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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a high school senior I would tell myself that I need to start studying more because the tests are harder. I would have to work harder on writing essays because you have them a lot in college. The most important one that I would tell myself is that I need to pick a career that I will love doing and stick with it. I went to college before and never finished because I got pregnant and now I am here again. I would tell myself that you only get so much money in your life from financial aid so step up and get it together!


Don't rush and panick about picking a mojor, focus on taking gen eds and take a few classes in different fields so you can find an area to go into. Many people end up changing their major because they picked one just to pick one and took a random class and ended up falling in love with it and decided to continue to pursure that path.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior , I would encourage myself to not give up. I would say, "Rebeca, I know things aren't going right in life right now, and you are hoping your situation will change, but you need to let your situation change YOU. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change. Right now you are waisting time, and your academic decline has been due to too many distractions. Now is the time to pull yourself together and focus on the promising future you have ahead!


One of the most significant aspects of the knowledge that I have gained in my college experience is the discovery that I have ADD. For the majority of my high school and college career I assumed that I was unintelligent or possibly mildly mentally handicapped due to my inability to focus and remember the material as efficiently as my classmates. Therefore, if I had the opportunity to speak with myself as a high school senior, I would relay the fact of my diagnosis and present evidence of its existence in my past and present educational performance. I would also attempt to communicate some of the study habits that I utilize in order to concentrate and learn the class material efficiently.


I would tell myself that education is key and should go straight to college as soon as I graduate from high school. I waited until my children became adults before going back to school. This I should have done even while they were at school. I am now in my mid '50s and have to work and go to school, which can be very challenging. But, its never too late to begin, and I am glad that I took the first step to fulfill my dream of becoming a social worker.


Do this for yourself. It does not matter what others think. You need to stop overanalyzing things. I am worth the trouble. If you do not do this, you will get stuck working a dead end job. Your life will feel incomplete until you have your degree. Stop hesitating and take a step in the right direction. You will have to study hard to make it. No one will give you handouts in life. Stop waiting for something to fall into your lap. You need to invest in yourself. You have to be a serious and dedicated student. You will get many chances in life but eventually you are going to have to stop being lazy and get the work done. If not you will end up 30 years old wishing you had done more.


Figure out what you want ot do before attending school.


If I could go back and give myself advice, it would be to never give up. I would also tell my self to try my hardest, and things always work out for the better. I would also say to do more reasearch on what I wanted to major in along with looking harder at differet colleges, and where I wanted to end up. The last piece of advice I would give my self is to live life to the fulliest.


Take as many AP courses as you possibly can. This will save you a ton of tuition money and time when you go to college. It will also prepare you for college level work when you do go to college. Spend your first two years of college at a community college focusing on your general education requirements until you know what you really want to do. It's a less expensive place to make your mistakes, and the credits are regionally accredited. So, your credits should transfer to the University of your Choice when you decide to start your bachelors degree in your next two years. Also, don't dabble in college. Complete all of your degrees as quickly as you can so you can enjoy your adult life with less struggle and strife.


Since I'm an adult student, I would tell myself two years ago to choose my degree choice based on what I want to do rather than researching and seeing which area is rapidly growing.


become better transitioned to college life and studying


Based of the information that I know now about college life is that you will need to becareful of what college you choose to go to because some will have you sign up for private loans for their school and have you paying it back while you are still enrolled. In Addition, make sure you have scholarships and or grants and search for them and dont give up if you get denied for a schoalships or grants. Because some schools may have grants and scholaships you may be elgible for but what if you lose that grant or schoalrship then you have others to stiill help you pay for tuition and supplies that you may need. Regarding the transition from high school into college don't be afraid yes its new take it as a new step in your life and a challenge you accepted to gain more knowledge. The transition from high school and college may be hard however going to an online campus is diffrent than going to an actual campus. Online may be an easier transition but it's the drive and motivation that you will need to get up and atted class, complete assignments, and test.


