Florida State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I would have to say the worst thing about FSU is that there is limited parking for the amount of students attending the campus.


The worst thing about Florida State University is that is has a reputation for being a "party school". I am sure that this has clouded many people's minds when considering attending this school. It is important that parents and prospective students remember that not everyone that attends this univeristy is going to become a teenage alcohol. Yes, there is peer pressure to drink but if you can keep focused and be yourself, then you are able to "Just say NO" and are repected for it. In the long run, you will find many students that don't drink.


The worst thing about the school is the parking situation. If you get to school late it is extremely difficult to find a parking spot. I have been late to class many times because I was unable to find a place to park. Which is bad since I live off campus.


The worst thing about Florida State's social environment is the focus on alcohol consumption. While not all students drink, the majority of the campus chooses to base their social activities on drinking. However, in the school's favor, since being ranked as one of the top party schools in the country, Florida State has done a large amount of promoting activities that do not involve alcohol. Whether this will affect the typical behavior of the average student will be yet to be determined.


graduate students teaching the majority of my classes; or atleast half. sometimes the greek life was a little much, and they seemed to be very conforming.


The worst thing at Florida State University is that there is always so much activity going on that it is sometimes difficult to stay focused. Activities are constantly in effect on campus as well as the surrounding area, being that Florida State is in the heart of downtown Tallahassee. There are so many extra-curricular clubs and enjoyable things to do on campus, while off-campus there are clubs, theatres, and much more nearby that sometimes become distractions. The bottom line is that it is important to remember that academics are first, or a student loses sight of important goals.


there is not enough parking, and it is a hassle if you have a later class, because it can take an hour to find a parking spot!


Safety concerns lately. They are working on it though.


the hills on campus


The worst thing about my school are all the distractions.


The football team has been bad for the past three years.


class sizes are up there in numbers.


There are a lot of old, nasty apartment buildings on the edge of the campus, practically inside of it. This is the last thing I want to see when I'm strolling around campus. The campus is right in the middle of downtown Talahassee, FL, where traffic is HORRIBLE so don't even bring your car, and if you do, leave it parked!! You will never get to class!!


I think the influence of sororities and fraternities on campus has become overwhelming. I was not involved in either and still had a wonderful experience in college, however there are those that feel obligated to join. Also the alcohol consumption outside of the classroom and off campus is truly frightening. My neighbor in off campus housing had a keg party every night and I became an insomniac because of the noise levels! I would change the type of activities that are offered off campus to lower the alcohol consumption.




It is easier to become a number than be a name at this school. It is difficult to stand out among students because there are so many bright students.


The worst thing about my campus is the bus system. I live off campus without a car and rely on the bus to get me to class. The bus is rarely on time , confusing, and usually very overcrowded so if I could change anything at this school I would change the bus system.


The classes are to big and not enough parking


The parking. It seems there are more students driving to school than there are parking spots. However the university does offer a very efficient shuttle system.


There are too many TA's teaching classes at this university. Some are pretty good, but there is a shocking amount of meiocrity and just plan aweful teaching ability amoung them. It really makes the learning process hit or miss. Sometimes I feel as if I got ripped off in certain classes.


Too many cocky frat guys and snobby sorority girls.


the school is semi sparce and has some dark corners that during night time when you're walking things can get really sketchy.


The worst thing about Florida State University is the fact that so much of campus life centers around the Fraternity and Sorority cultures.


The parking situation. Finding a place to park on campus is always tough and time consuming.


There is not really anything bad about this school I love it, but if I had to pick something I would say the size of some classes. I have been in a couple classes that the class size is huge. You are in a big auditorium and getting taught by one professer talking over a microphone. I think it is way easier to learn in a smaller class size so your professor gets to know who you are and can have a relationship with you.


A lot of the social life revolved around partying.


The hills on campus. My walk to the college of business is downhill, but going home is uphill. After waking up for an 8am class and struggling to stay awake and focused the last thing I want to do it walk uphill to get home.


The worst thing is the drive to Tallahassee, living 7 hours away from home, the drive was very discuraging to go home, which in turn was okay and Im glad I stayed mostly in Tallahassee and did not go home that much, but that drive sucked....


Parking!!! Sometimes students will drive for over an hour trying to find parking.


Big classes, and limited availability to small classes.


The hills, it has taken awhile to get used to them.


The worst part of FSU is the parking. On campus parking, like at most major universities, is cramped due to the vast number of students in attendance here; however, the addition of two new on-campus parking garages has lightened the load considerably. My freshman year, I missed a couple of classes due to my inability to find parking, but this year I havn't had a problem yet. Although, getting to campus a half hour early will help your chances of finding a reasonably located parking space.


The busses are slow.


I think the fact that in recent years our school has lost football games to our rival, the University of Florida is not a good thing. In all honestly, sometimes the overall existance of alcohol is not a good thing but can be easily avoided if students are serious and take simple steps to avoid certain situations. The stereotype of successful social-network only in an alcoholic environment is certainly not true... I prove it wrong daily.


The worst thing about my school, in my opinion, is its location. I attend school eight hours away from home, which makes it very difficult and expensive to go home to visit my parents and friends. Also, the location of my school is not support my major, fashion merchandising. There are not a lot of opportunities in fashion near my school. The location makes it difficult to complete internships and gain experience in my chosen field.


The worst thing about FSU is probably the financial aid department. They aren't always very helpful, and sometimes you have to run around in circles because of them.


There are a lot of times when the thing to do seems to be go out and drink/party with friends. While this is a fun option every now and then, if you aren't careful it can easily get you off track in school.


Nothing!!!! My two years at Florida State have been unbelieveable. I've made friends for a lifetime with both students and professors. I believe that I am receiving a terrific education, because I am taking the initiative and opportunity to excel in my academics. I am heavily involved in Florida State both in and out of the classroom; which I belive makes me a better student and will facilitate me to be successful in my future endeavors after I leave Florida State.


There are some narrow minded people that attend the school who come from areas lacking diversity.


Parking. Becase it there is none. It takes one hour to find a parking spot


The worst thing about FSU is the parking! It takes forever to find parking even though we have 4 huge parking garages, and countless student parking areas. Luckily we have an awesome bus system that even goes out into the Tallahassee community to pick up students from various "hot spots" and then they get transported back to campus.


The location. I don't really like the city, Tallahassee, that much. There are fun things to do here, but most of the cool stuff to do here is a product of the university and not really of the town.


The worst thing my school has going for it would be the parking situation. there are five parking garages and a few parking lots, but they still do not do the job. I live roughly a mile off campus and I have to leave about forty-five minutes before class. Even in doing so, there are good chances that it wil take even more time that that to find a spot to park, and then walk a mile across campus. There would be plenty of room had the parking garages be built two or three stories higher.


One of the worst things about my school is that certain dorms require a meal plan and these tend to be the better dorms so its has a negative draw back to living in the nicer dorms.


The social atmosphere of this school is not competitive at all and not focused on academia. This gives students less motivation to push themselves to do the best they can in classes. Most students simply talk about trying to pass, not trying to get a good GPA; and that is if they talk about class.