Drexel University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to get involved with exra-curricular activities as soon as possible. I didn't start joining clubs on campus until my sophomore year and missed out on a lot of fun activities and an expanded friend base. I wish I had joined these clubs early in my freshman year as it would have provided me a more fulfilling freshman year.


Do not get yourself into the wrong crowd. All your success and all yoursfailures will be greatly affected by who you choose to associate yourself with. It can be hard at first to make friends but let it take some time. Find the right friends who will help your throughout college and stay away from the ones that will drag you down. Also, make sure to take take chances do travel and visit the world while you can. Let your family help you or find outside help through your university so you can see how diverse the world is. One last thing, make sure to be involved especially with research and make sure to get internships every summer possible.


Hey Rich, stop worrying so much. I know you think the whole world is looking at you, but truth be told it's not. Not now, in a few more years...THEN the whole world will start looking at you! Enjoy the time you have, and start brushing up on your organization and social skills. Being sociable is a huge part of college, not just to make friends but also because you never know what someone is capable of doing for you or how they can impac your life. You know how you love science and are pretty good at math? Stick to them. It's going to be tough, but the end result will net you a huge pay off and one which you will be happy following in the wrong one. You won't believe how much you're about to learn in such a fast pace, and that being said it's time to start growing up and realizing work is going to take up much more of your life than it does now. So enjoy the free time you have so that it becomes all the better when you have it! Sincerely, You!


The advice I would give to myself if I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior would be to research the different careers/majors offered at Universities. Originally, when I first attended Drexel, I was Computer Science only because my cousin had recently graduated with that degree and had a stable career. I did not conduct much research about this major nor knew much about it and after completing my freshmen year, I realized I did not like Computer Science anymore. That following summer, I spent all of June and July deciding what I like and looked at the job industry before finalizing realizing I have a passion for Biomedical Engineering. Most students do not switch into this type of major but I had a strong passion and drive to be part of a team in the future that assists human beings in completing mundane tasks. If I had conducted this research before attending Drexel, it would have benefited me and I would not have spent 9 months working towards a degree I had no passion in.


Put down that video game and listen up! You can't coast on high test scores alone once you get to college. Unfortunately, it took me (you) a year to understand that. Your SAT scores were high and frankly high school was easy so you maintain a decent GPA. What you lack is an understanding of work ethic and study habbits. The first year in college was brutal. You got into a good school, but along with that came a tough school. You will realize the world is filled with smart people and you now have no advantage over anyone. The first year kicks you in the behind. Frett not, though! You do learn how to study and get 4.0's or just shy of 4.0's for every term since. You will realize a whole new world of things you can accomplish opens when you apply yourself, whether at school or at work. Also, speaking of work, internships are the most valuable thing you can do with your free time! Well, I hope something sunk in. There are tough times ahead (cancer...), but fear not, the world is an amazing place and you can overcome any challenge!


Dear18-year-old me, DO ALL THE OPTIONAL HOMEWORK. The term optional is a trick. In college "optional" is defined as "if you want to pass you'll do this." And look out for scholarships! They are specifically made for people who think ahead and look while their young. Use websites like campusdiscovery.com to gain insight on where you'll be. Every day not doing something is a day loss, so don't sit inside and play video games with your new friends, go out and explore the campus that is new to all of you. Speaking of exploring, GET INVOLVED. There is no reason to miss the great opportunities that the university clubs offer. They plan things that are way funner and way cheapier than something you can plan yourself and they take care of all the logsitics for you! It's also a great way to meet new people. Lastly, don't go to college to get straight A's, go to college to LEARN. Your degree will mean nothing to you if you don't feel like you gained the knowledge you came to get. Sincerely, Present Me. PS: Freshman 15 is a real thing.


If i could talk to myself as a high school senior i would teach myself to do better. better in a sense of being on time and being organized. i would tell myself to do better in school. i would encourage myself to apply for scholarships and be more involved in school. i would give my self more apportunities to succeed.


