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Describe the students at your school.


IUP's student body is very diverse. People of all ethnicites are found around campus. Many people would say that there are so many people that go to IUP that you probably wouldn't see the same person twice. Well that is a stereotype because I see the a lot of the same people everyday when I walk to class, many of them being friends of my own. Now don't get me wrong, I see a new person everyday, but it's not like you will never see your friends on campus. I always manage to run into someone I know whether it's going to class, the cafe, or to practice.


The school is large enough that there isn't really any cliques or groups. Although I have noticed blacks and white sometimes segregate themselves. Most people are from working class families. Most students are democratic or moderate.


A lot of students are from the Pittsburgh area and Philadelphia. Many students are African-American. Everyone talks about how much they will make and all they will be, it's part of having a goal.


Lots of partying, stereotypical college students, not many people are that smart


IUP is a very diverse campus, which is what I like the best. There are students who grew up on farms, and students from inner city Philly and Pittsburgh. The financial backgrounds are very diverse also.


For the most part, I have not encountered any problems in this area. Mostly everyone gets along an is accepting of one another.


The students appear to be very average at IUP. Middle of the road financially and normal looking clothes. Freshman tend to dress up for class, but end up like the rest of the students that wear sweat pants and t-shirts to class because they roll out of bed minutes before class. There are many foreign exchange students and african americans, but it is predominantly whites. You have your nerds and partiers, but the majority of students know when to party and when to buckle down to get the grades.


Its pretty diverse. Despite the size, i always felt safe on campus & around town whenever i was walking around.


Why do all the black people hang out infront of Scranton? mix things up.


IUP is like day time television, all white with a few casted minorities to even it out. There does seem to be a fair number of foreign exchange students, but mostly the kids are white, middle lower class from western PA. I’m from eastern PA, that’s not too far away, but even I felt a culture shock. Western PA is kinda living in the past. Like they down have restaurants open after 10. Even the coffee joint closes at 10, and then there is nothing to do. Yet there is a “serve drinking” problem. Go figure. The students are actually pretty conservative for a college campus, I mean you see signs of SDS or Pride Alliance, but not much, and with some pretty heavy opposition. Some people are politically active, some are Jesus enthusiasts and the rest don’t deviate from the mold. Everyone (but me) smokes. It's annoying. Seriously ladies, smoking isn't going to get ride of your beer belly, no matter how hard you puff. Just give up the frat parties for a weekend or two, maybe hit the gym once and a while and leave me some clean air. thanks.


nope go greek


IUP has a very diverse student body. Given that it is so close to the major city of Pittsburgh, I'd say there are about 50% Caucasians and 50% African Americans. Although I did not come from a diverse high school, overall I liked being introduced to different races and cultures. The housing was a little odd though I must add. On my floor in my dorm, all of the girls on my side of the hall were white, and the entire other side were black. A lot of us found this to be odd and segregated.


no one would feel out of place at iup there are all types of backgrounds and races at iup. anything. yes. pennsylvania. middle class to upper class. yes very politcally active. left..


There are definately a lot of groups around campus. Like sororities, faternities, campus crucade, groups for your major, intramural sports, club teams, etc. All are really nice and anyone can join. The groups don't always hang out with just those in the group. Many of all the groups hang out together. We have your rich kids and the less fortuate, its a big mix. Being located in the West of PA you would think it would mainly be people from that area but it is split between Eastern and Western, the main cities are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.


The racial, religious standings at IUP seem to be well respected and nothing wrong with them, not alot of racial slurs of my knowledge or rallies against gays, bisexuals, or homosexuals.


There are many different types of students with different backgrounds at IUP. I would say that we, as a school, aren't very prejudice about other races and religions because we all have classmates that come from different backgrounds. We are also pretty politically active. I have seen students campaigning for presidential hopefuls all during the primary season.


Although it's predominantly white, I don't think anyone of a different race would feel too far out of place. Same goes for GLBT, as there is a visible GLBT community at IUP. Not a lot of politically informed students, most that are seem to be liberal.


iup is majority white school, about 7% blacks, and 3% hispanics and like 10% other. IUP students usuallly stay with thier own kind. I know that i shouldnt say that but it's true! You rarely seeing blacks and white talking to each other outside of class. I'm black but roommate is white and we have with to different groups. the majority of her friends are white and mines our black but we're like the best friends.. idk, it just depends on the person and who you're comfrtable with. the majority of the students are from the westen pa, like blairsville, indiana, pittsburgh and surrounding towns and cities. a lot students from harrisburg and philadelphia attend iup!!


I feel the campus is very diverse and I met some very interesting liberal people. My favorate people are the modern day hippies that play bizzare instruments in the Oak Grove.


While being at IUP I would tell that there were many different groups. I feel that there are racial seperation on campus and that many issues having to do with racial conflict are not addressed.


