Florida State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


There is no type of person that shouldn't attend Florida State University. This school has enough to accomodate any type of person who wishes to attend. All you have to do is put forth the effort to get involved. The students here are very friendly and accepting, not to mention there are dozens of groups that any type of student can find their place in. The diversity of students allows those to feel comfortable and accepted by others. This is an amazing place for all types of people to grow and learn about themselves.


Someone who could get a scholarship to an IVY league school, or a complete idiot that just wants to party.


If you hate Florida State Seminole football, you better keep it to yourself because we have a lot of pride in our football team!! It's a huge part of most students' lives.


Somebody who wants to expand their interests, rise up the ladder in their career or wants to live in a big city with extreme diversity.


Someone who is looking for a smaller school with an experience similar to high school should not attend this school. Florida State is a large school with a lot of students and organizations and can be overwhelming if you are looking for a smaller campus.


Anybody can attend this school, unless their a Florida Gator.


Anyone who's afreaid of diversity, who's afraid of others speaking their mind out, should not attend this school/


People who prefer not to be in a very social setting.


Anyone who doesnt like lots of noise, and anyone who is completely school and career oriented. You have to be able to have fun.


Someone that's very conservative, close-minded, likes to keep to themself, or that has trouble learning in large classes.


Anybody who doesn't enjoy life in a medium sized city with plenty of activity any day of the week should not attend this school.


someone that does not like big classes or lectures... these classes are mainly for the general education classes, but never the less, they are still a part of FSU


Someone who should not attend this school is someone who does not like big schools. Someone who went to a small school their whole life with the same type of people. Florida State is a huge school filled with students with different races, sex, religion, etc. These people probably will be lost and not know what to do when they get here.


One who lacks the ability to navigate a variety of situations and people.


Someone who lacks appreciation for the arts should not attend FSU, because our fine arts department is widely regarded to be one of the best in the country. The music school is second-to-none, and dancers come from all over the country to study at the school of dance here. At any given time, there's a recital or show happening somewhere at FSU. We're very proud of our artists here, and there are always amazing works of art done by students exhibited in our library and other common areas on campus.


Anyone who is leary of big schools and wants a more personal environment with a lot of individual attention in classes.


people who dont like small towns and need an active night life


People who live too far from their families. They tend to get home sick alot and drink whenever they can. They make it miserable for their roommates who constantly have to listen to them. Party animals stay home! We think your fun but honestly who feels like being your DD every weekend.


One shouldn't attend this school if they want to travel by plane, if they don't like to drink, if they don't like small towns, if they don't like being towed for ridiculous offenses. They shouldn't come if they aren't liberal and open-minded.


A person who prefers small classes and personal relationships with professors.


A person who requires a lot of personal one on one time from a professor or small classes.


someone who is overly serious


A person who has no interest in meeting people or socializing and having fun.