Delaware State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I had the beautiful privilege to go back to my senior year in high school and give myself advice on how to make such a difficult transaction then my number one advice would be to learn how to not procastinate. Procastination is a problem that I struggled with in my first semester in college. I was use to procastinating in high school and everything working out for me in the end that i thought the same thing would happen in college. But I soon realized how wrong I was. In college the work builds up within a matter of three hours. Your first class could have assigned an assignment thats due within two days and one may think they have time until they get to their next two classes which also assign homework and on top of homework there are test for those classes also. Then the class that the individual has the next day assigns more homework. The work will build up and buld up and even though some of the work may not be due until the following week, the longer one waits the more work one puts on themselves and thats what happened to me.


I plan to finish my AA degree by the time I graduate high school. After completing my AA degree, I plan on attending a 4-year college to get a B.A. in psychology. After I acquire my B.A., I plan on attending a 4-year law school to get a law degree. Once I've gotten my law degree, I plan on starting out working under a lawyer with some experience. A few years after that, I plan on opening my own law firm as a criminal defense lawyer. Attending college is one of the best reward one can do for themselves in getting a degree and give back to the community. Without a college degree I would not be able to get a well paid job I will want to have.


Many people look back on their college experiences as just crazy parties, long nights, and stress. Although my college experience has been full of plenty of those things, I have gotten much more out of my time in college. Being the first to attend college in my family, I thought the pressure would prove too much for me to carry. However, I have gained a sense of pride and achievement but more importantly determination , to be as successful as I can be. Dorm life has been added to my college experience teaching me many things about myself and about interacting with others. I learned the importance of networking and letting no oppourtunity pass you by. Most importantly, I learned the value of relationships. It cost me 30, 000 dollars but I finally learned how important relationships truly are. From roommates, to friends, to professors and employers; college has definately taught me to build strong and sincere relationships, that are sure to last a lifetime.


I have graduated with an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1999; a Bachelors Degree in Automated Manufacturing Technology in 2000, and a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering 2001 from ITT-Technical Institute. While attending college, I started working at IBM. I worked at IBM for 6-years before being laid-off due to down-sizing. If I had not attended college I would not be where I am today. I feel that by attending college I have become a more rounded person. My college experience has helped me to understand how diverse the society is in which we live. I feel that learning is a continuous process that never stops. Without attending college my knowledge bank would be very minute compared to what it is today. I also feel that my college experience has helped my to be more accepting of the people around me in the workplace. The knowledge that I have gained form my college experience has helped my to be able to better communicate with others. I has also helped me to be able to open up and share my life experiences with others.


My first semester in college has taught me two valuable lessons. I have learned the importance of time management and how to depend on myself to get my goals accomplished. My first semester has taught my alot about independence that is valuable to my future career. I'm am recieving a valuable education that will help me achieve my goals of becoming a forensic scientist. This is why it is important to continue my education at Delaware State University. I am in a setting, where im comfortable and able to achieve my goals as a forensic biology major. I am learning alot about myself and i am happy. Im enjoying my college experience and im learning alot how to make the right decisions. Attending college is vaulable to me because I am preparing myself for a successful future.


I have gotten a million things that I can't put a price tag on through my college experience. I hit a rough patch in my life and returned to school after my husband left me to raise my son by myself. I want to make life better for my son and myself. I was stuck in a dead end job for years and I know that by finishing college I will have a career that will be fullfilling to me in my life. I know that by finishing school I can also help others. I want to be a teacher and I want to motivate kids that anything can be done if they put their minds to it. On top of everything, I want to do this for my son, he is my world.


Thus far, my college experience has been very benefical. Along the way I have gained knowledge and experience that I did'nt once have. Delaware State University is more than just a school. It's diversity and wide range of different people from diffenrent places, has made it so that I have valuable friendships. Participating in school activities have caused me to bond with my peers and value the time I spend with them. Not only have I gained in a personal aspect, but also in the area of opportunity. In Today's society, a good education is highly valued. Once I fully obtain my education, I will have access to more options and job opportunities otherwise not offered to me without a degree. As an intellectual, I have substantially aquired more growth. I am able to think more critically. If I had to put a price on the value of my education, it would be infinite.


