Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who is serious about nursing, architecture, graphic design or fashion should attend this school. You jump right into your major and don't have to go through a year of generals. In the first year you will know if that is the major for you or not, which gives you the chance to jump ship and find what you are really meant to do without wasting a lot of your time. The campus is beautiful and there is something for everyone here. It doesn't matter who you are, you will find somewhere to fit in.


Someone who doesn't mind living in a small town and wants a diverse and liberal experience.


Someone who is determined to excell, Stirve for optimal opportunities. There is many resourses located around tyhe school, so anyone with interest in sports to art to architecture to politcs to education to retail should attend. The studies on campus are large and you will never get bored.




The type of person who should attend my school should be an open-minded person who has the ability to be open to a diverse environment and to learn alot about others and their cultures.


If you're the type of person that loves to meet new people, be involved in your school, and do what you love, then Kent is the school for you. If you have an idea of what you want to do Kent turns that idea into a memorable 4 year experience career you'll never regret.If you dont know what you want to do for your career, Kent offers many decisions and expiremental classes to get you started and give you an idea. If you want to better yourself as a person then Kent is the place for you.


Someone who is open to new experiences, easy to get along with, friendly, focused on school work and able to keep an open mind.


A lot of different people would fit in on campus. There is a lot of international students, athletes, artists, "nerds" and loners. Suburban lifestyle.


People who love diversity and a fairly large community would love this school


Anyone that has a desire to learn.


Anyone who has a desire to better themselves and who wants to be prepared for "the real world." If you are hard working and creative, not afraid to get your hands dirty and willing to put in long hours, the Arts program at Kent State would be a good fit for you.


Anyone who is ready for a large college environment and the training to master their craft.


I think that anyone would attended Kent State University would fit in and be successfully. The school is challenging but not unbearable. There are a lot of organizations for nearly every interest. Anyone that is looking for a not to small but not to big school would find Kent as having the perfect balance. There is barely and violence and is an overall safe and welcoming place to attend. There is so much to do around and on campus, but academics is a high priority for most students.


It seems to be more of a liberal school so conservatives like me might be a little intimidated at times. Someone who is firm in their beliefs and hesitant to be swayed would do well here.


Someone who enjoys learning but still who likes to have fun would enjoy Kent State.


Anyone who wants to learn in an environment that isn't extremely stessful.


Someone who is looking for a degree should attend this school. If someone doesnt know what they want to major in, this school has many different majors you can check out and find what fits you best. Also, if you already know wexactly waht you wan to do for a career Kent State University has the ability to make it happen.


Students attending this school should have a strong desire to do well academically and work hard for the degree they hope to earn.


With Kent State being known as the party school in the state of Ohio, an incoming freshman student should know if they have a goal to accomplish that they have to be focused on their goals. It is very hard to get side tracked from your studies becuase there are many distractions taking place, but if the person has career goals then they should learn how to balance their social life with their academic life.


A person looking for a school with diversity and artistry should attend Kent State University. The campus is large, but not too large. The classes are big, but not too big. The social life is diverting, but not too diverting. The University is for students seeking a left side brained school that would appear to house those right side oriented.


People who are interested in having a balance between getting the social experiences that are associated with college and preparing for their chosen career will be the most successful at Kent. Many of the students are dedicated to getting an advanced education, but there are also many students who view college as a way of life. The most successful students will be people who are open to new experiences and who are willing to go that extra step to get the most out of college, because it is not necessarily expected of you, you have to expect it from yourself.


You should attend this school if you want the independent feeling of college, but still want the "at home" atmosphere. Someone who is wanting to be a part of a great student body and academic learning experience. Whatever it is that someone would want to get out of their college experience, they will be able to do so at Kent State University.


Students who are very open to opinion are perfect for Kent State. It is a liberal arts university, and one can tell from the various student organizations. Kent is a great school for those who like to be involved, enjoy the arts, and are not easily distracted by social events.


People that are eager to learn and excited to create a better future should attend Kent State.


This school is best known for its science and engineering. For example, Kent State is where liquid crystals were invented. We also have famous architecture and fashion programs. All in all, if your focus is leans more towards math and science and less towards the arts, you're set.


an outgoing student, who is willing to except diversity. They must be willing to meet many new people and ready to learn a lot. The professors at Kent state university really give their students challenges. also they must like to walk outside because kent state is a huge spread out campus.


Kent State University is welcome to anyone. Students who live near Kent should attend and students who live in other countries should attend. The university is open to anyone and welcomes whoever wishes to attend. The university is located in a very welcoming environment and is home to so many people. Anyone who wishes to be educated in a welcoming environment should attend Kent State University.


