Florida State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


You shouldn't attend Florida State if you have a small or non-existent work ethic. I feel accomplished when I finish an assignment or essay, and someone who procrastinates or abstains from hard work altogether would have a tough time at Florida State.


Someone who isn't focused enough to ignore the parties when they need to. Immature students that aren't ready to juggle work, school and friends at the same time. Students looking for a big city experience.


I trully believe that there is no type of person that shouldn't attend Florida State University. It has so much to offer in every aspect of college life. If there is any reason not to attend, I would say it'd have to be because of the location of the university. Tallahassee often times experiences a lot of rain, and it is pretty far from the beach. If there's someone who can't stand to be too far from an ocean, I do not suggest Florida State for them.


The person who attends this school should have an open-mind above all other things, so the people who should avoid this school are people with conservative point-of-views.


A person that has the will and drive to do good. Someone that is motivated and wants to get very good education.


This college for all diffrent kins of people. I would sugguest it to everyone.


The kind of people that shouldn't attend Florida State University do not exist. This school is right for everyone. It is a great fit for college students who want a college with faculty who care. The school is multi-ethnic in there thoughts and actions. They are a great collegiate school for sports and even better at scholarship. You just feel loved at this school


The only type of person who should not attend Forida State University is one who does not want a quality education on a friendly, accessible campus that seeks to meet their needs. Florida State University is a great school, boasting one of the best criminology programs in the nation. I personally love the campus and am very satisfied with my experiences there. In my opinion, it is a school that everyone should at least consider.


The type of person that isn't much into partying, drinking, or wants to be a part of a sorority or fraternity.


People that can party while still being able to concentrate on school and get what is necessary out of the way. It is a very social instiution!


If you like culture and urban life; don't come here.


A person who is not ready to be responsible for their education should not attend. If you expect to receive an A for just going to class, that will not happen. One must work in order to get their grades, so lazy people won't make it far.


People that are willing to push themselves to the limit socially and academically should attend Florida State University.


If a prospective student is looking for a more liberal and progressive university, Florida State may not be the best choice. However, if one is looking for the traditional college experience (an abundance of sororities and frats included), FSU is the perfect place for it.


people who doesn't care about their career life


The kind of person that shouldnt attend this school is people who just want to party and not better their education. Also people who just think that college is a joke nothing happens so u just sit around all day and do nothing. The are just holding up someone elses spot in line who really wants to better their education and take it to the next level.


The type of person that shouldn't atend this school is someone who is not academically focused. To do well at Florida State University one must stay focused and spend many hours studying.


As I reviewed our school site I cannot think of one thing that Florida State does not offer to its students, from clubs to sports to our amazing theatre program we have it all, therefore I feel that every student would have a great college experience if they chose to join the Seminole nation.


Someone who isn't willing to work hard and strive.


Someone shouldn't attend this school if they aren't willing to put in the time and effort to study, and they think they are coming up to school just to party.


If someone doesnt like to be around a lot of people or is a quiet person, easily bothered by noise, I would not reccomend this university. Florida State is a large campus filled with many different students and often crowded. Also is the student is looking for small class sizes, I would not Recommend FSU. Class sizes range from summer classes having 50-100 students and fall and spring classes in large lectures halls completely filled to capacity.


A person that is not open minded to all types of people and situations.


I think that this school is good for any kind of person. It's not too small or too big. There's activities going on most of the time, and they appeal to all kinds of people. There are also different interest groups that people can join.


Possibly one who doesn't enjoy freezing temperatures and trekking uphill to classes.


The type of person who should not attend FSU is someone who is not friendly and not open minded, anyone who is stuck up or high on themselves will surely not fit in.


The type of person who shouldn;t go to this school is someone who does not want to live the total college student experience. This means having the university pride and struggle but advancement through academics. Furthermore, a person who does not want to embody more than one ambitious character trait should definitely not come here. This is because, here at Florida State University, whether its through classes you take or a club organization your involved in, you are undoubtedly going to go through a positive change in human qualities. These qualities may reflect knowledge, customs, and strength.


A person who is not willing to work hard to succeed with their grades should not attend Florida State University. Many of the students who get preoccupied with clubs and parties end up not getting the best grades in their classes and sometimes do not return the following year. Also, a person who does not like the heat or walking up hill will not like this school since it gets extremely hot in Tallahassee and the campus is full of hills.


The type of person who shouldn't attend the Florida State University is one who is not willing nor motivated to get involved with their school and their community. If a student prefers an small campus, where every student knows one another, Florida State University is not the school for them. Individuals who are not open-minded or who are conservative, due to the liberal nature of the school.