I would give my 'high school senior' self three pieces of advise: 1. Don't be afraid to ask. Everyone here is as human as you are. The worst thing someone can tell you is 'No'. Let any other comments slide off of your shoulders. Don't be afraid to ask more than one person. Apparently, you'll get different responces from different people in each department. 2. If you don't have any friends, it's not the end of the world. You aren't evaluated on how many friends you have, you are evaluated on your personality and skills. That's all what matters in the future. Always be nice and be the bigger person. As long as you're doing what's right, the rewards will definitely come in the future. 3. Don't be afraid to explore other options out there. Life isn't cut and dry. Once you're in college, you are suppose to take control of your life. If you want to go explore a career path, then go do it. College is a place of exploring and trying new things. Life isn't a narrow road, its a path of endless oppurtunities.


I would tell myself that it is okay to ask for help. I should not think that I am less than any other student, and that I should strive to be a better student. I should enjoy school and accept opportunities that were offered to me and to seek other ways to move forward. Being embarrased about educational difficulties and give yourself a chance to really ask for help. Friends, family may make fun of you but your ability to grow as a person is essential and can really determine your future. School now is still difficult but so worth it and it has helped you build character and set you towards a future. Yet, make the time you have in high school the best you can make of it. It will be compeltely worth it.


I would tell myself that the first year of college is one long transitional period. Throwing yourself into new surroundings in the midst of new people and facing new challenges is terrifying and difficult—the mistakes that you make are necessary and will help you grow as a person. Take notice of how you change, and seek only to change in a positive direction. Don’t feel obligated to fit in or find yourself at once, because it won’t happen yet. Flow with the changes and wait until you find a place that feels right, that feels like the real you. Furthermore, accept the new opportunities that arise. This is a time when other people recognize the potential in you—you must realize it too. The chances you get in the next year will be once in a lifetime. Academically, socially, culturally, you must grab what is within your reach, because it could change your life forever. Don’t be worried, don’t be timid, and most of all do not be afraid of the next year—it will be extraordinary.


I would tell myself that it is important to have ALL financial endeavors taken care of. Drexel is an expensive school and they will do anything to get the money you agreed to deliver, which also includes preventing you from class registration (you may end up not getting the classes that you need) and forcing you out of the school if you are not able to register for you class. If you leave mid year, you are responsible to pay for the entire year regardless of the time you've stayed there. Money is important.


Quarter system can be hectic but it has its advantages. Never think it is too early in the term to study. Never procastinate and the work load will never pile up. Apply to as many scholarships as possible; you can never have enough for your college education. Finally, make a lot of serious minded friends but not boring ones. Quarter system is short and you need the little fun you can have to take you through the heavy school schedule as a premed student.


I always knew that I wanted to go to college .I just didn't know if it would be possible with the rising cost of everything I knew it would be so hard on my parents. My drive and determination went into full gear. I applied for every scholarship that I qualified for and will continue to apply again and again. I will never forget what my mom has taught me to never ever give up . Believe in yourself.


The most important advice I would give to myself would be to focus on the main reason why I'm attending college in the first place, and that is my education. Another important piece of advice I would give myself would be to make sure that the major I pick is what is best for me. As a freshman, anyone who knew me in the past could tell that my mind wasn't focused on the task at hand. I got more caught up in wanting to fit in than I was studying and making sure I was getting my money’s worth out of the university. I had chosen chemical engineering as my major, not because it was what I wanted to do, but because I assumed it couldn't be that much different from my favorite high school subjects. After a year of self-discovery, I was able to make a more educated decision towards my education and switched my major to Business and Engineering. It was the best move I had made an over a year and classes became less stressful because I could actually apply what I was learning in class to my everyday life.


I would tell myself to cherish every moment as a senior. College life and classes are much different then I expected. Nothing bad but not what I expected. Be organized and have good study habits because they will carry over into college. Also, enjoy the quiet time at home because it is hard to find at college.


Do well from the start. You will make it out of high school without being one of the classic stereo types for poor hispanic girls. If you do well from the start it will be easier to get money for college, and you'll need that money trust me.


College is going to be an awesome place for you. Its a place where your teachers will welcome someone with their own opinions and push you to back them up in a way that none of your high school teachers had the time to. What you have to look out for more than academics, or even time management, is being on top of your financial status. The financial aid system is complex and the only way to navigate it is to be organized and aggressive. Keep track of all of your paperwork, be on top of your parents if you need their information, and most of all, don't be afraid to make a fuss when you need help. If you are timid about asking for assistance, you will end up so far behind that it will be impossible to catch up.