Well, I had an awesome opportunity and attended one of the top vocational schools in my state. I would tell myself to not be so intimidated by the other students and to strive to do my best. Take advantage of all the AP and college courses they have available. Don't procrastinate! Keep good relationships with the teachers and other faculty. Stay at the top of the class so to qualify for various scholarships. Join as many clubs as possible and complete community service activities.


Don't put off going to college. Talk to everyone and anyone you can about your career goals to get advice on job and intership opportunities. As long as you make smart decisions you will be safe and succeed. Have fun, but stay away from drugs and alcohol, they will only hold you back. Take advantage of everything your school offers and get involved in the community as often as you can. Helping people through community services makes you feel good and promotes a positive attitude which will help you succeed at school. Stay focused but keep an open mind. You never know when you will experience something that cann change your life.


Just doi like Nike!


If I could go back in time and talk to Senior me, I would give myself advice on what to expect when going into college and how to get myself ready for the amazing experience. I would tell Senior me that in order to prepare myself, I need to make sure I pick the perfect college for me. Compare prices, class sizes, books needed, and whether I want an online experience or a campus experience. I would also tell myself that I need to make sure I have supportive people around me to help with stressful situations. I would have to look into Financial Aid (FASFA), student loans, and scholarship opportunities. I would tell Senior me that it's not as hard as it seems, especially with the right assistance, and that it gets better from here. I would say that it is a wonderful new experience that you can pass on to your children and it'll be beneficial in the end!


Never wait to start college the earlier you do it the better your life will be and the less stress you will have.


If I could go back into time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to be more decisive about career plan before going for broke. I would tell myself that it is okay to be open minded, yet it's important to know limits and consequenses are real. I would advise me to take my education serious no matter what. I would inform me that it is not the schools responsibility to make sure that you stay on track. I would tell her to make sure that she compares schools wisely. Choosing a school is so much more than alma maters and ethnicity. I would tell her to always ask herself this question. Is the school more interested in me or my money. I then would tell her to trust God and have faith that all things work out for the good of those who love and fear the Lord.


Dear Tori, You have worked so hard your entire life, don't give up now. I know, things got really hard at home and in your social life. You've lost friends and your family has been struggling for awhile now. You have so much stress and I know it seems like things won't get better but I promise, things start to look up. Think of how much you've already done! You're on the path to graduate as a Distinguished Scholar, you made it into the National Honor Society and you have a great GPA. Keep your chin up because I'm here to tell you the future looks bright. Try to enjoy the present, because it is gone in the blink of an eye. This very second is the beginning of the rest of your life, don't take that for granted. Be thankful. Remember to be respectful, be classy, and be the person you want your sisters to become. Stay strong and always do your very best. You are good enough.


Don't wait so long to go to college. Being able to take classes online makes it so much easier. You can do this.


I would advise myself to keep on track, to complete all my assignments, and to be the best student that I could have been. Although, it is important to have a social life, do not let it control your life, your grades, your decisions. Stay away from people that want to pressure you into something you would never do on your own accord. Put your 100% into everything you do and you will go far. Choose homework over going out and partying. You are entitled to a little fun and a social life, however, before you can have this enjoyment, make sure all assignments are complete. Be active in your schools clubs, sports, and volunteer activities, this will provide you with more scholarship opportunities. Read more books without being assigned to do so. Be prepared to pull all-nighters for homework. Study more, play less. Have fun, but work hard. Oh how I wish I knew then what I know now.


Going into college as a freshmen I would suggest not letting anything deter you from your studies. There is no sense in putting off for tommorrow what can be done today. Always strive for excellence, becuase the hard work pays off. It helps to surround yourself around a great support system also. Networking, and study groups area must if one intends to succeed. Last but not least, realize a social life can come much later, prioritize your time. Remeber to always practice gret study habits, while the more you interact with professsors the more beneficial it will be.


Go to college before you have kids and keep working hard. Life is so worth the hard work and the years spent on gettting that college education. College is just as fun and hard as people say. You make some greaat friends and there are so more people and groups that are there to help you succeed. Take full advantage of their help and kindness. They are truly sincere and great people.


