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Describe the students at your school.


Most of the IUP students are from Western PA or Eastern PA. Western PA people want to go to college far enough away but can come home on a weekend. Eastern PA people want to be as far away from they're parents as possible. I am from Western PA and IUP is about 2 hours away from my hometown, so it's just far enough away where I don't come home a lot. But close enough that I can come home if I have to.


The student body is very diverse. A lot of exchange students choose IUP. There are many students from the big cities of Philly and Pittsburgh and also from small towns. In my experiences, the students have been very open minded to all different cultures, races, religions, etc. Most students dress casually, sweats, jeans, t-shirts, a very laid back feel. The students are very active politically and socially.


Most people at IUP don't really dress to impress. Not many of them are extremely well dressed even remotely. There are most types of people there. There are most races, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, styles.


In the dining hall it seems that people sit in groups or who they are comfortable and rarely would interact with others.


IUP is a very diverse school. I'm from a small town and it is nice to be exposed to different kinds of people and cultures.


Although I do not belong to any kind of group that is not related to the music department, I can see throughout campus on banners and on the sidewalk that there are many different welcoming groups such as Cru, a LGBT group, and different ethnic groups. I don't think anyone would feel out of place at IUP because of the wide variety of different people. I can see that sometimes there are cliques on campus, but I feel that everyone gets along with each other.


IUP has a little bit of everything. for the most part everyone interact. its really the only way to make friends. as for what cloths people wear to class, you get a little bit of everything. i personally love to wear sweats to class.


there are plenty of groups to join at iup...most likely whatever you feel strongly about, there is a group here that will touch on it or something. Slightly reminds me of the movie, PCU, but not as extreme. (if you haven't seen that movie yet, you should!)


The student body is made up mostly of women, good for the guys. I believe the ratio at one time was 3 to 1; i'm not sure what it is anymore. There are many active groups on campus and alot of fraternities to get involved with. Many clubs and organizations that play a role on campus and in the local community.


IUP has so many organizations and opportunities for everyone to participate in something. Personally, my family has always attended the football games over the years, as IUP is my husband's aluma mater. The football fans are a great crew.


Everybody fits in somewhere, this survey is very repatative. Nice job


most students at IUP seem to be there just to work their way onto a bigger better college. they seem to come from a more middle or lower middle class background.


IUP has everyone. Everyone is diverse and wear what they feel is comfortable. The dining hall isnt like high school where you had the cool kids or the dorks its everyone and their friends. Most student are from close by or with in the state.


I want to carry my pistol on campus so i can defend myself from school shooters and robberies that happen here. I am in a group called SCCC (students for concealed campus carry) and this needs to be taken action upon. As far as being politically aware, who is? Students get money from Mommy and Daddy and dont care


diverse student body


students wear swets to class... sometimes jeans and tanks/t-shirts. No one really goes out of their way to "look good".


There's a group for YOU-- they have them ALLL here. Myself being an adult student - i dont agree with most of the organizations on campus, but it does it for most here.


the school is fairly well balanced on an ethnic and racial scale... there are many different types of people. It is a very gay-lesbian friendly community.


There are all kinds of people here. All different races and religions, so you have to have an open mind. You can wear pretty much any thing to class!!!


I roomed with a bi-racial kid my freshman year. At first I was nervous because the high school I went to only had about 8 black people, and they all acted like the rest of the students at our school. Here at IUP, people from all different cultures were around, which took a little time to get used to. Some people were way to outspoken and loud for what I'm used to, but I realized that it's just their culture. I did have a black kids steal my textbook which didn't help with trying to get rid of racial sterotypes, but hey its life and it happens. Most IUP students seem to be from Pittsburgh or Philly or areas around the two.


College is just as you pictured it...the just rolled out of bed look everywhere (even if most girls take 2 hours trying to acheive it!) No dress codes, no mandatory meetings, no one to tell you the ok and not ok of this "new life". You really have to learn things for yourself at IUP. Many people, minus a few people with selected "groups", are open to all new things and new friends. I can say I have had the most diverse group of friends, far more diverse than high school. You have your rich kids, your frat boys, your sorority sisters, your gangsters, your same-sex couples, your christians, your ROTC people, your jocks...any type of person can be found at IUP!


The student body is extremely diverse. I don't think anyone would need to feel out of place there. There is no sense of a cookie cut out student at IUP. There are of course the fraternity and sorority cliches as well as other "groups", but overall there is no sense of one dominant group.


IUP has a mix of all types of students there are students from all different types of backgrounds and cultures.


Clothing mostly consists of IUP gear; we keep the Co-op in business here! Foster dining hall is the place to be around Halloween, though. Last year I saw a gladiator running past me yelling, "Tonight we dine at Foster!!" It was great! Most students are from PA and most are Democrats. This is a VERY Liberal school.


Variety of individuals. Many social activities to meet everyones needs/wants.


I have had no problems with students of a different race at IUP. Considering IUP is a very diverse school, I think this speaks volumes about the class of students at IUP. In my opinion the class of students at IUP is the most underrated thing about the school because IUP gets a bad rep as a school with "kids with no class" or i"mmature kids." Other than a few exceptions here and there, in my opinion this is definitely not true.


READ the BIG picture


I hate how when you walk through our oak grove, hardly anyone smiles. You are more likely to find friendly faces at the bar once everyone has had a few. There aren't alot of educated conversations taking place for the most part. You can find one, but you have to look. Alot of people are from Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Most people are working/middle class.


Most students at IUP mainly seem to be from the Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. The IUP student body as a whole is very diverse.


