Evangel University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My college experience has been very valuable to me for many reasons. Evangel University's staff is made up of many caring professors that desire you to succeed in your chosen career as well as in life in general. The professors make an effort to learn your name and care about your well-being and wish you to accell in their class; I am not just a number at my school. This is very beneficial and valuable because it makes it easier to talk to your professors when a question arises concerning their course or when you need guidance in a particular area of your life. They will be there for you and do whatever they can to help you. The classes that I have attended have been very positive experiences. My classes and professors have all pushed me to accell in my field of study. The classes have provided me with a wealth of knowledge that I am sure will benefit me greatly now as well as when I graduate and am ready to become a professional in my workplace.


It amazes me how much I have gotten out of attending Evangel University and I have only been here for about five months. One thing that I have gotten out of this school are fantastic classes and professors. The classes that I have taken and am currently taking are paving the way to strengthen my education and lead me to fulfilling my career goals and dreams. The professors work so hard to make the classes meaningful, useful, and productive for our education. They do a great job at this. Another thing that I have gotten out of this experience is wonderful friends. I have become so close with the people here on campus. They are encouraging and very kind. Having good friends is valuable to me because I want to make friendships that are going to last past my college years. I have become friends with people that constantly lift me up and help me follow my dreams. Another very important thing that I have gotten out of this experience is maturity. I have learned how to make wiser decisions on my own. I consider this valuable because it is helping me become the adult I want to be.


What I have recieved so far out of my college experience, is that it is everything I thought it would be. I always heard of the parties and how hard it is, and you will not have anytime for fun. My experience is a little different than that. What I have experienced is everyone is trying to decide what they want to do in life. The classes are hard and requires more work, but that is what college is all about. Its to help us learn more and gain more knowledge and be educated. I have gained many relationships so far and college is fun. You can be in college as long as you want, but to enjoy it while it last is they key. Gain the most knowledge we can to better ourselves for the future. College has been a blessing to me, because it is keeping me away from the things I would probably get cought up in. College is very important to me, because I would love to get a great job after and retain the knowledge that i had learned to pass on to others.


I have really enjoyed my time at Evangel and I have learned how to manage my time in school with football training, social life, and school work. I have also learned a lot about money management and being on my own. I have also learned that making extra time to study and going to bed early is very essential in being prepared for my classes. It has been very valuable to attend Evangel University because it has helped me find some of the best friends that I will ever have and get a great education at a Christian based school. I am very privileged to be attending this University.


I have learned the importance of self-discipline and the necessity for achieving what I am capable of. Whether it be in relationships, friendships, in the classroom, at work, or studying, doing what needs to be done on time and in the best way possible defines the success of an individual in college. It has been valuable to attend college because I have been challenged mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, growth in which has made me a stronger and more able individual to help others.


I have absolutley enjoyed my college experience so far. I have made incredible friends that I will have for a long time. I love having the Christian atmosphere because others understand where I am coming from and some of the struggles that I have dealt with. Also I enjoy the small class sizes that enable the students to get to know the professors. The professors are always willing to help and make themselves available. the education that Evangel University provides will help me find a good job because I will be knowledgeable of my area of stucy. The professors also include faith integration into their teaching. They have helped me learn how I should integrate my faith into my future career. I have learned so much while obtaining an education at Evangel. One of the most improtant things I have learned is who I am as a person. Evangel University has challenged me to figure out what I beliive and why I believe it. I would not trade this experience for anything.


Being a member of the Evangel family was a hard concept to grasp when first arriving at Evangel, but as the week’s past I soon discovered this statement was true. With my second semester underway, I am loving my college experience. Unlike other schools, Evangel's Professors truly care about their students and strive to provide them with the best. The campus life is wonderful, and I have made friends whose values and beliefs are similar to mine. Most importantly, I feel as if I am not only a part of a school, but a part of a community that attends school for one specific purpose...to be educated in their future vocations while growing into a deeper relationship with God. Each year a multitude of college students drop out of due to class attendance and it makes me wonder why they don’t value attending. In high school, some classes prepared us for college while others were easy A’s. In college, the classes we take prepare us for our future and teach us how we can impact the world around us. This experience is valuable as it helps us spread our wings and take flight.