My college experience has been bittersweet compared to others because of financial issues going through agreat deal of issues these past three years from my single mother being laid off her job for three years to my father not supporting me at all, to others telling me to leave college and continue to just work. All of those ordeals has some what sabotaged but at the same time help my college experience . Through these experiences it caused me to be more hopeful and determined to the fact that one day i will make it out of college and that everything will be ok. College also introuduced me to a lot of African Americans who came from nothing and graduated which motivates me everyday to keep pursiting what i believe in no matter what obsticles may come my way. I value this experience because this great struggle is going to make me a more better person and it is going to teach me that if i work hard in life i will get to where i need to be in the future. “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”- Malcolm X


My experience at Delaware State College has been a turning key for me. It thaught me how to stand you and become independant. I had to grow up fast. You have to take care of yourself and plan your life accordling. You are giving courses into how the real world will be, but its up to you to grasp on and move on. I had a scholarship when I first attended Delaware and when I return the following year I was given an envelope stating I no longer had my scholarship. Now being on campus with no room assignment anymore made me grow up fast. I felt betrayed. I perform my duties to uphold my scholarship but with unanswer questions I had to figure out where I was going to live. But why couldn't they let me know this before I arrived at school ready to move in. But lesson learned, you never give up no matter what. You work hard for what you want and keep aiming for the goal. I finishing my first term of my Sophmore year, hoping to return in the spring. I made friends at Delaware State that will last forever.


I have gotten an experience that will never forget. I've learned about different careers that i can choice from. I found out that Movement science is a major that is not fitted for me and Community health fits my personality better.


College Life for many teenagers is always about partying and drinking and sometimes they forget their main focus for applying to college. Through my college experience I have had the opportunity to meet many new people and learn about many different cultures which to me is very important because I feel our nation is very unaware of the different ways of other cultures. Another thing I have had the opportunity to have here in college is being able to truly find myself and really know who I am and set goals and dreams for myself. Being back home everyone has the same style, talk the same and act the same and all of us who don’t follow that are considered “different". Here at Delaware State University I have the greatest opportunity to be myself and people embracing that about me. All of these experiences have been so valuable to me because I feel that’s another thing all over the world lacks is truly expressing who they are. Now with my knowledge of many different cultures I now walk around with A open mind and has stopped me from judging others before really having the opportunity to meet them.


I have learned countless lessons that I honestly feel that if I did not attend a higher institution of learning would have taken me years to learn and or experience. For instance I learned the true meaning of being independent. Like any other prospective college student this was what i was looking forward to the most being by myself with, no parental guidance and no one to dictate to me what it is I can and cannot do. However what I didn’t realize was that once I step on that campus I am officially on your own and I am now the dictator of my future that’s when it all becomes scary and surprisingly is when you will learn just what it is you want and need to do with your life. See while hear I was force to accept the fact that my parents could no longer hold my hand but, they could only assist from a far. However after about my first semester after all the tears were shed I knew how to do things on my own and I had a keen sense of who I was and destined to be.


What i have gotten the most out of my college experience is that i believe im maturing. As you go off to college in a new state you have to do things on your own. Their is no parent waking you up for breakfest every morning, no one making sure you get to class on time and making sure you do your homework. You have to learn to be responsible, manage your time wisely and make decisively choices. It has been valuable to me because its preparing me for the real world where i have to work hard for everything i want and need


While attending high school back in 2003-2006, my mother had already instilled in me that college would be the next step that I would take in life. When June 2006 came around, I graduated, and then that following fall of 2006 I was off to Delaware State University. When I first entered Delaware State University, I was a little skeptical. This would be the first time that I had ever been out in the world on my own. Immediately the fear left me, because in my heart I already knew that Del-State would help me make my mark in the world. I can truly say that I am blessed to have a school that helped me as much as this one did. This school has been valuable to attend simply because it has enabled me to work harder at what I do, and to not expect any handouts to be given to me in life. Although it was tough going through school and trying to maintain a good gpa, it was extremely worth the fight. The professors helped me every step of the way; I will now walk down that aisle during graduation, with a sense of dignity.


I am still awaiting to attend college


I have learn even more how to deal with different people around me because I am forced to be interactive with my classmates. I also have learned more academically because the level of education has been increased in transition from high school to college. I have become more responsible and independent in college.