Don't be afraid to branch out and try new things. Gain as much experince as you can. It is going to take you a little longer to figure out what you want to do with your life but when you do it will be something that not many other people can say they dared to dream of doing. Trust yourslef even when fear starts to set in. If you aren't afraid then you have nothing to lose. Rememebr since childhood you felt you were meant for big things and you have found it. Turst in it and trust in yourself regardless f what you encounter you will accomplish your goals.


I would tell my high school self to stick to my guns. Do not let anyone alter the plans that you have for your life. Anything is attainable as long as you set realistic goals.


I would have made a lot of changes back then. I would tell myself that I need to grow up. I need to decide what I want to do in life and decide quick. life is just a flash before the eyes and before you know it, it's gone. Look at me now I am twenty-eight years old and going back to school, I will be in my thirties before I get a decent degree, almost fourty before I get my master's degree. I could have gotten it in my twenties. Life is too short to waste it, education is important, knowledge is vital and it is the key to everlasting life.


I would say stay in school and get your college degree. This would be something in my family that no one else has done. It’s never too late for me and I’m in the process of making my dream come true, I wish I had done it a lot sooner. I would have done the opposite of what my parents told me to do, that’s something that has messed me up now. Take more risks in my life and career. Do it and don't be afraid. I’ve always had to play it safe and that lead to little success in my life, but if I had taken more risks and more leaps, who knows how my life could have turned out. I should have change my uptight attitude and live a little more to be able to enjoy the experience. I have never fit in right and I always end up being a loner. Loose my reclusive behavior because it hasn’t help me grow socially. I hope in my late teens or early twenties, I will look at this thread in my life and get inspired and be inspired by others regarding this advice.


Ther advice that i would give myself as a teenager is that do what makes you comfortable and not rush into choices that you do not understand. I know that I rushed through the schools that i choose and went with the one that i feel was the best at. I hope one day i will learn from that. i also would like to advise myself that its better to think clearly with the decision then to make a hasty one.


I would advise myself, to buckle down and take my education seriously. I would make sure that I stress how important education is and the benefits in which I can have by obtaining my education. I would compare the salaries that a High School graduate makes compared to the salary of a College graduate. Making sure that I completely understand the importance of me furthering my education and the ways it will come to affect my life and my way of living in general. I would stress that once obtained my education is something no one can ever take away from me. It would be very important that I understood that having a college degree could change my life forever for the good. In doing so I would be able to afford things that I never dreamed of, I would be able to accomplish goals and dreams that I never foreseen happening. Obtaining my degree will allow me to live with financial stability and security something I have never known, not even as a child. I would stress the way I would be able to provide for myself and my family in ways I only dreamt of in the past.


Remember why you came to school education is more important then social events. Work as hard as you can Monday - Friday Read before class and step away from friends when you need to study. TIME IS MONEY


Growing up, I always had a clear vision of what my life would be like. Finishing high school, going to college, becoming a teacher, getting married and becoming a mom were all on the agenda. Everything was going according to plan, but after about two years of college, life happened. Things that my younger self never could have imagined came up and sent my life in a totally new direction. Twelve years later, I now find myself picking back up where I left off. If I could go back and talk to the girl that I was in high school, I would tell her to stay focused on her dreams and always be true to herself, but to also have an open mind. Sometimes you’ll get thrown off course, but don’t be discouraged, and don’t beat yourself up if things don’t turn out exactly how you planned. There isn’t one right way to live life, so choose a path that works for you, and most importantly, don’t forget to slow down and enjoy your life every single day on your journey to accomplishing your goals.


I would say to be more aware that everything you do will have an impact on someone else. I would also advise myself to continue on with your education earlier in life. There will be opportinuties for fun further down the road.