Anyone is capable of being a college student. It takes hard work and determination for one to even be considered as a student at the Florida State University. College isn't about getting accepted, breezing through, and getting a job right away its about discovering the person that you are and making a life out of what you've learned. Students who aren't motivated and willing to accept the hardships and setbacks of college shouldn't be a student at all. I feel that my peers around me demonsrate these qualities and deserve to be a student here.


The kind of person who wants more personal interaction in a classroom should not necessarily attend this school. Which such a large population of students, many classes at Florida State have well over 100 students in a large lecture hall, which does not allow much for one on one conversation. However, many professors are open to meeting with a student during office hours later on.


If you are very uncomfortable around a large group of people, stay back.


The type of person that should not attend this school is one that is not willing to work hard and reach their full potential.


Florida State University has many programs, greek life oppurtunities, and helpful teachers. As long as you are a motivated and self sufficient student you should fit in fine. FSU has many races, backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures, it's hard not to find you're niche here! People that don't like to meet new people and have fun, all in a great learning environment should not attend this University. You should be passionate about learning, even if you don't quite know what you are interested in yet!


Someone who hates hot weather! Everyone else should come here. There is something for everyone and the professors are top-notch.


A person that isnt very social and doesnt make friends easily.


A person who is not interested in learning, getting the most out of their education or wanting a better future for themselves should not attend this school.


People who prefer small class sizes and having a personal relationship with professors should not attend this school.


Someone who isn't motivated and who doesn't have the drive to succeed.


Anyone complacent with their life achievements, anyone who considers themselves deigned by attending a public institution, anyone harboring bigotry, and anyone who considers themselves a Gator fan at-heart. The aforementioned will not feel welcome here.


If you are from New York City & you love the bright lights & the contant movement & action kind of lifestyle, then this school s NOT the school for you.


An anti-social person. In order to not get homesick and become really acclimated, they must be comfortable enough to join different groups and make new friends. Otherwise you will hate it here.


If one cannot deal with being a populated school enviroment, Florida State is not for them. Some classes are relativley small, yet there are lecture classes for general studies that can have 300 plus people in each class.


Someone who likes small class sizes and always needs individual help. Probably someone who doesnt drink or enjoy the social scene


A person that doesnt like integrating with different racial and social classes should attend this school. Anyone that doesnt like not being in a city or not having a large city surrounded with streets, lights, and businessess. Moreover, anyone that doesnt enjoying dry climate and random rainny days. When its hot, it gets really hot, but when it gets col in the winter, you almost dont want to get out of your warm , comfortable bed. Last but not least, someone that doesnt like to recycle. We always make sure to have a clean and healthy enviroment for faculty and students.


Florida State is a very diverse school so if I had to make a reccomendation on what type of student should attend my school I would probably say any and all types. The more unique the better, each and every individual has something unique to bring and I have whitnessed it first hand in the past years I have been at this school. It has opened my eyes and life up to so many new things that I would have never experienced otherwise.


The is not a "type" of person which should attend FSU. I think that anyone can come to FSU can be successful. It has a very diverse student body and their is something for everyone as long as they are willing to put in the effort. Anyone who wants a good education and wants to expand thier opportunities is, in my opinion, the perfect kind of person to attend Florida State University.


Someone with no academic agenda should not attend this school. The school requires you to know the material of the classes you are enrolled in and expects you to alot yourself with adequate amount of time to learn the material further outside of class. This school would not be ideal for someone who doesn't like the heat or humidity. Our school is very diverse in race and ethinicity and I would not encourage students who have a problem with this to attend Florida State University.


Florida State University has a very open tolerant feel about it that welcomes just about everyone with open arms. From the very beginning, at orientation, the upperclassmen in charge have workshops involving skits on how to properly deal with issues from drug use to sexual orientation. I have seen all sorts pass through this campus and those afreaid of change and who are intolerable of others openly expressing their opinions may feel uncomfortable in such an open community, but are still welcome to grace these halls and join the ranks of students who come from all over.


If you are someone who is lazy and without ambition, then I suggest that you look into finding another school to attend. Florida State University is known for its academic prestigiousness - as well as its athletic history - and with institution of such educational standards, great amounts of hard work and dedication are required. But it should be known that this hard work and dedication will not be in vain once one has completed his/her desired degree programs. The long-term benefits significantly outweigh the short-term inconveniences that come with the process.


Someone whose vision is crowded by prejudice should not attend this school. There are so many fascinating people that attend walk the campus; to close your mind to any one of them would be a shame and a pity. It is the people who are different that make this school what it is, and so anyone who thinks otherwise should probably just attend somewhere else.