I think IUP has a very diverse student body. There are plenty of churches and other religious groups available to students to be a participant in. I do notice though that students who are from similar backgrounds or races tend to stick together. It is not very often that I see many blacks and whites interacting together outside of the classroom. Students do dress similarly in the sense that most girls I see are wearing "Pink" sweatpants and tank tops to class and guys wear polo shirts or Abercrombie t-shirts. When I first came to IUP I felt very self-conscious about the way I dressed, but now that I have more self-confidence about my style I tend to not pay attention to the stares. I think coming from a poorer financial background it is hard to say whether or not there are more people with a stable financial situation then others. I always tend to think there are more people who come from a better financial situation then me, but this could just be my own personal bias. I do know that students seem politically active. The recent presidential primary had many organizations on campus setting up booths and tables trying to get students to vote. It's hard to say what particular affiliation the campus on a whole would relate to, as I've met many people who are left, right, and center when it comes to politics. I discuss my potential earnings with close friends, but not ever really with someone I barely know.


I attended Campus Crusade for christ for the first 2 years of college. It was a pretty good time but once I became very busy with my major and missed some meetings and bible studies, people soon became very judgemental of me and my priorities. With these people's hypocrital judgements of me, I soon stopped going to it. But there are many other good religious organizations on campus offered to students. I am involved with my music fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota and I really love that closeness of myself and that other sisters in the fraternity. Students predominantly wear comfy clothes/ jean/ sweatpants. There are a good deal of people who I see dressed up (including myself) for classes and such. some people wear PJs to their morning classes. Most IUP students are from PA but there are people from all over the country there. I am from Virginia and I know a handful who are from there too. I think, politically, students are active. The PA democrat primaries went on recently and there were a lot of students who showed support for their favorite canidate. I think that the campus is a pretty good balance between democrat and republicans. I've never really payed attention much to it.


There are a massive variety of students. Students with disabilities, students of different race, ethnicity, and religious views everyone has class together and everyone has a different perspective. This is what I love about this school. Everyone gets along and no one is prejudice. Mostly students clique with their group of people, but I have never seen anyone push out someone for being different.


Everyone is really nice and helpful. You can tell who are the freshman are on the first couple of days cause they all look lost, but the upper classman have no problem helping out the freshman finding there classes.


I think that IUP's student body is great. There isn't a lot of racial conflicts and everyone basically gets along with everyone.


IUP like any other big college has a diverse group of people attending. ALOT of people from Pittsburgh and Pilly, makes for some interesting events and always a good time when teams from those towns come together. Sports teams are all pretty chill unless you fuck with someone on the team then expect to have the whole team in rage, but thats how it should be. Alot of the black people hang out in certain parts of the caf., not to be racist but you can always tell when they are in the Caf because they are always screaming and singing and just being annoying at times, but im sure thats everywhere.


I'm a very stalwart Christian, conservative, and Republican. The IUP campus is incredibly liberal and - in the face of the coming election - very, very democratic. There's a very strong anti-Christian bias that is pervasive in every area of the academics, even in the Political Science, History, and Philosophy classes I've taken. This is the kind of student that, when stepping onto this campus, will feel like they've stepped into another world. Most students are very casual when coming to class, but if you want to get on a professor's good side, it's usually better to dress up a little. Not a suit or even a sports jacket, or business heels, but just...nicer than sweats, jeans, and low-cut shirts. Unfortunately, there is still slight racial tension on campus. After talking to students and seeing how they interact, there's still some resentment on both sides of the argument, even for foreign students. I was never a victim, but a few have claimed they are...


Most kids are from PA


my greatest experiences and some of the best relationships i have are with the people that lived in my dorm freshman year.


We have a very large student body. There are over 14,000 students. There is also a lot of diversity, which I think is a good thing. It helps us learn to interact with other groups, which prepares us for the real world later.


IUP's student body is awesome! You definitely do not have to impress anyone. You can go to your 8am class in your pajamas and no one would even give you a second look. Sweat pants, jeans, hoodies, and t-shirts are what most students wear everyday. I think every new student may feel out of place at first because it can be hard to get to know people, but if you just talk to your classmates you may very well find a few new friends. Most students here are from middle income families and a lot of students have to juggle taking classes and having a job. Speaking from experience, juggling both is not easy, but because so many students do it, its really easy to find someone to talk about your frustrations with. Many students on campus are politically active. When Bill Clinton came to visit campus in Spring 2008, an overwhelming number of students attended the event to show support for Hillary. On the day of the primaries, many sidewalks were full of chalk-written messages about who you should vote for.


There are some religious advocates on campus. One time, they sat down with my friend and me at dinner and tried to persuade us from believing in the Big Bang Theory or evolution. That was unwelcome. Like any college, church's hand out flyer and pamphlets about how we are all sinners. The other groups on campus mean well and act respectfully. There are groups that anyone will fit into on campus. Barack Obama won by 70%+ at the polling stations in IUP during the primary election.


