Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is very open minded and not easily offended. People who are very liberal in their thoughts. Also, someone who is looking to go into business or the medical field.


Kent s State is a diverse school and a great place for anyone looking to learn about various fields, degrees, cultures, and vast diversities. Kent is a university which continues to grow and improve its programs. What I remember, Kent State has an outstanding nursing program, along with a great counseling and foreign language program as well. It is a great community to learn and grow. It is hard to say what type of student should go here due to is vast diversity and opportunities. But I would recommend it to those who are interested in diverse cultures, and experiences.


Someone who wants to be close to home and wants an education for a low amount of money. This school is good for people who want majors that are hard to find at other colleges.


A person who is open minded, friendly, creative, spontaneous, determined and likes to enjoy campus life.


If you plan to attend Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, you should like a big campus and possibly large classes as well. If you are staying on campus, you need to be someone who can be away from home. You have to be a dependent person and keep up with assignments and deadlines on your own.


Anyone. WIth 23,000 people everyone is bound to find someone. The trick is to be open minded.


I believe that the type of person who should be attending Kent State University is someone who has a passion for learning and furthering their education. Also they should be responsible, respectful people who give back or plan to give back to their community. People attending Kent State University should strive to create a better future for themselves by learning new things, and specializing in a field of knowledge that interests them.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who just wants to get by and do the minimum they have to in order to graduate.


The best thing about Kent State is that it's the right school for virtually anyone. There is a great amount of diversity on campus, and anybody can have a great time here and really succeed. With the amount of clubs and activities, it's the ideal college campus for any type of student out there.


The type of person that should attend Kent State University should be amotivated, open-minded individual.


Someone who is liberal, outgoing, and not afraid to be different. They should be open-minded and have a good work ability and have a caring sense to help others.


This school is not meant for one specific person. This school is meant for everybody! However, some programs are better than others. For example, I know we have an amazing fashion program, but we may not have other programs people may be interested in. So, if we have your program, and you are interested, I encourage you to apply here!


The person that decides to attend Kent State should be open to new people and new cultures. There is an ample amount of diversity at Kent State as well as a large amount of diversity within political, ethical, and other opinions and views. The person who attends Kent State should be one that likes to be involved in organizations and in class, sometimes willing to go beyond the norm. They should also share an appreciation for small town life and be excited to feel apart of a community.


The kind of person that should attend this school, is someone who likes to be around a lot of people. Kent is a pretty big campus and going to class involves a lot of walking as well. If they don't like having to walk a decent distance to class or the fact that there are people pretty much everywhere, then Kent is not the campus for them.


A person attending this school must be open- minded and friendly.


Kent State University is a great place for someone looking to branch out from high school. It is a great university for people who are enthusiastic and good with people as it provides a ton of opportunities to get involved in everything from greek life, to athletics, and community service. It is also a great place for someone who is interested in a unique or research-focused major. There is a big emphasis on academics with plenty of opportunities to succeed for those that may struggle. Overall, Kent State is a big school with a lot of student heart.


A person who wants a diverse learning experience.


Someone who wants to learn, make friends, have a good time and be better prepared for their future.


The kind of person that should attend Kent State University is someone who is really intersted in improving themselves and becoming a well-read, well-rounded person. A person should be open to diversity, change, new experiences, and self improvement-- oh and snow! I believe that by the end of a KSU student's journey they should be able to look back and be able to say "Wow! Look who I've become. I am proud of me."


A person that attends this school should be open to diversity. Also, the person should be hardworking.


Anyone who loves life, has drive, passion, ideas, or even unsure of themselves because you can find yourself here.


Any student wishing to have a meaningful academic experience.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone that is not shy. You want to get along and know everyone on your campus.


The kind of person who should attend Kent State University should be dedicated, smart, openminded, have a good head on their shoulders and be determined to succeed. They should be pushing themselves to work hard at their education because that is exactly what they should be there for; getting a good education and experience in what they want to do when they graduate. Too many people waste their four years in college partying and not applying themselves while Mommy and Daddy pay for it. I believe you should make every second in college count and get the best grades possible.


I am new to this school so I don't know exactly what the pros and cons are of the school. But if you like larger schools with lots of campus life and activity then it's the place for you.


I don't think there is one specific kind of person that should attend this school. It is one of the more diverse and liberal colleges I know. Everyone is unique and different in some way.


People who are laid-back would fit in very well at this school.