The most significant experience that I have had in my first of college would be learning to manage my time. Not only do I become overwhelmed with the amount of work my classes require, but I face the temptation to procrastinate. There is also quite a bit of free time when I do not have a lot of work on my hands. I have really learned the importance of setting aside certain time for studying, socializing and the other things that demand time. Being on my own and left with more responsibility as an adult, I have also taken on a job which requires much more time than I was expecting! The positive side of this is that I feel acomplished and more prepared now that I have learned the significance of good time management. College has always been a blessing for me due to the finances and more challenging education. It has been incredibly valuable to attend for both educational purposes as well as skills such as communication and leadership. My college experience is most definitely impacting my future plans in a positive way.


I have learned so much from being at college. I have learned how to work hard to gain an education so that I can be the best teacher that I can be. I have also learned how to accept and love other as we live in a dorm all together. I have learned how to be successful with finanaces on my own. I have learned that it takes time and work to accomplish our dreams. I have also learned that I can be independent and be my own person.


There are many students that come to college for there career and career only. The college experience is not just about succeeding academically but also socially. Coming into college I did not really know what to expect, or what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I have only been in college for one semester, but this semester has challenged me and made me grow as a person. Evangel University has challenged me in a way of trying to know what God and I want to do with my life. With the great professors and classes I have found what i am good at and this has shown me what I would enjoy for my career. My college experience has helped me grow as an individual. Moving out of my house and really learning who I am is very important as a young adult. It has been valuable to attend because it prepares you for the real world academically and socially. You learn so much from college that you should attend to be the best you can be.


I have been a college student for one semester and I have already learned so much. I have learned how to cope in stressful situation, I have learned how to be independent being far away from home, I have learned what hard work is, and I have learned how to better my time. College is an extremely growing experience for an individual. I have learned a large amount of life lessons and also a lot in my studies. It is difficult to be away from everything you used to know so you have to learn how to be independent and you learn more about yourself. The most valuable thing that I have learned is to take one day at a time. This is the only thing you can do; I cannot stress out about my future and school work because that will not help anything. All I can do is everyday do the best I can and strive to become a better person and student. Becoming stressed just ways you down and makes everything more difficult. In tough times I have learned to take a deep breath and do the best I can do.


Since I have entered college I have grown up more. I am more mature and I am more aware of what is happening in the world around me. Without the experiences that I have gone through, I would not be able to be the bright young woman in search of a career in a man's world, that I am today. My future experiences should help me to become a bright young woman who is passionate about God, my education, helping others, and being a part of society. Without my education I would not be able to have met the lifelong friends I have now. Evangel University has made me excited for what the future holds for me.


I have always loved learning and growing. My time at Evangel has been a growing experience. The University has equipped me with knowledge that I will never forget. I know who I am and what I stand for. Evangel has tested my beliefs and made them all the more stronger. The learning atmosphere is very safe and makes it easy to ask questions without feeling stupid. I feel like everyone truly cares about my personal acedemic growth and spiritual growth. The students all want to learn and are very interested in what is being taught. I love being in an environment where everyone is so nice and acedemically minded.


What I have gotten out of my college experience are the friendships and connections I have made with people while being here. I am very close friends with the girls on my dorm floor. The professors are always wanting to be friends with the students and get their imput about their studies and how the semester is going for them. There is a strong bond here, with both the students and the professors. The amount of students here is fairly small, so there are more opportunities to know everyone on the campus. Its not the type of college where there are so many people that you do not know half the students passing you by on the sidewalk. There is a strong tight-knit group of people at this college. We are all very close and we all care about everyone else. For me, the friendships here have been profoundly valuable to me.


What I have gotten out of my college experience thus far is perspective. I've learned how small I really am in this big world. I've learned how easy it is to get distracted, and what it takes to apply myself in life. It has been a challenge. Living away from my family has not been too difficult, but disciplining myself instead of relying on them to keep me focused has been tough. I've also learned a thing or two about faith and reliance upon God--not just for my financial situation, but for peace in the midst of the storm--literally. I've taken a step of faith by attending a college in tornado alley, as I'm lilapsophobic. I never had to deal with this fear of tornadoes while I was growing up in the mountains, but now it's something I have to face every time a storm rolls through. THAT has proved to be the toughest part of living so far from home. Yet I'm prepared to face and overcome the challenge. And there are people here who are more than willing to help me toward that end.