We have a large body of race in this community. While white caucasian makes up a better portion, we still have a lot of different people from around the world here at IUP. You want to be exposed to different walks of life or just get out of your little white-colored town, come here and you will be amazed.


Our school is very diversed! everyone interacts, and everyone treats eachother fairly. There is always the exception to the rule with some people but that comes with anything that you do. I have only encountered one racial isue but that wa sin my freshman year and since then I havent experienced anything discriminating. -the division of tables in the cafe mostly consist of the differnet groups of friends....there isnt really a division of tables, its a division of sides and times. Most people who love drama and love negative groupings, eat atthe smae time everyday and the people who are about something and are actually trying to make the best of there time eat all different times and they eat on the opposite side of the cafe. **Most students are from middle class households and they are very conscience and aware of their futures and they are very aware of the outside "real world". I dont really know how to answer if we are left right or center, but we are 95% for Obama.


There is a very diverse group of students at IUP. Most students wear pajamas to class to relas. Class sizes are very small for the most part unless it is a science class, which would range from about 60-70 people.


Yes. We drink a lot. There have been fights between Pittsburghers and Philladelphians. People are jerks. Lets move on with our lives. The majority of the IUP student body is friendly and easy to get a long with. Buy the jackass a drink at the bar and hes your best friend. You really just have to be out going and friendly with people.


I have noticed, being from a more liberal, higher socio-economic background, I have found that a lot of people that go to school here are just typical middle class PA. They like their trucks, 4 wheelers, and camo. And never start talking about the Steelers, unless of course you are one of them too. Otherwise, it will be just like high school. Like people always seek each other out. There will be no surprises here.


IUP has a wide range of organizations for everyone. If you are easily intimidated or if you have a hard time making friends you may find IUP really hard to adapt to. IUP is situated in the middle of this crappy town and the cops are relentless. Different students interact with each other but someone has to make the effort first. Most IUP students are from the surrounding towns. I think that I am not the typical student and I speak to a lot of differnt types of people. my freshman year I met four stoners and a former heroin addict and we are all still friends and I was not use to being around people with these types of problems. My boyfriend is white and I am black so with regards to the racism thing its not that big of a deal but you have to be aware of where you are in town because the grand master wizard of the KKK lives in punxsutawney, pa and that town is a half hour away. IUP has a campus there also.


I think that there is a place for every type of student at IUP. There are definitely different groups of people who congregate but there is a wide spectrum of racial, religious and socio-economic groups available for the incoming freshman.


IUP is fortunate enough to have a diverse social economy. I was able to make lasting friends with individuals from not only, out of town, and state, but also, out of our country! I found that it is an interesting experience to learn in a classroom where you can experience group discussions with individuals from accross the country and world. This enables you to really grow in not only social diversity but also economic understanding.


Different types of students really dont interact unless they are either forced too or it benefits them in some way.


Everyone will have their social place on campus. The campus is pretty diverse in every way. Most students are from Pittsburgh or somewhere in PA. I have only met a selected few people from Jersey and Maryland and other boardering states. I think that greek life is a major part of the school and a well rounded organization to be involved in. Our sports teams are also decent. Overall, everyone respects others for the most part despite what they are involved with on campus. I think that it is really easy being yourself since the campus is so accepting to eveyone.


There are students from all over the world at IUP so I really do not think anyone would feel out of place. Most students wear comfortable clothes to class (sweatpants, t-shirts, hoodies). However, sometimes you need to dress up for a presentation so it is important to bring some nice clothes with you! From my perspective, I think that different kinds of students interact. Some may not interact with people that are different but i think that most do. You can walk through the oak grove and find all kinds of different people. A great way to meet people is through organizations and even your classes (especially your major classes - you will most likely be with those people throughout the years).


Everyone that I have met seems pretty nice. Although of course there are the few fraternity brothers that arent so nice, but that is to be expected, right?


Did not experience the student body as a full-time student.


I have experienced a LOT of different people at IUP, and you will too not matter which college, or university, you plan to attend. You will be put into situations where you don't think something is right or you're uncomfortable, but as long as you respect others they will respect you. I have befriended many people from different backgrounds, different religious beliefs, and various sexual orientations and they are some of the greatest people I have ever met. The way I look at it: If you can't handle the differences that the college experience presents how are you going to make it in the "real world"?


I've noticed that more and more studnets are coming from rural areas such as Philladelphia and Pittsburgh. They probably like the idea of small classes. There are a great many of financial backgrounds present, IUP is a fairly inexpensive school and that is really nice for those who cannot afford a high tuition bill. People wear a lot of different things to class. Some of them are student workers so you see a lot of khakis and polo shirts. Some like to dress up and some like to wear sweatpants. Most of the people you see, though, are wearing jeans, a t shirt, and maybe a hoodie.


we are diverse, and unique we have more international students than i thought the university would have.


I don't seem to have any problems with any of the student body. They have a lot of hot chicks.


As a commuter, I don't have much interaction with students outside of class, but in class there is no visible friction and everyone seems to get along. There are also a variety of political views, at least among students and faculty in the Political Science major, and probably everywhere else.


All kinds of students interact with everyone.


Working on campus has allowed me to interact with all "different" types of students. Honestly, I can't think of any "type" of person that would feel out-of-place at IUP.


While most students are from western PA, there's also a alot of other students, from out of state, and many exchange students. It's a very diverse and interesting campus where I believe anyone would feel comfortable. I've never seen outright discrimination at IUP.