Kent State University is a diverse school with people of different cultural and ethnic background; hence, someone who is to attend Kent State should be ready to accomodate the different people. Additionally, one needs to have school spirit and be involved in on campus events to be able to learn more about others and also about themselves. Having schoool spirit is important as the sports bring students of all walks of life together to celebrate one thing Kent State University.


Someone who is focused and driven and has passion for their University.


Literally any type of person can attend this school. I am a small town country girl and I am friends with people who are involved in theatre, heavy metal bands, young republicans, people who are on the fishing team, greek, and independent students... It is a very diverse program and there is a place for everyone. The only qulification you need is to have an open mind and to be well balanced (in order to handle school work and a social life).


Anyone should attend Kent State because it is so diversified, you're bound to find friends just like yourself, and program that fits exactly what you want to do with your life.


People who like diversity and a big student body will thrive at this school. This school is very open to many different religious beliefs. People who like snow will also benefit on this campus.


Those who attend Kent Sate University should be open to diversity, as it's everywhere, dedicated to theirn since their attending a University, a four year school and ready to grow as a person. Kent State is a very involved school, if you as a student start falling behind in their studies there are people on you right away helping you to get back on track; if you commute their are constant emails trying to get you involved and if your doing what you need to there are constant reminders that there are people to help you in various circumstances.


Anyone can attend this school. It is a very open and accepting campus and offers plenty of jobs and financial aid for those who need monetary assistance.


Someone who should attend Kent State is someone who wants to get a good education. They may not know what they want but they are sure they can figure it out because of all the majors Kent offers. There are plenty of opportunies to meet new people and help out the community.


One that does not mind long walks to class on a cold winter morning.


To attend Kent State University you must be open to meeting people. Everyone here is so open and kind. They're are also tons of activites to attend, groups to join, and parties to enjoy. Kent State University is a very social place full of helpful people. Anyone with a good attitude towards others will do just fine here.


A focused person who wants to learn about their career choice. A person who is willing to spend time studying their coursework in order to be successful in their chosen field.


This school is really open to anyone.


Kent State University students should be ready to dive into a diverse, fun and inspiring education and lifestyle. The large campus allows students to engage and meet new people from all across the world and still have the feel of a small town home. A person attending KSU should be enthusiastic about learning, open to meeting new people and ready to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to grow intellectually. Students attending Kent State University come in all different ethnicities, lifestyles, sexualities and ages.


I would reccomend to Kent State to anyone because it has such a great enviroment. Everyone is friendly here and the campus is well diversed. Also, there is so much help for class. For example, students assemble free tutor sessions for hard classes. Kent is all around a great place.


Literally anyone should attend Kent State University. There is such a vast diversity here-- and so many things to be involved in! There are minority groups and clubs, a large greek life, incredible theater and dance departments, and everything inbetween. There is something for everyone.


Kent State is a good fit for all kinds of people. Its a very large school with a major for pretty muchanything you can think of. There are special communities set up for similar majors, or majors in the same college. Somebody that loves to be active and social in their community would love Kent State. The student body is a great group of productive individuals who have a lot to offer everyone they meet.


Anyone should attend this school! There is a place for every type of person. Kent State offers different social events that allow students to get to know each other from different backgrounds. Students will never feel like they do not fit in because there is a place for everyone.


I believe that this is a school for a high school student who has a good focus on what they want to do with their lives and how they want to accomplish their goals. The student should also be responsible, and it would help if their parents supported them well.


Kent State really does have something for everyone. With over 20,000 students here you're bound to find friends that are loooking for all the same things you are. With many different clubs and organizations to be a part of, its not difficult to find where you fit in. College isn't easy, you definitely need to have a good work ethic and study hard, but there is a wide variety of majors so there is something for everyone.


Any type of person should attent Kent State Universtity. People here range from african americans, international students, students who are into greek life, students who are from different parts of the United States. Every type of person attends Kent State University. Just be ready for cold weather!


I don't think that there should be any one "kind" of person that should attend Kent State University. I welcome diversity because that is what makes Kent State different from other Universities. With a diverse student body, I am taught to be more accepting and understanding of different cultures and religions.


Someone who is very friendly and loves the outdoors should attend this school. They should be open to expressing themselves and they should be passionate about getting involved in the community.


A person looking into kent should be outgoing and very spunky. There are many people that do not like Kent because they feel like they do not have any friends. You have to go out and meet new people. It is much better once you do that.