Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There are numerous clubs and activities to participate in at IUP. Also, as many of my friends have done, students can start their own clubs and recieve IUP funding. Again, I feel that this is also dependent upon student motivation.


I don't like frats, but thats what most guys that don't play sports turn to. It's just not my cup of tea I guess. I basically hung out wiht the guys from my team, ate with them, did everything together and didn't really venture out past our team.


The campus is not particularly liberal or conservative, or even all that politically active (In general, mind you.) There is some latent racial tension, which is hard to describe-- The best I can say is that there's a large disparity in the socioeconomic background of many of the students. A good-sized number of African American students come to Indiana from Philadelphia and there is some culture shock involved, for both them and for Indiana (which is not even remotely racially mixed.) IUP's been recently tearing down old dorms and putting up suites, such as the completed (and pretentious) Upper and Lower Suites on Grant. The facilities are nice even if the walls are too thin, so if you're rich, that's where you want to live. If you're like the rest of us, you get stuck in the remaining dorms with cinderblock walls, terrifying bathrooms, and a general miasma of body odor. (This particular summer semmester as of the time of me writing this, most of the summer students have been crammed into Lawrence hall, which lacks air conditioning. Great idea.) For all of that, though, I do find the campus generally pretty friendly and pleasant. I /do/ like the changes being made to the housing, but if the other stuff being built is as expensive as the suites, I worry that IUP may be catering to the rich students and leaving the rest of us out to dry. I'd also like to note that there's an initiative known as IUP Safe Zone, with the idea of making the campus a secure environment for LGBT folks, but I've noticed a serious undercurrent of homophobia that I find disturbing.


The student body at IUP is very diverse and there are lots of organizations that you can get involved in. The one problem is the organizations are not going to be as big or as active as some of the larger schools.


There's alot of different people on campus and I loved it, everyone tends to stick to their cliques much like in high school, but there are some friendly people who will float from crowd to crowd. I dont think anyone would really feel out of place, there's alot of international students and alot of student orginaztions to get you involved. You can usually find atleast one person like you. Some students will wake up for class throw on a pair of jeans and a hoodie and run to class, some people, alot of the fashion majors seemed like they woke up 3 hrs before class just to look nice. It all depends on if your really trying to impress anyone. You could really get away with wearing anything. When you meet a new student some of the first things you find out are their name, major, where they're from, and where they're staying on campus. If your trying to get to know someone better or make a new friend the best thing I would say to do is invite them to eat, the dining hall is always on meal plan so thats a free dinner. And maybe even to study. People are pretty nice and usually wont turn you down.


At IUP most people hang with there kind...there is some brief intermingling but that is our society. Most students are either from philly or pittsburgh, but you will find your occasional out of state person. I would say there is a little racial tension between the African American Students and the surounding area police, but it is getting better.


IUP has a just about every type of student imaginable. I have had class with elderly people, students still in high school, people from all over the world with different beliefs. There are many politically, religiously and LGBT active students on campus that bring different issues to your attention without forcing their ideas on you.


There is a pretty good span of politically minded people. Lots of opportunity to be apart and meet people of like mind, while still getting a wide spectrum of thought.


The student body at IUP is less then diverse. Because of the setting, white out number other minorities by a lot. I don't think its a problem though, because the school does have some diversity, and the minorities on the campus are strong individuals that let there presence be known in a fair nonjudgmental way. I don't think anyone would feel out of place at IUP. Everyone has a place here. It really is a terrific school. Most of the students here are from Western PA The financial backgrounds differ and are not apparent at all on campus.


This is a cheap school so I would assume that mostly everyone here is cheap I would guess.


As a Greek woman I have worked with all of these groups and the experience has been great as I have learned a lot from this people. No one should feel out of place at IUP-- there is something for everyone to get involved with. Most students wear jeans and sweatshirts or tshirts to class. Yes, different types of students interact. Two tables would be black students, one would be of asian decent or exchange students, and one would be white. Most IUP students are from the Pittsburgh area. Financial backgrounds are typically middle to higher class. The campus as a whole is very politically aware. I would say more right than left. Yes, we all talk about the amount of money we will make one day.


One thing that I have noticed over the years is that how students dress seems to correlate with their class rank. You will realize that a lot of freshman will take the time to dress up more nicely than a senior would. The seniors seems to wear things are for comfort, i.e. sweatpants and a hoody. Most IUP students are from Western PA and more specifically the Pittsburgh area. Pittsburgh is only and hour to the west of IUP and that is a distance that is probably far enough for those students without being too close to home.