I have definitely gotten a lot with having chosen to obtain a college degree. As high school graduation I started working but after 6 years I realize that it is very important to study at the college level because in my second year I learned more than I expected in my area of concentration in which I worked for the past years. I did not like the idea of studying, but my college experience these past 2 years has been very nice and very interesting for my future. I will finish my studies and perhaps continue to a higher grade.


As of now I'm on my second semester of my freshmen year at Elgin Community College. I'm planning to attend Lewis University on the fall of 2010. I believe I'm ready because of the expirence I have gained throught my first year in college. I've learned that becoming a leader is what's going to make you a good student; however, having good manners, and helping not only yourself but other classmates will make people view you in a positive way. I love going to school, since I know the only way I can make a name out of myself is to succeed; therefore, get my degree in criminal justice and help as many people as I can. To conclude my essay I'm just looking forward to my other three years of college, which will be great since I will be attending a University.


Attending college was the best thing that I have ever done. Many people say that college is not for all people, but I would have to dissagree. I have began to live for tomorrow and not today. I see past the boundaries that are around me. I see my dreams becomming a reality. College has given me the tools that I need to build my path to success. I have learned to put my education first. I have gotten professional development while I have attended school. I have learned how to live on my own and that has made me a stronger person. Ive learned how to survive away from home. It has been a value to attend, because I think that I would have never been able to get these experiences from anywhere else. I see that it is true when students say "College is the best four years of your life."


I have met new people with different backgrounds. I have learned to manage my time better. Because i grew up in a small town and in a small school I have learned to function in large groups of people when it comes to school. Going to college gave me freedom. I learned that I am capable of living on my own and doing things outside of my comfort zone. College helped me realize the things I am strong at and the things I am not so strong at which helped me finally decide what I want to do with my life. I learned that even when college is over, the things i learned and experienced with stick with me forever. I learned that the college friends and teachers i had may not be with me forever but they impacted my life and got me to where i am today.


Attending Delaware State University taught me the value of hard work, persistence and courage Since receiving my Bachelors degree, I have continued to a Master's, Specialist's and soon the Doctorate will be finished. It is my desire to continue to strive to achieve, with the hope that one day, the knowledge I have gained, can be passed on to someone else who needs a guiding hand to get them through.


I learned alot of new things and met new people that are caring as well as helpful, so I feel that mays my college experience a good ne. I also enjoy doing the extra curricular activities that I do, so that just adds to my good experience.


One thing that I've gotten out of this experience is meeting new people. The people at this university are very friendly and are eager to help you, and I really appreciated that. Another thing is the people at this university have strong opinions about certain things and they will defend thier beliefs. It's nice to see people stand up for what they believe in, to me it means you have a voice and you are somebody. One other thing is I'm closer to perfecting my time managment. When I first attended this university, I thought I knew how to manage my time but I was wrong. Getting through my first semester has tought me to manage my time and now thats exactly what I'm doing. Going through this college experience has been so valuable to attend in many ways. For one, I'm learning so much about my major and I love the fact that I can apply my knowlegde and educate others. Another thing is that I believe I'm so close to finding out who I am. Thats been one of my goals and each day at the university, I get one step closer!


Now that I've had the opportunity to experience the "college life", I would say it is a lot different from what I expected. knowing the information that I know now and if I could go back to High school, I would tell myself to stay focus and study hard. Each class in college requires you to study each day and in high school, I wasn't that good at studying. I would also tell myself to work harder at trying to find scholarships and grants. There are so many tempting people and activities, so I would tell myself to be self disciplined and know whats more important.


If i could go back in time and give advice to myself i would say to stay focused. The college enviornment is much different than in high school. The fact that i will be by myself, with no parents to tell me what to do, I have to take responsibilty and do what has to be done. Also, that work comes before play, since there are so many activities and people on campus it will be easy to get off track and forget about your studies. So i would tell myself to make sure to do homework and study before hanging out.


College life is what you make. i you expect to party and hang out with friends you won't servive. Now, if you complete your work and study over the material you'll do fine. now Do you work? Look at college a a fulltime job. If you go to class for 5 hours a day, When you return to your residence you have 3 more hours of work to do. Finally don't surround yourself around negative individuals. If you know they can't benifit you in anyway seperate your self.