“Just relax! You know yourself!” I wish I could go back to December of senior year and scream these words to myself! By December 2nd I had finished applying to my tenth school and was seriously considering an eleventh. I remember the date because it was the day before my mother’s birthday. She told me all she wanted was to stop paying application fees; I had spent well over $500. The guide books, the prep-classes, and my friends had told me that when I found the school I would just know it was right. I had yet to find “the one”. I wish I could have told myself to ignore their opinions. I have never been someone to make decisions based on feelings or intuition. I forced myself to stop applying and just accept what would happen. A week later I received a scholarship to Drexel University. I was denied by one of my favorite schools and waitlisted by another; my decision was simple. I wish I could have told myself to calm down and not measure myself by what worked for everyone else. I know myself. I just had to work things out in my own way.


Don't get lazy and spend as much time as you can studying and preparing for class. Put some money aside for books and other last-minute expenses.


I would love to go back and tell myself just how smart I really am and that If I work hard now, I can play hard as an adult. I would tell myself not to let fear of failure deter me from striving to achieve my goals and that I am invincible when I set my mind on something despite the obstacles. I would strongly urge myself to enjoy being young and take my time growing up. I’d encourage myself to set the bar high and to stay away from the easy roads because anything earned easy can be lost just as easy, from finances to friendships. I’d strongly advise myself to put all faith in God and to love myself enough to achieve all my goals and enjoy life before starting a family. I’d urge myself to finish school while I’m young and not wait until I get in my thirties to wise up. Life is what you make of it. You can choose to be a victim of circumstance or you can choose to be victorious. Work hard, love hard, play hard and always go hard or you might as well go home.


High School Graduation, a relief, a sense of completion and accomplishment. Yeah, its over. Receiving that diploma is anything but the end. It marks a new beginning. College, the next step with so many decision to make, is the next adventure! My advice would be- 1) live on campus. This will allow you to become more independent and learn how to make decisions on your own. Stay in a dorm the first year and room with someone you don't know. Getting to know others from different places is a wonderful learning experience in itself. Two, don't get discouraged if you change your major. Although its best to try to finish in four years, most people don't. Relax, don't ask yourself "what will I do for the rest of my life". Life has many paths, take advantage of every opportunity and you will fall into your destiny. Third, take advantage of the college resources. All colleges offer help with medical issues, academic descisions, finances, tutoring and general counseling. Lastly, have some fun, by participating in school activites. They have something for everyone or you can create an organization that interest you. Go, become smarter than your parents.


First, I would have a lot of warning about studying everything I had learned to that point for review. Honestly, most of Drexel's early work is my high school senior year so review would be crucial in keeping up good grades. Next, I would emphaize establishing a true work ethic. I had one in high school but to adjust to the Drexel curriculum a more dedicated one would had benefited my first term GPA. Don't let emotions play a role in my classroom performance or everyday life. If things are good, ride it out but if their bad, step away and gather rather than digging deeper into depression and struggle. Brace for the up-tempo lifestyle of Philadelphia, even coming from New York metro area, Philly can still be hard to adjust to living in the downtown area. Last, have a good time, it's college but it's also the last years before going to work and living the rest of life so just live in the moment and be yourself.


I would tell myself to enjoy my time with my friends and family. Also, to look into the cities that the schools I was interested in were located. In addition I would advise myself to not overwhelm myself with too many activities and organizations, because my studies may suffer because of it.


If I could go back to being a high school senior, the best advice I could give myself is simply to relax and be myself. I was so caught up in trying to "fit in" that I was never able to really enjoy my senior year. Between school, college searches, SAT's, boyfriends, sports, and my job, I was under a lot of stress. Unfortunately, the worst stress came from trying to "fit in". If I hadn't worried about what others thought of me, I would have enjoyed my senior year so much more. Most importantly, I would have been able to concentrate more on my homework assignments and grades. My advice to myself as a high school senior, be yourself and focus on your studies and college goals. It will make your senior year run smoothly and more enjoyable.