College is what makes dreams reality. Without college there would be no doctors or judges. There would simple be people experimenting with your life. Would you rather have a doctor with no education or one that has been college? Can you image a judge determining your case with no knowledge of the laws? College expands your mind and teaches life skills. A good example is two people applying for job same job one with Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice versus one with no education. Who do you think will get the job? In order to have the advantage in obtaining a career college is required. Do you want to have depended on medium wage to raise a family? Life brings obstacles why not the advantages with a College degree. Employers are looking for people with degrees. You have to ask yourself do you want a career or just a job. There is a difference between a job and career. Career is something that you love doing and pays well and offers benefits. A job is something that just pays the bills and usually no chance at advances in this job


If I were able to go back and give myself advice about college, I would most definately strongly advise me to go away to college and enjoy campus life. I would also encourage myself to enter college in the fall following high school graduation. Experience life and what it has to offer in college, worry about getting prerequisites out of the way, then decide on a major, at 18, it is hard to know what you want to do for the rest of your life. Make sure the educataion you do get is well-rounded, do not set limits as to specific subject content, allow yourself to explore anything and everything that interests you; the more well-rounded you are, the more employable you are, at least in my opinion. Above all else, enjoy your time away at college!


As a senior in highschool I was a little boy crazy! I had good grades but did not apply myself 100%. I would apply myself more knowing what I know now. Instead of working at 80% of my potential I would work at 100%. Another thing I would change as a senior would be to go off to college and stay in a dorm instead of staying local and commuting. I feel that I lost a lot of memories that a lot of my friends have from going off to a university.


Don't let anything seem more important than your education. Set educational goals and follow them through no matter what life throws in your path. Prepare for an awesome journey and transition into adult hood but don't forget to play when you can to keep your balance in life.


I would tell myself to always strive for excellence and the best job that I can in my courses. I would advice to get the best grades possible since those will help you get a job once college is done and you have obtained your degree. I would also say that college can be difficult but keep working hard and you can obtain any goals that you set for yourself. You need to think positive and you can do anything that you set your mind to. I would also suggest to get as many scholarships and grants that you can qualify for; this will help to reduce your out of pocket expenses you may have to pay later on instead of having to get student loans.


I would tell myself, go to college right out of high school and dont take a break because once you take a break, life starts happening to you and it just gets harder to go back. You just have to stay focussed and keep telling yourself that you're young and you have a lifetime to party and live it up. Once you have your degree, you will see the fruits of your labor and you will be ready to take on the world and especially as a woman, you will have that independence.


Morgan, you are a straight A student and on the honor roll, you are an amazing softball player, you are very dedicated and that can get you very far in life! The route you are going to take is going to be very hard. Skipping classes may seem fun at the time but you are going to regret doing the things you are doing! Stay on the softball team and get a scholarship to a really good school. I know you think that getting a college education isn't important but I promise you in five years you will want to go and you will want to be an amazing nurse or doctor! I've seen what happens in the future and yah you did head back towards the right path but that was after you had a baby and struggled to get your high school diploma. If you keep going in the path you are going you will succeed but it will be the hard way! Wouldn't you rather stay in school now and have it be easy? Stop worrying about your friends and more about school because you can do this, I know you can!


I would tell myself as a high school senior, that I definitely should attend college because it's not at all what I thought it was going to be like back then. As a senior, and throughout high school, I didn't think college was for me. I saw it as tedious and intrusive to the lifestyle that I was living. Now that I'm much older, and have had many life experiences, I know how difficult it is to obtain a good job let alone a career without a degree. I also know that it is not tedious or intrusive, but it is fun and worth every second! I would tell myself all of the trials and tribulations I have had to endure because of not going to college. I would also make sure to include how in the future, it is more important than ever to have a degree, on so many different levels. The biggest piece of advice would be to not short-change myself and to learn as much in college as possible. Then I would take my hand and drag myself down to the nearest community college and enroll!


Kateyn--Get the best grades you can get. Dont be so worried about boys and stupid stuff, college is hard and those things wont matter once your here. Focus on school, and your personal self. DO NOT SKIP CLASS. its a hard habbit to break once you realize how much more independence you have in college. Just do the best you can, when you can becuase thats all you can do.