College is all about time management. There is a time to party and a time to work. Make sure you know how to separate the two because education comes first. As long as you are organized focused and have a efficient time management strategy you will succeed. If you think positive, positive results will show. Also, do not be afraid to go to tutoring sessions if you need help. It is good to ask questions. Knowledge is power.


The First bit of advice i would give myself as a highschool student would be to pick a university based on the amount of help that they can apply. The reason being is that my fresman year i struggled in organizing my work and putting forth the neccesary space between asignmets to allow me to complete them to the best of my capabilities. At the university that i was at there was not alot of help or guidance on how to better plan out my school work, I basically had to learn on my own. Another bit of advice that i would provide to myself is location. Comming out of highschool i had my mind set on moving as far away as I could from my home. I believe if i had stayed closer to home there would have been alot less distractions and more focus on completing my education. The last piece of advice I would give myself is to eliminate all procrastination . I beleive procrastination is a colleage student biggest foe when completing assignments i learned over the years that assignmets are easier to complete when infomation from class is still relevant in your head.


The advice i would give my self would be to take more AP course because when u attend college you can get credit from a AP class that you took in college and by you taking the classes you can be a head of the other students if you credits transfer to the university that you are atending. The other adivce i would give is to make sure that you financial aid is completed early because they will offer you more money if you apply early.


With all the struggles of today?s youth I sometimes wonder why if anyone expects us to succeed as a generation. So many issues in our surrounding society almost disable us to progress as a generation. Issues such as: lack of education, teen pregnancy, and lack of empowerment from our superiors cripples us emotionally and mentally. With these keys issues depressing our youth one could find hope for a brighter future almost unseen. Many wonder who will be our future doctors, teachers, lawyers, and even convicts of the future. More negative than positive many adults of today see today?s youth as the reason why today?s crime rate is so high. If asked one might hear that the youth of today is more corrupt than empowered. My question to those who believe in such a theory is??Why? Why are we so corrupted and looked upon with such doubt? Why aren?t we instilled with more opportunities to better us rather than oppress us into inclined failure?


If I were able to go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior about making the transition into college life, I would make sure the conversation focused on making myself happy. I chose Delaware State University to help my family with tuition, since it was in-state tuition, but I would convince my high school senior self to decide my university based on diversity, distance, and academics, along with other things that would make me happy.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior who is transitioning to college, I would give myself a lot of advice. The best advice I could have gave myself was to remember the reason I came to college. My reason I came to college was to gain a higher education. My freshman year in college I notice that there are many temptations that will deter me from that goal. Not having my parents around I had the freedom to do as I wanted. It was my responsibility to make sure I went to class and my work was done on time. I had to learn early on that in order to be success in college I had to balance my social life with my academics. It is important to finish all school work before attending any events or extracurricular activity. For example, I would have my homework done before attending any parties or social events because after I would be too tired to complete them. By doing this I was able to stay focus on my school work and still have fun at the same time.


School is all about time management use it dont abuse it.


If I were given the chance to go back to my high school self, I would give me an ear-full. I would tell myself to stay focused. In high school, I did not take my studies seriously. I told myself that the things I wanted in life would just happen. I now know that these things take a lot of work. In high school I was more worried about appearances and social standings as opposed to my academic advancement and achievements. I would tell my high school self to practice his instruments more. As a music education major I now realize that you can?t advance musically without practice. I was always told to practice but I didn?t. My musical skills came naturally and I took advantage of that. However, if I had practiced more in high school, I would have been an exponentially better performer. I could have applied those practicing techniques to my schooling and I could be in a much more prestigious college. There are many things that I would have told myself, but these are the most important. With the information that I would have given myself, I would be a very different person.


Be open-minded wen entering college...Dont party too much...Think Positive, Act positive, Be positive...