The year off between high school and college was both good and bad. It was good because it made you ambitious about going back to school and you found your calling. But beware of the transition of going back to school. The first term was the toughest. Having to study and do homework after a year was hard. But let me tell you, study and get good grades and it will all be worth it. You'll be studying something you've always been interested. It may get hard sometimes but when it does, ask for help. There are services out there to help you succeed. There's tutoring and writing centers. You're academic advisor is also a big help. Don't feel like asking for help makes you dumb because really it makes you smarter. Never ever give up, you'll get through the tough times and then after that it's a breeze. Just remember to take thorough notes and read your books!


In order to excel in the college environment, it is of the utmost importance that an individual places an emphasis on making strong connections with friends and family. Theses connections will give the student support throughout the multiple trials and stresses leading up to the first day of college. Students who have such connections, even if they aren't the most studious individual, will find that they have the strength and confidence to explore their interests and aptitude more fully than an individual whose social connections are suffering. The college experience is all about opportunity and the will to seize the opportunities presented. If one hyperfocuses on any one area, they may miss out on other activities and interests that would have greatly satisfied them. Grades and work ethic are important, but it is social connection and support that ultimately motivates a student to excel in the college environment.


Drexel University has so far been very valuable in teaching me life skills relating to my career. Many of the professors and staff teach from a realistic perspective, preparing students for either success or failure they may potentially face in their futures. One of the most beneficial things that Drexel has done for me is require that I complete a co-op, an experience where you work for six months in a job that relates to your major. I gained essential skills that I will need in the work place in the future, and also learned how to further guide my future career by interacting with professionals that have "been there, done that." While sometimes classes are difficult, competitive, and cut-throat, they have only greatly prepared me for the reality I face once I graduate. Life isn't always easy!


Most importantly, I've gained a valuable focus and the confidence to pursue it longterm. I was involved in sports, the arts and theatre, and extra-curricular outlets through high-school and into college. I spent two years in art education, earned my Associate's degree in Marketing for Fashion and am finishing a BA at Drexel University for fashion design. At one point, I would've thought it a tiring trail, but each has saturated the ladder year with better work and understanding of value in collaboration of learned knowledge and of people. Specific professors have helped me narrow my strengths to design and broaden the use of those skills to communicate through different mediums of industry. My family has lent support that's made it impossible for me to underestimate the impact people have a person's success.


I have come to know myself and what I want to do more than anything I had done in high school. Living in dorms opens your eyes to people just like you, who have similar work ethics and simliar career goals. Drexel is different from other schools because of the co-op program that is built in with your classes. Knowing that I will be working in the field I want to be in in about 6 months makes your career that much more real. Playtime is over and the real word is on your brink. I am a nursing major and being respsonible of taking care of patients makes me want to study harder and really work at being the best I can beause in a few months I will be responsible for what happens to them and thus cannot make mistakes if I do it means serious consequences. Further, I am from the suburbs of CT and living in the city of Philadephia has opened my eyes to how fast paced the world is and how interconnected we all are in terms of jobs. Lastly, I am paying for my education myself, making it all the more valuable.


I have received confidence, growth, knowledge, and maturity from my college experience. I have been accepted into Drexel and that has given me so much confidence in my ability to succeed in my career. Now I am in college and joggling school, a job and home life. This new routine in my life has allow my to grow into the responsible adult that I want to be. My major is Computing Technology and Security and I have already learned a great deal in my first semester attending Drexel. The instructors that I have had in my first semester has been great in teaching and being able to relate with the students so that we understand what we are learning and what we are doing with computers. The knowledge that I have obtain in my first semester has prove to be true why I Drexel is one of best colleges for computing technology. My college experience has helped me reach a new level of maturity that I did not even know I needed. College has been valuable to attend because it has given my more than an education. It is preparing me for my future and success.


I have learned so much since being a student at Drexel. I changed my major at the end of my freshman year and I am so excited that I found something that suits me so perfectly. All of my professors are very knowledgable and are always willing to help out and give tips. I am very excited about my future co-op opportunities as well. I enjoy almost all of my assignments and have really surprised myself by what I am capable of doing. Drexel has been the best thing that has happened to me, and I am so excited for my future after college.