While attending college, I have grown exponentially as a person and as a Christian. The ability to think on my own and make my own decisions have enabled me to mature individually, socially, and academically. I have also learned how to step up and take resposibilities for my academic work. I have been encouraged to seek after the things that I want most out of life while attending Evangel. I have especially appreciated the willingness of the proffessors at Evangel to meet with me personally and help me out in my academics. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship. Wacey Rivale


In my experience at Evangel I have learned how to increase my self motivation and discipline when it comes to getting things done. College has also taught me the importance of responsibilty and consistancy with the effort that I put forth. Another thing that I have learned here at Evangel is the importance of networking. A lot of times when it comes down to who gets that job or that opportunity it is your connections that can give you the upper hand.


After attending my college I have grown into a mature and responsible adult. I believe that if I had not attended college after high school , it would have taken longer for me to realize that I must work hard for things I want in life. I was just accepted into the dental hygiene program at Mohave Community College. I have worked hard to get to where I am today and it has not been easy. Once a year eighteen students are accepted in the dental hygiene program from all over the United States. Fortunately, I was accepted into the program the first time I applied. It has been valuable to attend college because it has given me so many life lessons that I will carry with me through out my lifetime. It has given me the privilege of being an educated person for which that has given me a higher self esteem. There are few things in life that can never be taken away from someone; one of those things is an education. That is why I believe attending college is so valuable.


My college experience was invaluable to my life-long success. The professors and staff presented me with a plethora of opportunities that helped me discover the areas in which I excel and my unique strengths. Coming to college, I did not have a good understanding of my natural abilities or what I wanted to study. Through the residential life staff and professors, I found an area about which I realized I was inherently passionate, Social Work. Through the Social Work Program at Evangel, my eyes were opened to all the areas in which I could serve people, and the education thoroughly prepared me for real-life professional work. The professors developed mentoring relationships with me and have continually helped me succeed. In addition to the excellent education and level of self-awareness I achieved, I was connected with friendships that will last a life-time. These friendships will not only provide continual strength and camaraderie, but they will assist me in the future as I have connections with successful Evangel Alumni across the nation and world. The opportunities to develop my personal strengths, academic abilities, and social network will help me to be successful in my life pursuits.


I believe that through education, we not only learn about the world around us, but we discover who we are as individuals. My education at Evangel University has played a huge role in shaping myself and my character. I have learned the importance of living a life that reaches outside of my own needs and to the needs and concerns of the people around me. I have learned that a life which truly changes this world is not one that merely collects or gains material securities, but one that reaches out and gives, whether it be through the sharing of kindness, possessions, intellect, or opportunities. My education through Evangel University has instilled in me the importance of living for others and outside of myself, and I can no longer be satisfied with a life that gratifies my needs but leaves no lasting impression on the community and people around me. At the heart of education is the pursuit of truth, and there are few truths more precious to our understanding than the value of the people around us and the opportunities we have to bless their lives, the doing of which transforms our own.


August,23,2010 was my first year in college, and i have learned that in order to succed in life i have to be responsible and i also have to encourage my self to do what my teachers,parents and i are expecting from me to be succesful .my parents are not here to lead me by the hand anymore. it is very important and valuable to attent to collage, because i want the future that my parents had to work all this years for me. it is also important because i'm giving my sibilings an example of continued with their education because at the end that is for what our parents work for all this years ,and if we want to know what is life college is the perfect example for life buying expensive books,living alone, supporting ours selfs and the most important planning our future. college give us all this expirience of life.


Well i have just enrolled into Bluegrass Community College and the college experience even at a small school like this is so much different than that of high school. The learning is more understanding and higher level which makes you have to take an effort to learn and understand the subject. The huge variety of students from all different countrys also add on to the experience from when you talk to them and found out all about how they came to be in the United States and why they came here to study. It has been most valuable to attend because I know that with college i'm setting a goal and getting somewhere in life.


