Florida State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


All kinds of people should attend this school. Its very diverse and there is something for everyone. Everyone fits in somewhere and the education is great!


All kinds. Not one specific. Very diverse. Everyone finds their group of friends, i believe. Has something for everyone


I feel that a person who is looking for an independent atmosphere should attend this school. An incoming freshman who wants limitless learning opportunities and endless resources should attend this school, for Florida State provides the opportunity for students to pursue their passions.


There isn't a certain type of person who should attend FSU, there is a group for everyone.


This school is very open to new ideas and individuals being just that individuals. Its a great place to discover who you are and what you want out of life.


A person who is comfortable with a lot of other people around. FSU is a big school but there are programs to make it feel smaller.


The kind of person that should attend Florida State is one that has an open mind. Someone that is willing to accept differences in those around them, and can adjust to any sort of challenge. Having an open mind at this University will supply unlimited opportunities for a student . I truly believe that anything is possible through Florida State, as long as you keep your eye on the prize.


The kind of person that should attend Florida State University is a student that wants to experience the full college experience from social life to academics. Although the social life is always there in Tallahassee, you have to be a serious and committed student to excel at this institution. The student should want to enjoy and provide to the historical tradition of Florida State University and excel in all aspects of the campus "scene."


A person who wants to achieve excellence and is self motivated and hardworking.


The type of person that shoould attend my school is the type of person that wants to expand their knowlege and gain a better place in the world.


someone who likes the stereotypical college experience of football, beer, and college.


There is no particular kind of person that is more inclined to attend FSU that I know of. So many kinds of people from every walk of life wander are found here. The student body is large, but that only offers more opportunities for students to learn and grow to be functioning adults with proper perspectives and with the knowledge to tolerate and cooperate with others. Thousands of strangers still find common ground and forge life long bonds in the family created and encouraged by the University.


Someone who values their education. Someone who wants to get what they paid for. Florida State University is for a person with a strong school spirit and likes to achieve.


Someone who wants to meet new people. There are thousands of campus groups to join and meet new people. There are also really great resources here for people who are ready and willing to learn. If you're interested in learning the most you can about the profession you're going into I think FSU is a great school for you. There are thousands of people here and they are all exceptionally friendly and welcoming to new people.


Anybody can attend Florida State Universtiy. It really is a university that accomodates people from all walks of life. Open minded people, and people willing to learn and open up will feel most comfortable here. This school is great from the social aspect to academics down to extra curricular activities. People dreaming of being athletes, dancers, and in governemnt have all the oppurtunities even if they are not fully qualified for varsity football. It is the Disney World of schools, where dreams come true.


I think that any student who believes in the traditions that Florida State University represents would be proud to attend this university. I believe that any student can relate to the Florida State University's motto, which is Vires, Artes, and Mores. These are Latin words that signify strength, skill and character. These words have formed the very foundation that has been driving force behind my continued success at Florida State University. Any student that embodies these same traditions and is passionate about pursing excellent education will be an excellent addition to the Seminole family.


Somebody that loves school pride and football should definetly attend Florida State. The entire city of Tallahassee takes much pride in the Seminoles and the school spirit is amazing. Everybody is very friendly so i would have to say somebody that is also friendly and likes to be involved would be a perfect fit for FSU.


There is no specific type of person that should attend Florida State University. No matter where you are on campus, you will see all walks of life. But with the competition that is prevelent in the selection of the students who can attend, the student should be well rounded and able to think out side of the box. The professors challenge you to think at a higher level and expect the students to be able to function and understand on that high level.


Like I said above, Florida State has much to offer to everybody who attends. This school is ideal for somebody who loves the Florida heat but also loves watching the seasons change. It would also be ideal for someone who loves meeting new people and thrives in big crowds. Florida State is a place where education is the top priority so anybody looking for a great education will find it at this school.


Due to the great diversity of Florida State University campus, all types of students are welcomed. Students from all walks of life are able to call Florida State University their home. Majors offered include art history, business, biological science, Asian studies, classics and religion, nursing, and theatre; among many others. The campus also offers a variety of clubs and organizations to meet any standards.


Anyone who has the drive and ambition to improve themselves and his or her community.


FSU is very diverse. It has room for both conservatives and liberals, while it encourages staying green, being responsible, helping and getting to know fellow students, and it is vey accepting of all religions, races, beliefs, and sexual preferences. I don't believe that anyone here on campus feels left out, and there is a very diverse array of campus social activities, clubs, and groups available to anyone who is interested.