I've gotten a lot out of my college experience. I've learned how to live on my own and do things for myself. I've learned how to balance school, work, and a social life. Drexel as also been valuable because they give you many of the skills you need to get a job upon graduation. Drexel students already have a resume, interview skills, and work experience upon graduation, which helps give us a competitive edge over students from other schools. I've also learned to enjoy the time I have in college because it's over very quickly. It's also been valuable to attend Drexel because it's allowed me to experience the city life that I probably wouldn't have experienced if I had gone somewhere else.


College experience varies as individuals and colleges differ throughout the country; college experience thus depends on the individual and the college they attend. My college experience has been a great one so far. I have learned a lot about myself through socializing with other students and dedicated teachers. Insights on my views, expectations and goals have improved by attending college because it led me to self exploration and evaluation. It has been valuable to attend college because now I know which path I am taking to accomplish my goals. Learning about various topics, including discrimination, child and elderly abuse and education, have broadened my views and ideas on them, which has made me into a cultivated student and a human being. Attending college has heightened my awareness of the beneficial aspects of it because I have learned that without college I would have relatively low knowledge on subjects that are important to me and my community. Graduating college is one of my greatest goals in life because I want to become an educator who teaches her students the value of learning in school and especially in college.


So far I have learned how to cope with proffesors that I do not always agree with. I have learned to self manage my time a lot better and to motivate myself to do work. I absolutely love Drexel it is a great experience. I cannot wait for my co-op which will give me real work experience that will be great on my resume.


I am currently enrolled at Salt Lake Community College. I have completed seven credit hours. I really only took the two classes I took to take some time to decide exactly what I wanted to major in. I have decided I want to be a Registered Nurse and eventually I would like to become a CNM. The waiting list for the nursing program at SLCC is long, not to mention the year of prerequisites I have to take before I apply. So I have looked at some other schools I have found the one I would like to attend which is why I am applying for scholarships. I have gotten a feel for college. I think the college courses I have taken were a warm up for me and now I am ready to take the next step and get started in my major.


Drexel has gave me the basic knowledge that I needed in order to be competent with my work. It has given me experience through their co-op program and it had ensured that my success in their program also meant that I would be able to pass my licensure exam. Although the school is very business based, meaning more marketing schemes where regarded higher than actual learning didactics, I've learn to be even more reliant on myself. I learned to grow up, and be accountable. Everything was laid out in their syllabus, and it was up to the individual to teach themseleves, do the work and not expect for the material to be spoon fed to you. Information wise, Drexel is a great place that drills that information in you and would rather let you fail than to have someone fail the boards. Hence the 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} pass rate for the NCLEX, the drop rate is 33{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} in the nursing program that is.


Attending Drexel University has given me a new outlook on the college experience. I believe that this new view based on work ethic and concentration on what I need to do will definitly help me in the future.


My college experience was a great success in my achievement as an optician graduated. Despites the economic world today without finding me a career job Im still proud of myself for my accomplishment. Meeting all of my colleague and studying hard together and going through tough obstacle through graduation date was fun and motivated. Out of all the advice from my teacher the most important advice was "god is going to make you be on the same mistake until you learn how to overcomes it". I myself would love to challenge the reality of working in my field of study. With all the up and down in college I learn how to overcomes it and work hard on my way to finished college as my most important advice .


I have just finished my first trimester of classes. From the moment I moved into my dorm, I met a group of people that are as focused on their studies as I am. They are down to earth and accept me for who I am. I was concerned that I would be pressured into drinking and partying, things I have never done and have no interest in. This group shares my disdain for that kind of fun, and I have found true friendship here. The new independence that I am learning is bolstering my self-esteem. I miss my family and enjoy being with them, but I no longer need to depend on them for everything. Along with my faith community, they taught me right from wrong, and I now use that knowledge to make my own decisions. Academically, I have enjoyed the hands-on nature of the classes at Drexel. While most of my friends at other colleges are immersed in core curriculum, I am immersed in my television production major. While they have been fulfilling math and english requirements, I have been storyboarding, filming, recording sounds and studying how artists use light. The Drexel experience is surprisingly fulfilling.