My college experience has allowed me to peek on the inside of my being and to catch a glimpse of the person I am to become. Suddenly I am a person who is aware of the opportunities outside of the small town I grew up in. The boundaries are now few and the world is truly mine for the taking. I have met people from all walks of life and I value the wisdom they have shared with me about their culture, beliefs, and way of life. I have a new appreciation for people and what they can teach us. I am challenged to become a person who thinks "outside the box" and even better, one who "thinks" on his/her own. My ideas, thoughts and beliefs are not looked down upon, but encouraged. The college experience is not only valuable in preparing people for successful careers, it is also valuable in teaching us the importance of being people who give back to society. Whether it be volunteering, teaching, or simply caring about our neighbor, college is equipping me with the tools necessary to become a better person.


Even though I have only been attending Evangel for a few months I feel like I have grown emotionally and spiritually. I am generally a very shy and reserved person but Evangel has changed me. I am now in a leadership role and am excited to see what will come of this opportunity. The friendships I have made over this short period of time are going to last my life time. They have helped me through stressful times and have laughed with me through fun times. Evangel University has been such a blessing in my life because it is giving me the opportunity to learn about my career and prepare me for the life I will have to face after I graduate.


I learned alot about myself, both in terms of my future profession and as a human being.


My college started out as a certificate program in business with a Microsoft certification. After years of waiting, they recieved the opertunity to offer an Associate of Applied Science degree. With these two programs combined, I will recieve a business certificate, Microsoft Certification, a Associates Degree and, an externship. Which, depending on how I preform at my extern-site, might turn into a perminate job placement. I hope that this is the case for me so I can have finacial security in my life and for my child. I want to work towards my Bachelors degree after I have completed my Associates degree but, not untill I have a good job. I have classmates that are on there way to a career from there extern-sites and I hope that is the case for me so I have the financial stabiltity to further my education. The value of a good education and the prospect of a great career is worth the hardships I have faced and even with all that going on. I want to provide my son with a great role model and fill his dreams about the value of college, and what it can do for him.


This school embodies everything that I believe in. It has shaped, molded, refined, and is continuing in making me the man that I am going to be. The teaching is phenomenal, the professors are high-quality, the people there are so welcoming and this has become my home away from home. Coming here has taught me a lot about myself and a lot about my life. It's putting me on track for the rest of my life.


I have learned the importance of thinking for yourself. All my life I was told what to think, where to go, and what to do with my life. Coming to Evangle has broaden my veiws, enhanced my perspective on life, and challenged me to think for myself. I get to decided what I want and I can be in charge of my future. I now know how to learn from others but also form my own thoughts and opinions. It is valuable because it has helped me become my own person and really begin to define what I want out of life. I can easily say that coming to Evangel has challenged me and taught me more about myself, others, and my future career than I would have ever expected.


My college experience has taught me to expand my horizons, to view people in a new light, and to grow in every way I can. Going to Evangel will now only shape and mold me mentally but also spiritually, socially, and physically. I’m excited and prepared to grow into the woman I have always wanted to be.


The most appropriate motivation to undergo a college experience, particularly in an economic climate as dire as the current one, is to determine the most appropriate career for the attendant during the delicately formative years of young adulthood. When I was approaching my high school graduation, I felt very confused about my options. Though I had several wide interests, none of them felt particularly significant enough to start an entirely successful career after the pageantry of graduation was finally settled. Despite a lifelong skepticism towards college, I decided to enroll myself into community college and get a feel for the experience and see what benefits I could reap. Two rapid years later, on the threshold of entering a full university, I found myself with, if not a concrete plan, at least far more of an idea of what to pursue now than I did as a high school student. College was where I finally found myself within the mutual respect of adulthood, including professors that were extremely thought provoking and a newfound personal maturity. During this time, I have become a far more critical thinker and far more diligent in my creativity. I have gained motivation that was previously absent.


I've really enjoyed my college experience so far. I decided to finish my education in order to provide a better life for my family and myself. I am married and have three small children, and I want to offer them the best life I possibly can. I want to set a good example for my children, and I think me working hard to finish my education is a great example for them to follow. Neither of my parents attended college, and in my community, college was not viewed as a "have to do" thing. I would like to instill good work ethics in my children and teach them that getting their education is very important. I've had the same dead end job for 10 years, and I dont' want my children to think that settling for any job is okay. I want to be happy in my work, and I feel the only way this will be possible is to better myself, by getting my education, for a better job.