I received a well rounded education that gave me the absolute edge in on campus interviews and after graduation. I took full advantage of all that this liberl arts university had to offer. I was only one of three to be hired on campus pre-graduation pursuant to on campus interviews by a national bank. The type of person that schould attend FSU is one that wants to take full advantage of the divers studies available as both a liberal arts college and with its current nationaly recognized cirriculum in business especially that of accounting and finance.


Students here must be academically driven, and focused on their major. We do offer a lot of very fun classes! But students must know how to balance fun with school. Students here should be confident and curious, thriving to learn, make friends, and create a successful future for themselves.


The kind of person who want to go to a large university with a small-town feel. People who are driven, but not to the point of obsession, and people who want to feel a sense of camaraderie among their peers should consider this school. This university has a lot of tradition and history. If you want to be part of something that has been building since 1851, come to this university. Florida State's faculty and staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome and smooths the transition from high school and college.


A person who is hard working should attend this. Students focused more on the subjects and the material they learn versus simply a high GPA will thrive here. Many of the classes are challenging but those are the ones that are most satisfying. Also, due to the myriad of extracuricular activities, students may be tempted to do more than they can handle, therefore it is imparative that people develope time management skills before coming to FSU.


There isn't one type of person that is best for this school. With it being such a large school, there's truly something for everyone and every area of interest. If you're willing to try new things and experiences, you're guaranteed to find something you like.


Out-going, sports-oriented people should attend this school. While there are certainly activities for those of us more introverted and quiet, the school spirit is alive at this school and football is everywhere. People who enjoy large colleges would also feel at home at FSU. The school is big- but not too big. You can walk from one end to the other in twenty minutes. However, there are lots of other students and many, many buildings on campus.


FSU has a very diverse population. If you are an artisitic person there are many opportunities. There are also wonderful research opportunities for students. I participated in the social psychology DIS program and gained insight on my future career and graduate school goals. The athletics program is exciting here. I am very happy that I attended a traditional "college town" university. Football season is so much fun! The school really does offer something for everyone.


Anyone who wants to attend a larger college and wants to enjoy their education


Social students that are willing to make new friends away from home. It is difficult for me here socially because it is hard for me to make new friends, sometimes I wish I was back home with my high school friends.


A person that has an abudant amount of school spirit and academically driven. The social life is a big concept at this campus, but if stay focus you will excel.


An outgoing person who likes to be involved and likes to always be busy doing different activities.


The person who wants to attend this school needs to be motivated and wants to accomplish things


Some one who does not mind trying to make friends. Some one who can manage their own time to get their work done. Pretty much anone would like it here i think.


Someone who likes to be socially involved and would like to attend a big and diverse university. Florida State is ethnic and diverse and has numerous things to offer to anyone interested in this school . Someone who academically motivated would be a great candidate for this school.


Anyone should attend


A social person, that loves the city and maybe likes to party. I think that it is important that the person be self sufficient and self motivated if they come here, becasue you are only accountable to yourself.


Any "kind" of person can attend this college as long as they are goal oriented and motiviated. Since my college experience began, I've realized that becoming successful during one's college career is less about getting the "grade", and more about staying focused and driven. To attend this college, one must not lose hope when "the going gets tough." College isn't easy, but it's well worth the effort if you "keep your eyes on the prize!"


Students that are willing to work hard towards their goals should attend this school.


Anyone interested in a strong research institution that enjoys creating meaningful relationships with peers and faculty alike.


Students that are seroius about their education


Fun, open minded, outgoing


Any person of any race, religion, or sex. A student who wants to lead a life of just academics or a student who wants to be involved in many activities can co-exist successfully at FSU. A student who needs extra support to adapt to college life or assistance of advisors to help them stay on course will find those resources at FSU. Students who want to live in a dorm with a learning community concept can find many learning communities at FSU. Someone who wants to enjoy college football and the camaraderie of other students.


Someone who is self motivated and independant.


Any kind of person.


Students at this school are pretty relaxed, with a large art and music scene. Most students are fine wearing jeans and a t-shirt to class and lounging in the grass between classes. There is something for everyone to try out or learn about, with many cultural events taking place throughout the year. Students looking to learn, but also have fun and discover more about themselves and the world will definitely love Florida State.


A person that really believes in community in every sense of the word. At FSU, I've found friends that care a great deal about me and my well being. That's the true Seminole spirit. To finish, your degree while making sure those that you see at the beginning, you also see at the end.


creative, intelligent people who like to have a lot of fun, don't mind the hills, and want to contribute


Someone who loves to open their mind to new ideas and isn't afraid to meet new people. Florida State is a very proud university and we want people who will show their pride for the school as well. Regardless if you know what you want to do for the rest of your life or not, having goals is something that all Seminoles have in common.