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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could tell a student some inspirational words about college and finding the right one to suit them I would tell them a number of things. The first is that there is nothing wrong with going away to school. Going away to school could open your eyes up to different places and different people. I would also say that you should not alter your career interest for the school you liked. This can leave you with a passion to do something, while you're stuck doing something else you have never loved. Not good!!! As for your college experience, how many times have you heard your parents and their friends chat about their best part of life being college. This is very true. Chances are that is where they all met. That point I am trying to make is that that is the most pivotal time of your life, don't take it for granted.


Try to be more open minded towards meeting different people and dont waste your time in college. Work hard to get good grades and dont slack in the beginning because you might regret it in the end. Always stay focused on your schoolwork first and fun comes later. Make the best of every situation or experience.


First, research what schools has your intended field of study, there's no point in going to a school that doesn't have your major because in a way, you'll be wasting you time and money. After you found those schools, figure out where it is you are willing to go (as far as location; whether it is within a good distance away from home). Find out the requirements of those schools, and figure out whether you meet those requirements. When that is done, research the area in which the schools are located. Although you are attending college to obtain a higher education, you also have to have something to do on your down time. Once you've narrowed the list of schools down; set up a couple tours or infomation sessions, fill out applications to those schools, and wait for responses. =)


make sure wen picking a college to attend that you keep your requirements and major in mind. Try to pick the best school with the best classes for your career in the future


Advice I would give parents and/or students about finding the right college is research the school. Make sure it is compatible with you, such as your intrests and views. Take tours of the campus to make sure you are comfortable withe the campus and the surrounding area. Another idea I suggest is, talk with alumni if you can and professors so you are able to get a good feel about the University. The best idea I suggest to partents and students are researching the school, find out as much information you can about the school of your choice and go beyond just looking on the schools website. To make the best out of your college experience I suggest that you do not stay in your room. I suggest you get involved with your school, such as get into leadership positions such as student government. Get involved with community service projects on your campus. Get campus jobs and be active. Net work is also a great idea. The more you are active, the better your college experience you will be.


First and foremost, I would advise students to atleast try and go away to college. This is the one thing that I regret the most about my college experience. Secondly, it is never to earlier to start applying for scholarships. With the increasing tution rates, the cost to recieve and education can be very expensive. The only solution to this debt is to apply for scholarships. It took me two years, but now that I am a junior in college and paying for my education, I have learned quickly that the earlier I apply for scholarships the better. In order to make the most out of college, I feel that you have to get involved. For example, I tutor students in college, work part-time, do community theatre, as well as research. When school work is added, this load can sometimes be overwhelming, but will not only benefit from this in my near future, but have made so many friends along the way!


My advice would be for parents first. I feel that college should start in elementary or when a child first starts school in a sense. What I mean is that the preparation and training for college should start at a young age so that the child can truly began to understand the importance of a college education. The child should feel as though they are working towards their future. Parents should encourage academic excellence, extra-curricular activities and community involvement to create an intelligent and well-rounded individual throughout the stages of education before college. To find the right college one should fully research the institution of interest and take campus tours for a closer look, ask yourself if you can visualize yourself there for the required period of time to graduate. In order to make the most of college the student should excel in every aspect and become involved taking advantage of all opportunities starting with the FIRST freshmen semester, don't wait. College is really all what a person makes of it, so get your money's worth. With all of this said, a college experience must be viewed as the beginning of a career.


I would tell parents and future students, to really research the possible colleges, and make sure thats where you want to go. Also know that college is not only about education, it is also about becoming your own person and voicing your own opinions; with that said I found a great deal of future college students were not ready to start college becuse they never wanted to. Just make sure college is something you want to pursue, it is a pre- career choice.


I would tell them to pick the school that you really want to go to. First I would tell the students to apply to as many colleges that you can, no matter if you think you will get in or not. Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised. Then, really research the schools. Make sure you know everything you can about it before you make a choice. Take in all aspects, from distance from home, to the cost of the school, even to the types of activities the school has. The college exeprience can be one of the best of your life, or one of the worst, depending on what you make of it. For the parents, I would say stand by your child every step of the way. This is probably one of the biggest decisions of their lives so far, and support from the people they love make it that much easier. Also, it is good to put in your opinion, but do not force them to go to a school they do not like. The school they go to will affect the rest of their lives.


make sure that you stay focused and also make sure that the school you chose is where you want to go and not where other people want you to go


I would say go to a school that will help you to advance in life. Choose a school that you will be happy to be attending the whole time you are there. Also for the students, just enjoy the college life and live it to the fullest. Do not have any regrets when you graduate from college.


If you're going to attend Delaware State University, make sure you know what your major is going in. Do as much as you possibly can in advance, and DO NOT get a job on campus... unless you do not need money, or you're willing to do it part time while you are employed in another job OFF CAMPUS (if you're lucky enough to even GET a job off campus).


i would just reccommend that parents stay invloved and active with the status of the University


I would tell the students to try and spend a week at the school and try to explore the area so that they can get the feel of the campus and its surroundings. This will let you know if you will enjoy the school or not.


