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What should every freshman at Evangel University know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior, I would give myself the advice of making a schedule that allows for plenty of study time. I was a homeschooled highschooler and much of my time was spent unscheduled and playing the piano or singing. One of the hardest transitions I had to face upon arriving on campus was scheduling my time so that it allowed for studying. I was noticing during the first three weeks of being on campus my grades were slowly dropping, and I was slowly beginning to not study. After brainstorming my problem of nearly failing classes, I discovered several outcomes. One that seemed to work the best for me was to by a calender that I have hung on my wall, a planner I carry with me, and a stopwatch. I know schedule out how long I need to spend on a subject, and I now choose to study instead of always hanging out with my friends. I would like to tell my highschool self to make a schedule that allows time for studying, because I believe if it was already a habit my transition would have been easier.


Listen to your parents. You may not think that they know anything right now, but they have most of the beneficial information. When you get out of high school, jumping into a two year school is something to be highly considered. You are already in the mindset of learning, that will not get easier with time. It will cost you both time and money. Those may not be important to you right now, the future should always be considered. You can attend a community college for less money, and even take part time classes while you work along side of that. You always need a back up, you need plan b. The last thing that you want to do is find yourself stuck in a dead end job for the rest of your eternity. You need challange and to be able to fine tune your craft, be sure to keep those things state of the art. Knowing you, if you don't you will never truely be happy.


honestly i would just tell myself to culm down. when i was in high school i thought i was going to be lost in college. i thought i would be lost without all the peolple i new, in a new bilding, with a new atmostphere, but i was not. the transition from high school to college was not a transition at all. it was like any other thing i have ever done. knowing all this know whould have helped my past self from worthless worry.


Enjoy every moment of this time. Life gets harder from here on out- so let yourself enjoy these times. At the same time study hard and keep doing your work. Getting a good grade is so much more fufilling then you can understand. Advenutre out a little bit, take every oppurtunity for adventure. (Live in the moment, don't just take pictures of it!) It all seems chessey to say, but this is really how life should be. Appreciate everything you can. Life throws a lot at you, but nothing more then you can handle!


Lets be clear, since you already know the direction you want to head in, do not doubt yourself. Your career path is a road less traveled but it is your passion and dream. Your direction is set and clear, there are many ways to get there but your dreams are tangible. They are not abstract or impractical. If you want to do something you love doing, do not let anyone stop you. Confidence is key, even if you do not know where you are going. This University you are headed into will equip you with knowledge and integrity. Dreams require sacrifice, hardwork, and faith. Sacrifice in your time and energy, hardwork inside and outside of school, and faith in yourself that you can do this and in the end you will have no regrets. Keep your life simple and focused. Give college your all because it is only four years of the seventy plus years you will live. College life is going to be amazing if you allow yourself to enjoy it.


In all honesty, I hated all of high school. Even though I hated high school, I wouldn't change anything about my senior year because without it I wouldn't appreciate my college experience as much. I never have enjoyed school as much as I do at Evangel University. The advice I would give myself for my senior year would simply be, "hang in there and don't worry about the next step."


I would advice myself to have more confidence. I was very insecure when I was younger and constantly felt as if I didn't measure up socially, professionally and physically. I felt as though I would never succeed in anything in life and was constantly worried that I wouldn't succeed in life. Looking back on it now, I realize that life cannot be measured in years, but only on a day to day basis and sometimes only in minutes. Worrying and stressing about years down the road will only empty today of it's strength. The key is just to take things one moment at a time and realize that everything falls into place. The things in life that work out are meant to be and those that dont you will always learn to live without. I would tell myself to relax, live each day as if it were my last and know that amazing thing are bound to happen in my future.


Transitioning from high school to college is hard because you no longer have someone telling you what to do. College is not about going to parties all the time but it is about finding out who you are and learning how to be responsible. The best advice is to never procrastinate because when you get projects and studying done early your grades will improve from it. Learn how to manage your social life and your studies because college is too expensive to be messing around and ending up with low grades that are going to be meaningless. You need to go to your classes all of the time and actually pay attention. Take good and eligible notes that you can study from and use when you need to. The most important advice I can give to you is to be yourself, don't give in to peer pressure and don't let anyone change who you are. You know that you were always about getting good grades and putting education first. Don't let anyone or anything change that. You got this, you can succeed and I know that you will become the person that you always wanted to be.


I would advise myself to go to Colorado State University instead. Evangel is not what I thought it would be and I wish I had known that earlier.


If I could go back and talk to my high school me the advice I would give is that everyone is going through the same thing as freshmen. Am I going to get along with my roommate? Will I make any friends? Will I pass my classes? Will I LIKE my classes? Will the professors be tough? Will I like it here? Is this REALLY the right school for me? Whatever the answer is to any of those questions it doesn't matter. You're there. Be you. Go out for the intermural sports. Join clubs. Volunteer every opportunity you get. Talk to strangers. Make friends. Be a better you. There are tons of people, don't make time for those who don't treat you well or make you feel less than you are. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask. Don't be afraid to try something new. Chances are you'll make new friends and have memories that last a life time. Make the best of your situation but don't take anything for granted. You are you and no one can take that away from you so embrace it and love yourself.