I think they make the campus very well rounded. I had only good experiences. I think someone who is shy Jeans and sweatshirts Yes Jocks, sorority girls, freshman, and loud obnixious african americans No, definitely not aware. I think they are way left, but I am conservative. A lot of students have to take out loans. Yes, they do


a large portion of the students are african american and international students. usually each group keeps to themselves. the different religious groups keep to themselves except for the annoying preacher who screams sermons in the oak grove. i am sure anyone could find at least one friend here. students wear anything from sweats to dresses to class. yes different types of students interact in classes and on class projects but usually people stick to those who are like themselves. a table of african americans, a table of international (asian or indian)students, a table of white students and a table of mixed races. those who are from america are from either pittsburgh or philladelphia and the international students are predominantly from asia and india. this is predominantly a working class university but there are students from all financial backgrounds. there are groups that are politically active. there are groups from all sides of political affiliation. yes they do.


Not too much experience with that stuff- just a realization that it exists. Hmm, not many. It's a pretty diverse place for being in the middle of nowhere, Pa. Most students dress down- just jeans, t-shirts, sweats, whatever. Yea- there are a lot of students here and they run-in with each other frequently. Jocks. Band. The other two are a wide assortment of average students, sorority sluts, meathead fraternity brothers and academics. Most students seem to be from either western or eastern Pa. Most come from middle class backgrounds. Being the cheapest state school, it's affordable for people from all walks of life. No- students here could give two shits less about politics. Most only care about drinking and themselves. Ehh...there's a good mix of republicans and democrats and people that just don't give a shit. Yea- some seem to think they'll get out of college and make $40,000 right away with great benefits.


Every type of student attends IUP, no one should feel out of place. Unless, your shy and don't talk to anyone. But then again, I think you'll feel out of place every where you go until you overcome that.


everything is multi culture which is good


A lot of students wear comfortable clothes to class.


I dont see anyone person being out of place on campus, becasue there are so many different racial groups on campus that everyone has a place to fit in. Iup does a good job at trying not be let anyone feel left out. But at times i feel like white is the minority on campus due to the fact of there being so many other racial groups on campus.




i think that iup has a group/organization for everyone. just walk around campus and you can see the diversity.


Very good experience. I cant find a kind of person who would feel out of place here. Pretty much anything casual. Yes. Maybe a caucasian couple, a group of african americans, mostly white students. Surrounding areas. Middle class. Yes. No idea. No.


I have interviewed certain people in different groups on campus for articles in my journalism classes or The Penn, and I know of some people in some religious groups. I also have some friends in sororeities and fraternaties. But I have not ever attended any meetings or been a part of any. Mostly, you can see some of the groups with tables set up around the Oak Grove during certain weather conditions and times promoting either their group or a charity event or something the group represents. I don't see how any student would feel out of place at IUP because I believe everyone has their own group of friends they hang out with. Friends are made within your major or through organizations and groups on campus. If you put yourself out there, you are bound to make friends. In every college setting it is always intimidating to meet new people, not only IUP. However, those coming in from other countries would have the most difficulty in any campus in the United States. Moving from a different country is like going to a completely different planet; everything is new, not just the education. But IUP has organizations and groups for those from other countries as well so that they can become comfortable with being so far away from home. Most IUP students are from Pennsylvania. Most people from other states rarely ever hear of IUP, unless it is a business of some kind that an IUP student has interned or previously worked. You still meet several people from other states, though, and most of those states are neighbors to Pennsylvania.


Above all else, most IUP students come to class dressed in sweats, and even pajamas. It’s easy to pick out the freshmen, who can be caught wearing miniskirts and high heels to their 8:30 a.m. classes. A lot of students are from Western Pennsylvania, but there are also a lot of people from the Philadelphia area. Surprisingly, many of my friends are from out of state: New Jersey, Maryland and Washington. I would say that most students come from lower, working and middle class families. It would be rare to run into a wealthy student, most wealthy people would choose to get their education at a school other than one of the cheapest state schools in Pa. People do talk about how much they will earn, but this has developed in conjunction with growing up. Freshmen year, we weren't really concerned about that. But now that graduation is within sight for me and many of my friends, our thoughts have turned to the future and possible incomes we may be facing.