I made long lasting relationships with amazing people. My life has completely changed for the better. Thanks to Evangel my faith is stronger and my career goals are abtainable. I couldn't have gotten to where I am today with out the help and guidance from Evangel friends and faculty.


So far, in my college experience, I have only attended Evangel University to take a tour of the campus and meet up with some students already attending Evangel, yet because of my experience, I feel like I am already a part of the Evangel family. When taking a tour of the campus, our student guide had been very helpful in answering our questions and added an extra "umph" to the tour because she told us all about her Evangel experience as a student. It took my interests into a whole new universe. I fell absolutely in love with Evangel. I also stayed overnight in a dormitory with one of the students, and I not only met new Evangel students, but also I learned how much more I could get out of college other than just an education. I could get the whole experience of new friends from different states and countries, and I could experience the ministry in a whole new spotlight because of the college mission trips that Evangel offers. Now, with Evangel on my life plan, I know that my life journey will be spiritually enriching and joyful. '


At first, college was something that I wasn't doing for me. This was something that I was doing for my parents. Even though I am married and moved away, I still want them to be impressed with my life. One day, I saw a video of a musician on YouTube. He was a boy in the sixth grade and he was spectacular. When I saw him, I thought "I love playing music. I can mar in music at my college and further my talents. This way I can be sure that music will be part of my future." That was when I decided to make my dream my reality. Now I cannot wait for my next semester full of music classes, and I am very excited to be growing in that which I love. I have dreams, but they are not foolish. I am shooting for the stars and I am very determined to reach my goals. I never thought that something that could help me do thatwould be a college education, but that is how it is looking for me. I have never been so excited to get back to school.


I see it as a way to achieve a lifelong goal. A stepping stone, momentum, the ability to grow, develop, and create contacts and relationships to last a lifetime. One should always be learning through life, and college is a opportunity for one to learn in depth, hopefully guide towards the next learning step.


I can't wait to go to college!


I spent most of my senior year immersed in applying for colleges and scholarships while trying to end my high school activities on a high note. If I could go back and talk to myself during that time, I would savor what time I had left there, but start preparing for a radical transition. I would have made sure to investigate the extracurricular activies available in the colleges I was considering. The university I ended up at doesn't really have the activities I'm interested in. Mainly I would advise myself to consider things other than academics and finances. I spent to much time just trying to get everything in on time; I wish I would have taken more time to stop and think.


The advice I would give to myself would be not to sit around and think that things are going to just happen, you have to go out and really get it yourself. You don't want to think that you are going to get all these 'things' and then when you go to get it, it's not going to be there. I would also say not to wait at the last minute to do something. Really time out what your going to do and how your going to do your work and not wait until the night before to start it. But my most important piece of advice would be to just have fun. Don't worry about whats going to happen just do it.


If I could go back to High School and redo my college decision I would. I would tell myself to take the process more seriously. As a college junior that has now walked through the doors of four universities, I understand the importance of college visits, talking with guidance counselors, or even interacting with other students who have attended the university. It is important to find that university that feels like home; it is important to find that family like atmosphere. I truly feel this is huge key to a successful college career. As an athlete I was offered the opportunity to attend a number of colleges, and instead of making an informed decision I went where I was offered the best scholarship. It was a time in my life where I questioned a lot of my life?s decisions because that college was not the best fit for me. Quickly moving home and trying to find the path to discover myself again, I ran across Evangel University. This college offered me a scholarship out of high school and I passed it up, but if I would have listened, God knew this college was my fit in the first place.


Looking back on my senior year, I would tell myself to push harder than I had. I was satisfied with my good grades of "B+", but the future is always easier if we take advantage of every opportunity we are given in the moment. I would tell myself to not cut myself short when studying for tests and doing projects. Pushing me beyond my comfort zone of studying is what I would tell myself as a senior in high school. With is being senior year, everyone has that case of ?senioritis? and does not want to do school work at times, and I admit that it got to me on several occasions. On tests, instead of getting an "A", I got a "B" because I did not study as much as I needed to get an "A". Now that I am in college, I?m not making that mistake. I?m taking advantage of every bonus point and grade and pushing myself to study as much as I need to in order to become an all "A" student when I graduate college.