The advice that I would give anyone trying to find the right colllege is to first visit the college. This is probably the most important thing you will do in the search process. I did not do this and wish I had. The quality of buildings and resources found on the campus will be a reflection of your experience to come. In addition, ask questions, read any rules or propaganda provided by the college and make the college stick to any promises they use to bait you to come there. Making the most of the college experience can be done by taking advantage of every educational program, food night, sorority or fraternity intake, friendship, sports event, class and scholarship possible. The social life of college is something you will never forget. But most importantly you are there for your education; work hard in order to play hard. Get the academics out of the way so that any free time can be spent doing something enjoyable. Complete every assignment ahead of time and on time. With that said the rest of the time can be spent creating relationships and fond memories.


Talk to students that attend your prospective college to find out how they feel about it and the aspects important to you.


make sure that you go and visit and if someone went there before you dont go off of thier college experience everyones college experience is different and choose whats going to make you happy and no one else...


Before you worry about findong the right college worry about finding the funding. with out that you can't go to the college you need to or want to for the degree program that you really want to earn. If money is not the problem. take your time, read everything, visit unexpectedly as well as during an open house or appointment. go to a football game and observe the students and staff as well as security- is it abnormally high, extremely low, what is the area like and are the academics strong enough to challege you in your desired field


First, visit the school's campus, talk with the students, ask questions about campus security, soros. & frats, clubs & organizations ask are the teachers helpful. My college experience has been a hard road, classes are hard, I stuggle to understand,but I have yet to give up. My gpa should not be a reflexion of who or what I am. I've struggled with learning and I've struggled with getting little or no financial aid. My advice to anyone who begins college is to " NEVER GIVE UP" teachers may get you discourage, YOU may even discourage yourself from finishing college. For some people it takes 4 years, for others it may take longer. Nevertheless, as long as the goal of getting a degree has been fulfilled it doesn't matter how long it takes. I'm 22 years old and I won't be graduating until 2010. My friends have all graduated before me and some even laugh that I am behind. So when someone criticizes you about how your doing in school. Tell them, " I will take a new direction in life and I will do my best, because in the end, the best is all anyone can do."


Make sure you go to the college before making you final decison


Being a mentor for the past four years, I have encountered many students and their parents. All, if not most, have asked for my opinion or advice about college. I tell parents and students to make sure they know as much about the specific university that they are investigating. Most times, students choose certain schools and know nothing about them, financially, and socially. Then, after experiencing that college for a semester, they end up transferring to another college, where they could have started their undergraduate career in the first place. Also, I tell students that they have to make the best of their situation. Fun or entertainment is not going to knock at their door every night. I encourage them to find new friends outside of their home states, embrace new beginnings, add it to their toolbelt of life because these times can alter their future life path.


The best advice I can give is to start applying for schools early. Even if there is just one that you've had your mind set on since you were three. You should also go on college tours. Sometimes the best schools are the schools that you haven't heard much about, so do some reseach and schedule some tours. Lastly, college shouldn't be all work and no play. Get involved in activities! Activites keep you grounded as a student, but they also help you to make friends and have fun.


college is everything so dont take it for granted make sure when you do attend college you keep your grades up to par so you can get more money for school


My advice in trying to find the right college for you would be to look at what you did or did not like about high school. If you like a lot of extra cirricular activities, try to find a college that has that quality. If you don't like the idea of sitting in a huge lecture hall because you like the small classroom feeling, look for a smaller college. If you needed a little tutoring to help get you through high school, make sure there is an excellent tutoring program in the college you search for. Also, look for a college that has all of the majors you are interested in, just in case you find yourself needing to switch majors.


To the students: When thinking about the right college, know what kind of environment you want your college to be in, whether in be in the city or country. Know if you want to have large class sizes or small personal class sizes. Make sure your have the funds to cover each semester before the semester begins. As far as the college experience, get involved in as many things as possible because it will look good on resumes and will also enhance your social life. To the parents: Make sure you do your part when it comes time for filling out the FAFSA or any other required documents for your child's college. Be supportive of your child and keep in touch whether your child is far or close to home. Build a relationship to where your child can talk to you about anything that goes on while there in school, so they'll know when they call all worries will go away.


make sure you do a lot of resoucre before you choose


Go away for college and learn have to be independent.


The best advice I could give about college life is simply this: be yourself. College is the fresh start that many people need after leaving high school. Its a chance to truly let people know you for who you are and not some alias. I feel like, there is so much pressure to be popular or something in high school-and it's just not that way in college. No one knows you, so you can be whoever you want-including yourself.


First, have an idea of your major and look for school that have excellent programs in your field of study. Also, from those schools, list the ones which are realistically in your budget (as tuition goes uop every year). Remember, you want a school that has alot of different classes to offer, so that you are able to broaden your horizons and make you academic experience more indulging. Join groups/clubs/societies related to you field of study, common interest groups, and try new things (such as joining the dance club,or a club related to another field of study that is not your major).


always keep location in mind, and always make sure you visit the campus upon entering, never be afraid to ask questions


Choose the college that is right for you at the right price


Visit the school and ask students that is attending the school what they like or dislike about the school. Check if the school is a safe campus for your child.


make sure you visit first so you can know the enviornment you about to be in