I would recommend Kent State to any student that wants to continue their education, or wants a great job. There are hundreds of opportunities in the world, it is just about getting your hands on them. By going to a university and presenting a degree to an employer, you could potentially get a job that will make you feel accomplished as a person. Whether it is helping other people or fixing technology that makes life easier, a college degree will help anyone willing to make an effort to set goals for an amazing career.


A person that wants to learn and explore new things.


Anyone that want to get a great education. This is a third school that I transferred, and i believe this is one of the best schools in Ohio. Great campus, very comfortable surrounding


I believe it should be someone who is serious about getting a higher education. The professors at Kent State really know their fields and most currently work in them as well as teaching. Some of the programs such as the Psychology program and the Fashion program are the tops in Ohio as well as the country. The campus is beautiful and well taken care of and a very relaxing place to go to school.


Open-Minded Students, anyone who has an interest in the Arts (good art program and Design program)


A well-balanced student fits in great at this school. A potential student should have at least a little bit of sociability as well as academic diligence. This campus can be distracting with its social events like fraternities and sororities so maturity and responsibility will go a long way. A student looking for a very rural area or a very urban area will likely not find what they're looking for because Kent State is located in a suburban area that fuses the social comfort of the city with the natural beauty of the country.


Anyone who wants to get a great college experience as well, a great education from great teachers who take the time to make sure that the students understand what their learning.


A person who likes to meet new interesting people. Someone who likes to be involved in a lot of different things and surrounded by interesting people.


If you're interested in becoming a translator, this is the school to go to. If you're into partying, you'll find places to go. And regardless of your political views you will find people who are like-minded, as well as those who feel differently and can expose you to new perspectives.


one who is open and accepting


Anyone can attend this school, there is plenty of diversity. They offer lots on things for different cultures and religious programs. I feel this collage is good for anyone looking to go to a good school that for the most part is safe.


I wouldn't say KSU really has a certain type, because the school is so diverse it really accepts all types. I came here because I didn't know really what I wanted to do, or where I wanted to go, therefore a school with an excellent diversity program was right for me, because it allowed me to take some time to decide what I wanted to do, without having to take classes that were superfluous.


Any person who wants to attend a laid back college that supports its students.


Those that attend college should not come to expect it as a right or privilage, but as a chanced opportunity to make a great change in not only their life, but the lives of other people that share our world. They should be willing to see the "big picture" that they are the lucky ones to be able to go to school and get an education. That there are people in the world who are not able to afford such an opportunity and as such, live in an undeveloped country with no hope of bettering themselves.


Someone who attends Kent State University should want to experience diversity. You meet a lot of great people at this school from all different backrounds. You also need to be very dedicated to your school work like in all universities. The teachers are from all parts of the world so you definatly need to get to know your teachers so you can understand their different teaching styles. A Kent State student should be driven to join as many clubs and organizations on campus as possible. All the organization and groups with help you throught your life.


Anyone. There really is no limit as to who would fit in here. The people are great on this campus and open their arms to everyone. There is a niche for every kind of person. From the architecture major to the jazz dance major. Everyone has a home on this campus.


People who should attend this school are people who are looking for a good time. People who are not quite sure what they want to do yet but are willing to work to find out. Anyone who is looking for an easy going campus with the same kind of poeple and professors.


The type of person that should attend this school schould be accepting of other cultural beliefs because the campus is so diverse. They should also be very dedicated to their school work because Kent State is very career focused.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who enjoys big campuses and being around thousands of people each day.


Someone who's not too shy to wave hi to strangers on their way to class, or to evade the hippies playing bongos by the student center on friday nights. A person that will strike up a conversation to the guy wearing a little bit too much black eyeliner, or that will help that girl that tripped and who's papers are now floating up to the sky with the help of the passionate Ohio winds. Someone who didn't mind it was colder than ever outside and convinced friends to go build a fort in the snow.


Many different kinds of people attend this school. I've met people that range from feminist anarchists to sexist conservatives. Don't just people based on their looks and try not to be too offended by what they have to say. Its quite possible here to have friends that cover all ranges of the personality spectrum, but there are also many groups and organizations that allow you to interact with people that have the same beliefs and views that you do.


A person that is fine with drastic changes in the weather and someone who okay with the culturally diverse professors. The professors here were hard to get used to because most of them were from other countries. I was able to adjust because I accept all cultures even if they are unusual to me.


A person with a lot of drive who is willing to work hard to succeed in their intended career.