Florida State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


FSU is directed toward active students who enjoy getting involved and contributing to society. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't like doing these things. However, there are opportunities available for students who just want to socialize and fit in.


There is such a diversity I believe just about everyone would be able to find their niche.


I really think this is the kind of school where everyone can find their niche, but if you do not like the heat I would stay away!


Someone who doesnt enjoy sports and school pride.


This scholl seems to be more greard towards greek life and those who want to get into medicine or bussiness. I would not reccomend FSU for students who want to go for an Art degree.


Someone who gets lost in crowds easily and has a hard time finding themself. Someone who is not very outgoing and does not make friends easilly.


I don't think there is anyone who couldn't find his/her niche at Florida State. The number one reason to go to college is to get an education and Florida State's acdemics are top noch. For the gifted there is the honors program to challege and push one forward, and for those who need a little extra help when it comes to academics there are tutors, study groups, and extra resources available all over campus. As for out of the classroom, we have clubs that are specific to every interest, whether it be arts, ethnicity, or service.


The only type of person I would recommend to not attend this school is someone who is looking for a small school, or a school with less people. There are a lot of kids at our school, and it could be overwhelming for some people at times.


Florida State University is not the place for a student lacking ambition. FSU is an amazing academic setting for pursuing your dreams and aspirations. To be successful here a student might set their sights on a dream and strive to acheive them.


Florida State University is a very diverse school. It can provide something for everyone, no matter the race, color, or gender. However, Florida State is a very large university and if you are a person who enjoys small groups and knowing everyone around you, Florida State may not be the school for you. You get to know people and do find your own group of friends here but if you are timid in large groups you might want to consider looking into a smaller university.


The only people who should not come here are those that dislike warm weather, patient teachers, and supportive students.


I think everyone can find a place to fit in on campus, but maybe those who don't like lots of people and big classes.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is one who has no school pride or spirit. Florida State students are so supportive of the University and continue to support once becoming alumni through donations, annual visits, volunteering and scholarship programs. Football games and other forms of campus involvement are a huge part of this univeristy that all students participate in. If a person is not up for such activities then FSU is not the school for you.


Someone who is not driven to take a challenge over the next four years to become more intelligent.


Introverted people who do not like busy surroundings. Students who need a lot of one-on-one helps from teachers.


Someone who is too close-minded or conservative. The majority of students here are very accepting, and there is a wide variety of religions and cultures not only on campus, but in Tallahassee itself. Students only looking to party would not fare well at this school, either. While there are the typical pubs and clubs near campus and the town itself, FSU is academically set up to promote hard work and success, none of which will come without studying and effort on the students' parts.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this university would be a person who does not like or appreciate a challenge in their courses. The courses here at FSU are not easy rides at all; even for classes that are just a step up above a class one has already taken.


A person who wants to save money.


A person who is not willing to put in work. People come in thinking this is a party only school, but it's still a school. Nothing is handed to you so if you don't want to learn and put in the work, don't come here.


Florida State University is a very challenging school. I was a straight "A" student in high school, but FSU is even tough for me. Therefore, I would suggest that a student who is not willing to work to their fullest potential should not consider going here. Also, if a student has alot of higher priorities such as partying, traveling, and working full-time, then FSU might not be right for you. If a student is not willing to make studying a daily thing, then FSU is not the right school for them.


Florida State University creates an environment where student participation in sporting events, social clubs, and classes is a large part of the culture. Students who enjoy active social environments combined with engaging course work will enjoy Florida State, while those who are not atttracted to this environment, will not.


A person who does not know their limits should not attend this school. A person who is afraid to work hard will not succeed here. Also, due to the many different cultures, beliefs, and races, a closed-minded individual should not attend this school.


A person looking for a small town quiet town with not a lot going on. A person that doesn't like or want to be apart of Greek Life.


This University is great for most people but it is a small town school so big city individuals might not adapt that easily.