If I went back in time and spoke with myself, I would talk about reality. Educational attainment is strongly related to income. The pool for prominant jobs shrink as you go higher. You become more preferred with a higher education. You are defined by what you know and how you express it. This transition will be an adjustment. You have to stay self-motivated. Ask yourself, what you plan to accomplish in college and what brings you happiness? Reflect on these ideas, write them down, find a direction that maximizes this. Don't persue another person's vision for you. Be sure to speak with counsellors on how to achieve your goals. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Information is free and abundant. Put together a roadmap on courses and have checkpoints. Life will throw obstacles and distractions on your path. Stay vigilant and focused on the bigger picture. Debt will always be a factor. You have to remain fiscally aware and prepared. And lastly, don't be afraid to try new things: learn a second language, pick up an instrument, or try a sport. College is about growth but make sure you grow in the right direction.


There are several advices I would give myself. I would say always stay focus, continue to build my education, and never give up. First, I would tell myself to stay focus because back when I was a senior, I would let myself get distracted by my friends. Most of them was failing by skipping class, and I started to be a follower. As it got closer to graduating, I was able to pick myself up again, and try my best to stay on tract. Next, I will say to continue to build my education. Now that I am in college, I still need to build education in areas I could of done in my senior year. Instead, I would get it the easy way, I would ask for answers instead of doing it myself. But now, it's different. You need to learn on your own to be a successful person, and that is what I have learned in college. Finally, to never give up. I always told myself that for motivation. Life is what you make it. So I need to do my best in all I do. Staying focus, continue to build my education, and never give up.


To go for it and try your hardest because it is definitely worth it. Try to stay focused and ask for help if you need it. Remember that it is easier to go now and finish young than go back after you have a family and/or kids and have a full-time job. Plus you make a lot more money with a degree than you ever will with just your high school diploma. Do your best and don't worry all the time. Manage your time well and you'll do fine. Pick a school you feel comfortable with, and who also has a good track record with graduates and accredidation. Ask questions about everything from financial aid and what is available to your academic advisor whenever needed, don't be scared to ask for help. Talk to students attending and get their opinions on the school and the atmosphere.


I would advise myself not to attend Kaplan University because they are totally not helpful in any respect--especially when it comes to the financial aid department. I am not sure that the degree will be worth anything either, but I hope that it will be--I have invested considerable time and money in it. The financial aid department is the biggest waste of human resources I have ever seen. Academic advising is a close second to that. I would discourage anyone from going to this institution and have done so!


I have learned to deal with many or my issues related to combat stress that I experienced while serving in Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom. As a medical retired United States Marine, my experiences at Kaplan University and degree path opened my mind and influenced my current career path and pursuit of a Ph.D in Psychology or a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. I owe all of this to Kaplan University, for opening my eyes and giving me a stronger grasp on how to help other returning combat veterans learn to cope, and over come their own PTSD, related issues. Kaplan University gave me the tools and laid a foundation that I once thought could never be fixed or that I could over come. And now I am currently applying for graduate schools across the United States and here in California to pursuing my new goal, and one day being able to help other combat veterans like my self.


At 43 years of age, a college education seemed a thing of the past but when looking for options, Kaplan showed me that I am never too old to learn and that is exactly what I have done. I have enjoyed the classes and feel that I have learned to speak for myself and express my opinion in a kind and thoughtful way while still getting my point across. I have learned to be open-minded as I am learning from my peers as well as the professors in each course. The work load is very attainable but has required me to use my time wisely. I have done much better academically then I ever anticipated and my self esteem has gone through the roof. My college experience thus far has broadened my horizons and opened my eyes to the possibilities of the middle aged woman. I am so glad that I took the leap of faith and began the education process. I look forward to the classes each week and the discussion boards with my classmates. What a great experience college has and will continue to be for me.


When I decided to go back to school, the level of fear was exteremly high. I was excited to learn to become a paralegal, however at the same time I was very anxious about the deadlines, tests and amount of homework that would come along with it, on top of already having a full time and part time job. I've learned to make it work and I love it. I have met some unbelievable people, teachers and faculty along the way. The amount of knowledge that I have soaked up in the short amount of time I've been there has been unspeakable, and I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. I can't imagine doing anything else or attending another college. Kaplan is an excellent fit for anyone trying to maintain a living while gaining an education.


I have gotten so much out of it and love it.


I learned a lot of new things about HR.