I haven't noticed any kind of racial discrimination at IUP, but most people I see tend to form cliques with their own race, which I suppose is normal. Also, IUP seems to get a wide variety of students from different geographical areas compared to some other state schools. While I attended Kutztown I noticed most kids were from the Reading/Allentown area and New Jersey. At IUP I've been in classes with kids from African countries, the Middle East, China, etc.


IUP has a lot of diversity and I am constantly seeing people from all walks of life roaming the campus.


There is a wide range of students at IUP. No matter who you are or where you come from, I have no doubt that you will find your place at this school.


most of the students seem like they come from pittsburgh or philly. the community is mostly white and black.


IUP has a very diverse student body. I met people from all over the world. As well as cultural diversity IUP has a lot of different...personalities hahah! Some are very intelligent and well spoken, some have a lot of fun, some are very outgoing, and then there are the ones you only see in the library, but everyone is very friendly willing to help new students along. If you want to do some really funny people watching, sit in the Oak Grove for a few hours!


IUP is definately a mixed bag. There are a lot of kids from local high schools in rural communities, a lot of kids from inner city Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, a lot of foreign exchange students, and everything in between. I would say that just about every social group is represented adequately, and with extracurricular clubs, sports, and activities, it isn't hard to find a group or groups you fit into.


I don't think anyone could feel out of place at IUP. There are so many different groups of people and always a place to fit in. Students wear all kinds of clothing to class. You can roll out of bed and go in your pajamas, the clothes you wore the night before, sweatpants, anything really. No one really cares what you wear.


Really, IUP is just an average college. We have a mix of people from many different racial, religious, socioeconomic, etc backgrounds, and even people from other countries studying abroad here. Actually, a lot of IUP students are from Philadelphia, as well as from Pittsburgh. Most people have been easy to get along with, or at least are polite to each other. Actually, I have no problem leaving my bag and textbooks on a table at the cafeteria and walking away to grab my food, because I'm really confident that no one would take anything. That's something that really surprised me considering the size of the school.


The students at IUP are very diverse. I made friends of all races and religions. The only student that might feel out of place at IUP is a student who is close-minded about learning new things from different people. This past year, the students on campus were extremely politically active, and they were tolerant of all different viewpoints. Most of the students, however, are more Democratic, and the influence is seen on campus.


There is a lot of diversity at IUP; I do not believe any student would feel left out on campus. There are various groups and organizations to get a wide range of students involved. I have found that most students are from PA or surrounding states; I have had teammates from Mozambique, Africa as well as Bosnia.


Again, there is a pretty diverse group of students at IUP, and even though we have a lot of students from Pennsylvania, we have many students from other states and overseas. There are student groups and clubs to meet any interest, and most people I know have made friends with people across all backgrounds.


I encounter a diverse student population, although one group may be larger than the other. Its interesting to find all sorts of people with different aspects from one end of the scale to the other. I dont think any student would be out of place, any one can fit in anywhere.


Different types of students interact often. I was not a sorority girl, however I hung out with many fraternity and sorority people. In addition I lived with a cheerleader and football player. IUP is a very diverse campus and everyone is very friendly and sociable from the minute you step on campus. Most students are from all over Pennsylvania. You will often to see kids from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Erie, Harrisburg etc. In addition there are a lot of international students and some students from out of state. What students wear to class varies. Most people will wear sweat shirts and jeans to class but there are some people who will dress to impress. It all depends in how you usually dress. IUP is very cold in the winter and snows more often than usual so its always important to have warm clothes at all times - CLASS IS NEVER CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER!


Campus is full of such diverse people. I am a conservative catholic on campus and I am able to go to the Newman Center located right across the street from campus. There are quite a few churches in the area for each christian faith. I see a lot of christian students on campus, which sometimes come to form groups such as Cru or CSA. There are also a lot of students who are pagan and some that are atheist... even other more religions are touched on campus. Being a conservative, I sorta feel that the campus is a little left-sided. There are many rallies that go on for democratic races and stuff like that. I have been told that election day is rather a political scene that you gotta be careful on. Students of all types of relationship preferences are on campus also. There is a pride group to make some students feel more comfortable. There is also a huge selection of cultural races on campus. In the dining halls, there are so many different people sitting together.


I personally really don't see to many issues regarding ethic or racial backgrounds at IUP. The students tend to interact well with each other despite their differences. As far as what students wear to class, it ranges from pajamas and sweatpants, to mini skirts and dresses. It generally depends on the mood and weather for that day.


There is a nice mix of students, many from different countries and cultures. You also see several students who are physically challenged with scooters, or with seeing eye dogs or translators for those who are hearing challenged. It is nice to come from a rural community and get to meet people in your classes with such different backgrounds.


Doesn't warrant any attention, mostly gets drunk and are underachievers, though as with any general population there are exceptions


I've never ran into any racism there at IUP. The only controveries we have is when the eagles play the steelers or flyers play the penguins or pirates and phillies