A person who is not motivated or does not excel away from home. Someone not comfortable living in a pretty busy city and college town.


Someone with a very narrow major.


someone who is not school spirited, or doesn't like a big university


A person who is searching for a liberal arts degree, or wants to focus in dance, theater, or writing should not attend this school. I believe that this school is trying to become more like the University of Florida- in that it wants to become more oriented towards academics and the 'sciences'. Also, this school has already cut and merged many majors- like the majors that focus on fashion.


There's no one who shouldn't attend. Different types of people are always welcome here.


I believe a person who doesn't have school spirit should attend Florida State. FSU is largely based on tradition and everyone sees themselves as part of a whole. Also, if a person doesn't like being surrounded by a large amount of people, then FSU is not the school for them.


People who are looking to breeze through college should not attend this school. Florida State University's classes challenge the student and always keep them working and on their toes. Also, those who aren't organized or don't like to be organized shouldn't attend because the school always expects the student to be organized with their student status. Those who aren't social probably would not do well because FSU is a very social university. Those that aren't really used to cities may have a hard time adjusting to the city of Tallahassee.


A person who is afraid of large universities. Florida State is fantastic, but I can see how it may come off as intimidating to someone who is not used the large setting.


If you are someone that procrastinates a lot I would not recommand you to attend Florida State University. you have to be on top of your classes and be dedicated to your studies.


Anyone that is super conservative or not wanting to be in a sorority or fraternity. Anyone who does not like a traditional or large university should not attend here. Although the campus is very social it is hard to meet people.


Someone looking to work in a medical field.


One that is not going to take school seriously .


I dont really know. I mean this school has a bit of everything for everyone. I would say that if you are not a verry open minded person then you may not want to come to this school, or if your not a hard worker because then it will ne just a wast of time for you.


The kind of person who shouln't attend FSU is someone who likes to experience all 4 seasons of the year or someone who enjoys outdoor activities. If a person doesn't enjoy sports or social activities, they would have a very difficult time finding friends on campus.


While Florida State is a great school for many people who are interested, there are certain aspects about it that may be a turn off to some. One would be that FSU is in the middle of Tallahassee, a beautiful, but tiny city. A person who prefers a city life with lots to do around town may not be cut out for life at Florida State. The university is also one of the largest in the state, meaning a student looking for a small campus population, and smaller classes should look into different schools than this.


Since this school is an upbeat college town, somebody who can only live in an urban area and who is not school spirited should not attend this school since it is a school they might not enjoy attending.


Someone who needs a small atmosphere with small class sizes. This is a large University with a lot going on and if you are not used to that it could come across as very overwhelming. There are ways to get away from the large class sizes, but it is still a large and somewhat intimidating school if you are not used to it.


Someone extremely serious about their academic studies in an area aside from theater should try for a more difficult school. Also, a person who really wants a city experience should avoid Tallahassee.


If you don't enjoy walking up and down hills or very warm and humid climates, I wouldn't recommend this school for you.


Someone who doesn't do well under peer pressure


slackers, dick heads


The majority of Florida State University's classes tend to be quite larger, taking the individual focus of a student away. A student that would require interaction on a day to day basis may not want to attend Florida State. On the other hand, those students that do need an interactive learning environment may still find help and stimulation by contacting their teachers outside of class time. The faculty and staff are often available to help and review the lessons that were covered during class.


Someone who doesn't want to be in a school with 40,000 students and who is not social. Also, anyone who doesn't like small towns, football, or fraternities/sororities. Anyone who doesn't plan on working hard may also not want to attend FSU.


People that are closed-minded and refuse to participate in new experiences shouldn't attend Florida State. You need to be open enough to engage in different activities with different types of people in order to become involved. Otherwise, it'll get boring very quickly.


Closed-minded people should not attend Florida State University. Someone who isn't goal oriented is not an ideal student.


Any person who doesn't have strong self-control and is extremely disciplined around strong temptation should not attend this school.