I would tell myself to stay calm and not fall under any peer pressure. Remember that you're education always comes first, before any kind of social gathering. Also, when you do go out to those social gatherings, there are going to be times when the people around you are going to want you to do things that you wouldn't even imagine doing, so just pay close attention to the company that you keep. Other than that, just enjoy yourself, embrace the moment of you geting out of your mother's house, because I know that you've been waiting for that moment, and just stay focused on receiving that Bacherlor's and Master's Degree.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that the transition for high school to college is as hard as you make it. Many of the struggles a high schooler goes through, are relived in college. It's a matter of being able to learn from your mistakes and master becoming a student. In high school many students cram. In college cramming gets you nowhere. Instead of cramming, study a little bit each day in order to master your lessons. Many of the material seen, will be seen again in one way shape or form. Master your lessons the first time so that you are not wasting valuable time later trying to learn something that should have been learned earlier. Also networking is key. Learn as much as you can about the professors as well as which classes to take. Instead of taking the easy classes or professors, take the more challenging ones in order to push yourself. Lastly, time management is a must. You must be able to manage your time wisely. Know when to go out and have fun and when it is time to study.


I would probably look for more scholarships and investigate the school more.


In my experience i would make sure that im prepared for anything possible because in college you have to take it one day at a time anything is possible if you try. I would make sure that i studied more and open my mouth more to my teachers so i couldve got a better grade in my classes. Another way i give advice to myself is by doing more reasearch on scholarships, and loans because school is expensive and it is alot to pay for. So if your attending college make sure that your prepare to pay for alot or you would be taking some time of from school.


Try applying to as many colleges as you could and compare how that school are able to help you for how it would help you to become better at what you want to study.


The advice I would give myself is to stay focused on what I am attending college for; which is to obtain more knowledge. College isn't just about school work, I have to be more open as a person to make more friends. I would also tell myself to do my work as soon as I get it so i would have the rest of the day to myself. Procrastination is my biggest problem so I would tell myself to figure out ways to prevent that.


in selecting a college or university it is important to know what kind of learning environment is best for you. Researching student to faculty ratios as well as male to female ratios may be important. The campus size and the area around the campus is very important as well. Be sure to visit the schools if possible to ensure that it is what you expected. Make sure the school you choose is a place you can learn and grow in the area of study you are interested in. As for college life , it's what you make it. As long as you apply yourself and prioritize college life isn't too hard. I recommend that students get involved, work hard, and realize that everyday is another day to learn and grow. In order to make the most of your college experience you must stay informed, active, and open. Take advantage of all your college or university has to over.


Finding the right college may not be easy and may take some time, but one will be greatly rewarded when experienced what it really feels liketo be a young adult.


Make sure the child has a passion for something before they pursue it Fill out FAFSA immediatley Talk to your parent about leaving home Find schools that do the most with your major


My advice to parents and students about finding the right college and making the most out of their college experience is "do your homework". I believe that the parent should support their college bound loved one in all of their decisions but also still look over them and use their wisdom and years to detect the scams that are out there. Some schools will tell you anything to get you to go to their institution. The student should go on college tours and actually visit the campuses that they're interested in. I dont really believe in the open house days too much because they are often "sugar coated". They lead you to believe that the planned events are everyday events. I think that the students should drop in and sit in classes (if allowed). They should talk to current students to see how they like the school. They should also look at the facilities and what resources are available to them. Greek life, graduation rates, job placement rates, accreditation, housing, whether you need transporation or if its provided for you, and last but not least, available majors and activies are all very important things to look at.


In looking for a school for your daughter or yourself make sure that the atmosphere is close to what you are looking for not just financial aspects matching up. Do this because if the atmosphere is good it will help to get through stressful times. Also, diversity in teaching allows for youor your daughter to get a cultural experience without leaving the country. Finally make sure to check into the school by referencing students, alumni, and especially students in your major.


When selecting the right college for you it is important to look at the size of the student population. You should know whether you would like to be in a large campus or a smaller campus. You should also look at the surrounding areas and at the diversity of the students and faculty. When looking for the right college you should also make sure they offer the right program of study for you. You should also consider their extra-curricular activities, and groups/clubs. It is very important to visit and take a tour of the colleges you are considering.


let your kids make there own choice on college or they wont be happy and they wont to anything trust


Strive to find the place that will give you the education you want. There are numerous schools across the country that has a good on-campus social life, but the lessons in the classroom seem to be lackluster. The point of college above all things seems to be advancing your education, so looks for a place that will help you the most in the classroom. All the other fun stuff outside of class will come naturally.


Never give up no matter how hard it gets in school, everyone is in control on there future, hardwork is to key to that in this generation