I would tell myself to take advantage of the harder classes offered and make due with what is available at my high school. I would tell my self to study as hard as I possibly can to get a high score on my ACT. I would also tell myself to have fund raisers and raise money so that I can have money for books and things as well as money down on my tuition. I would tell myself to be more outgoing when approaching college life and to embrace it with open arms because its the pathway to another chapter my life.


I would tell myself to get involved in anything and everything! Of course spend time on studies and academics but you always need a little fun time, it helps alot! Just be nice to everyone and be open to being anyones friend, because most likely one day you might need something from that person or they might have a class with you. College is a huge eye opener to the real world, but is a great experience also!


If I could go back I would tell myself to study and look for scholarships. I would make sure that I would take time on my homework and try to understand it, instead of trying to get it done and know it just for the test. Also, I would try to take more advance classes. I did take some in high school, but I would have pushed my self to keep going and try harder. I would make my senior year a harder year than trying to make it a "slack-off" year. I would put time and look up information about colleges and finanial information at the beginning of my senior year instead of waiting later in the year. One thing I would tell myself is that college is an investment, and I will try not to think of it as a debt.


When I was in High school. I didn't think that I would ever attend a university. I chose to not take the SAT's or the ACT's. That was a terrible choice. I did manage to make it into a university, however, SAT and ACT test scores are very important in desiphering what level of classes to take. I would have spent a little more time in learning how to write compostion pieces too. I have found out that there is a lot of writing invlolved in college classes. You need to be able to write fluently. College is also very expensive. I wish that I would have spent the time earning scholarships and figuring out how to pay for college at least a few years in advance. Now, I struggle with paying as my parents can not afford to assist me in college payments. Needless to say that I am trying to find a job, be a full time student and keep good grades as well as earn enough money to pay for school. It's tough, but stich with it, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.


I would tell myself to take advantage of the money I was making at the time and save, save, save!!! I was preparing to become management and was going to a community college; my costs were rather low and my income was around $1300/month and yet I had no savings when I transferred to the university. Money is one of the biggest issues I have faced, and with a little planning earlier on, it could have potentially been avoided.


I would tell myself that working hard for an A average for all four years of high school can be "lost" by going to a community college, having mediocre grades, and then transferring to a university. Had I gone from high school straight to a university, I would have had a better financial aid situation. However, during my year at community college, I also worked as a manager, fifty hours per week. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. With all that being said, I would tell myself that any course of action has different consequences, but that if I am following my calling, I will reach my final destination.


If I were to go back in time I would tell myself one thing: stay true to yourself! College is a time where you are finally off on your own, making important decisions in life that will one day affect your future. By remaining true to who you are, so many doors can open and opportunities arise that not only strengthen you as a person but also help in self-discovery; sand further your hopes and dreams. Think of college as a clean slate, no one knows who you are or your past, this is a time where you can decide who you want to be. Getting involved and meeting new people is just the tip of the iceberg, so go out there and be social! You will not want to look back one day and think "what if"...so hold nothing back. LIfe is an adventure, live it to the fullest. You may be shy, have doubts, or wonder what people will think about you but in all reality it doesn't matter. My greatest piece of advice would be to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the best 4 years of your life.


If I could go back into time I would definately change my commitment to my scholl work. Now I realize how important it is to have good grades to get into good programs. And everything you do in college goes towards the long-term.


The college life is quite different from school. I knew that I would be responsible for my own actions but I didn't know the extent that it would be completely up to me to get my work done. Also, the social aspect of college isn't something I was quite expecting, not fully realizing how close I would become with people in my classes and my residence hall. I have found my lifelong friends and love it. I would tell myself to prepare for studying many more hours than in hugh school and doing fewer worksheets, busy work is a thing of the past in college. I would also say, make sure you have some people skills, because there are so many people to meet, you won't remember every person, but they enrich your time away, support you in struggles and in the absence of family, and in general make life exciting.


Pray! Don't rely on yourself to make this huge decision. God has an incredible plan for your life and has an amazing college in mind for you. You wouldn't want to miss out on an amazing thing God has planned for you just because you made this huge decision on your own.