I have gotten a general understanding of how the gaming industry works and have decided that i would like to be able to further my education to make my skills more marketable. I have also discovered that the gaming industry is the perfect industry for me as it is a program of study that seems less like work and more like fun or a hobby. I have also learned that utilizing an online degree program is the best option for me since I work full-time. That enables me to be able to attend class when it is convenient for me and still be successful. I have also been able to network with possible industry contacts that could help me to break into the industry. That in and of itself is an invaluable experience that I can take with me and use when I finally graduate.


I will begin my college experience in January 2011, but I believe that what I'm about to start will be life-changing. I plan on giving my "all" while in school, and I will not fail. While attending classes, I will also be working as a store mananger and volunteering for a non-profit organization that goes into juvenile prisons. My goal in life is to reach as many people as I possibly can. With God's help, I will.


I have had great experiences with my instructors. They have a willingness to help students who have troubles with certain areas in the class. My confidence has also grown each quarter and I feel more independent. The classmate relationships are a great help because when you need help and the instructor is not available you can always ask a classmate.


Thus far, I have experienced the essence of hard work and dedication. Drexel will let you know (in a heartbeat) that their coursework is intense. Before I came to this school, I had a terrible habit of completing my work at the last minute. Nevertheless, this institution has made me realize that work comes first, and parties come much later. Moreover, Drexel has taught me the importance of "getting involved" with campus activities, and breaking out of my comfort zone. I participate in a religious organization that is entitled, Campus Crusade for Christ; it is amazing! I love sharing the gospel to other members on campus and inviting to the events that have. Furthermore, Drexel has molded me into an economical individual. For example, instead of spending money like crazy after receiving my paycheck, I save it for a rainy day (i.e. phone bills, medicine, etc.)


So far, I've made friends with people who I never would hh ave met had I chosen a different university. I love my classes, and all the professors are fantasticl. I'm proud to be a Drexel Dragon!


My college experience so far has taught me to be independent. I am glad that I choose to live on campus. I enjoy being near the city of Philadelphia. It has so much to offer in history, culture, diversity and night life. I choose to go to Drexel because of the co-op program. Hopefully I will be starting my co-op experience in the spring. I felt that this would be a great advantage to get job experience in the field of journalisim since the job market is very competitive today. I have made some great friends that I hope will be part of my life for years to come. I like being responsible for myself and living on campus has taught me that. Luckily when I feel homesick I can hop on Amtrak and go home and visit with my family.


Not only have I gotten an education from my college experience, but i've learned more about myself in the process. Who I am, who I want to be and what my interests and real passions are.


I have learned valuable life lessons that I believe will be vital to success in the future. I have learned how to adapt to new situations effortlessly. I have also learned how to best manage my time and prioritize. I have learned how to be more outgoing, and confident in my own skin. I have learned how to be self sufficient and provide completely for myself, as well as how to take responsibility and repurcussions for my mistakes. I believe all of the above lessons learned will help me greatly to be successful in the future when I am out on my own in the real world. I also believe I will be able to pass these lessons on to my younger siblings and children to positively impact their life as well.


The most valuable experience that I received from attending Drexel University is the education. Like I have been saying, the education is the latest and most updated because the teachers exactly work in the fields that the students are studying and not teachers that were working in the field. They are hands on and will help the students as much as they can to get the students to understand and retain the knowledge, so that they can move to the next level and broaden their minds to explore options that only the students minds can to go. Education is very valuable to me and Drexel University is given the attention that I need, especially that fact that the teachers allow you to contact them outside of class through email, phone calls, and invitations to their offices to seek the help that I need. Drexel University is the best.


While attending college I have experienced many things. You learn valuable lessons while obtaining a terrific education that will allow you to live the life you want and have the things you desire. You meet new people and learn how different each of your lives may be, culturally and yet are still able to relate to one another. You make life long friends who become your college family and experience life on your own. College is a valuable part in anyone's life because it helps mold and transforms you into the person you've set out to be. You fullfill lifelong goals and make a better living for not only yourself but whoever else may join you as a family. On top of everything, it genuinely makes you, you.