset that "if your paying so much for a college education you shouldn't be skipping class or slacking off on your work, because you end up wasting thousands of dollars in the end." With this in mind most people, although they still have a lot of fun, also spend a lot of time studying for their classes.


My classmates are awesome! Being a freshmen i am in a lot of lecture classes so there are a lot of people in each class. However, it seems that no matter where I sit or who I sit by there is always someone I can talk to. People here are very friendly and if i miss a lecture or couldn't hear what the professor said, I can always feel comfortable enough to ask the person right next to me what i missed and most of the time they have no problem filling me in.


My classmate are a diverse group of people with different views and values.


My classmates are the most diverse and disorderly group of people that you could put in one room, we each have our own backround and story, each person helps to make our class a little less like work and a little more like play, but then isn't that the way a class should be?


At CSU your classmates become your best friends, you have fun together and help each other succeed in classes, then you also go and have all sorts of adventures on and off campus. You become a family.


They are are friendly and willing to help.


My classmates are fun, smart people who are just trying to do the best they can with the opportunities they have been given in order to create better lives for themselves.


My classmates are diverse, but not in the usual way of everyone-looks-different, but in the way that everyone has his or her own idea and outlook; yet everyone gets along, and everyone is repsected.