Florida State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Focused, ready for research, intelligent, analytical thinker.


A person who likes to learn and wants to succeed in their field but who also wants to have a social life.


Any person. It shouldn't be to hard to find your niche here because a lot of different people attend.


Someone who wants a subpar education in a town where the people are stupid and the campus cops are assholes.


FSU caters to a very diverse crowd - I can't think of a certain type of person that shouldn't attend or wouldn't fit in somewhere!


Anyone who is looking for a place where they can not only get a great education, but also be able to socialize, join a frat. or soro. then they should give this school a try.


This school is a great school to attend.


Anyone who works hard and wants to learn


Someone who is comfortable with being exposed to different cultures and opinions; open-minded students tend to fit in best. The large number of students at FSU demands an outgoing and social attitude. A strong work ethic is necessary for academic success at this school.


Anyone. BE motivated, and want to succeed.


Any type of person, no matter what socio-economic status, religion, race, or political view should attend this school. Florida State University has many opportunities available for anybody to have a memorable college experience.


socially/academically balanced


people who likes adventure, coldness, football, nightlife, and fun


People here at FSU are very open-minded, creative, and friendly. No student is ever shunned based on sexual preference, race, ethnicity, clothing style, or gender. Florida State University has a diverse selection of majors and an academic program that is both challenging and rewarding. Although FSU was initially not my first choice for college, I do not regret my time here.


If you love diversity and excelled learning, then Florida State is the school for you. If you love extra-curricular and social opportunity, then Florida State is the school for you. If you love the arts as well as athletics and like to stay fit, then Florida State is the school for you. If you like beautiful, warm weather, then Florida State is the shcool for you. This is the place for modern, upbeat, energetic, passionate, and fun people to gain a higher education and make life-long friends.


The type of people who should attend this school are those who are willing to have fun but also focus on schoolwork. People who enjoy sports and other social activities should attend here. These people should also be academically inclined and be willing to sacrifice a night out on the town for a night studying in the library. People who can keep his or her priorites straight are the ones who should attend this school.


One who wants to be challenged, have the freedom to make their own choices, and experience new things.


A student who really has the desire to learn and who is not afraid to challenge themselves. The school, which is located minutes from the state capital, is an urban environment offering many internship opportunities with priority to students at Florida State University. Depending on the program, students who are specifically pursuing a career in music or psychology should apply with the confidence that they are in a top-notch program that is ranked high nationally.


A bright, intelligent person who balances an active social life with academics.


My university is amazing. It has so much to offer that it can accomodate every type of person. A person who is athletic, smart, career orientated, fraternity/sorority type, as well as someone who enjoys community service. Someone who likes football games, because my school is very big into football and sports. As well as someone who enjoys school work, because there are a ton of different types of classes that can meet anyone's expectations.


The kind who is ready to both learn and have a good time. The type of person who is ready to get involved and love the school that they are at.


parties and doesnt mind studying


FSU is open to pretty much anyone. There's plenty of social activities, and plenty of demanding classes. Someone coming to FSU as a grad student in Art History should be prepared for a stunted social life and an extended amount of study time. However, not all graduate departments are as demanding as Art History. Some departments require little work outside of class or the lab.


Any kind of person can attend this school, it is very welciming and accomodating to a diverse population of people.


Really, there's something for everyone here. There are so many different types of people all meshing together for community service, clubs, and study groups that it's really difficult to say there's a specific type of person that would enjoy going here more than another person. If you like to party, you don't have to look far. If you like to study, it's not difficult to get away from the noise of a party. There's a really strong sense of unity here, also.


One who wants to get a great education , and have the time ofyou life


Anyone serious about studies but likes to have fun too.


A person that likes a large school and is interested in school sports and spirit would love Florida State. Someone who likes to go out and have a good time at night because the night life is great but someone who also knows how to buckle down and get work done. I would recommend this school to anyone with an out-going personality because this school gives students so many oppurtunities to get involved through sports, clubs, societies and much more.