Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe the person that should attend this school would be the type of person that is ready to learn and is ready to recieve the tools he/she needs to start off their careers.


The type of person in which should attend Kent StateUniversity is the type of person who's comitted to work, also a person who enjoys campus life rather its the many activities on campus, the different clubs or just viewing the what the campus has to offer. If a person says yes to those then I greatly believe that Kent State University in Kent, Ohio is the college for them rather they are an undergradutae or a graduate student.


Anyone that wants a good education and has the drive to succeed in school.


Anyone who likes a suburban campus, that is well diverse and has something for everyone.


Any person who is looking for a good education and does not mind a large campus with many students and large classes.


The type of person who should attend the Kent Campus of Kent State Universtiy should be a person who wants to go to a school that isn't too big nor too small. This school allows the opportunity to have both personal conversations with the teachers/professors along with a relation you would find with a large lecture class


Kent State University takes pride in being diverse and welcoming to all students. I have made friends from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and even nationalities. The Kent area is a great place for international students to study because it is a small town, but we are close to larger cities. There are opportunities for internships and extensive research available to all students and areas of study. Kent State University is a great school for driven students looking for more than just education. There are community service opportunities available both domestically and internationally.


Someone who enjoys having a good time, enjoys working hard and is focused on thier career and future goals to keep all of the fun on campus activities and school prioritized.


I think a person who is ready and willing to learn should attend Kent State University. Someone who wants to push themselves academically should attend this school. Also someone who is looking for a well-rounded college experience would have a profitable experience at Kent State University.


I think any person who is serious about bettering themselves and their families should attend this school. Any person who is willing to overcome adversity in their own lives and strives to make a difference in their world should attend this school. Any person who strives to increase their knowledge so as to put themselves in a better position within their place of employment should attend this school. Any person of any age can attend this school, but you must be willing to give your all and not settle for second best.


A person who is here to learn more. Not because their parents are making them. People flush their education down the toilet because to them it's free. For me it's not. I had to fight to be here, if other people didn't have to, good for them. I just hope that they take it seriously. Being here is an opurtunity and we all need to remind ourselves of that. I am here to gain knowledge and learn about the world. A person with this in mind should be here.


Someone who likes to party, but be serious, too.


A person who wants to learn should attend KSU.


a friendly person, who is easy to get along with, and wants to have a good time. someone who isn't shy, and who is outgoing, and open to new ideas and thoughts.


Anyone should attend. You can find a group of poeple like you or adapt to something new. Everyone can fit in somewhere if they're willing to put in any effort. It's been a great experiecnce for me and i look forward to the rest of my years there.


By all means avoid our football program. I dont see our record improving any time soon. If your interested in nursing, fashion, technology, or business; Kent State has excellent programs and resources that will catapault you to the next level.


A person should attend this school who has money or is not worried about vast amounts of student-loan debt. Kent is a party school, but those who are looking for good art/art education/teaching programs and who are committed to their learning will find that Kent is worth every penny.


The kind of person that should attend KSU is an extrovert. They should be open to new experiences and new types of people. Its a large campus with various types of people.


A lot of people see Kent State as a party school, I believe that if you are going to come here you should not be coming for the party. Yes people have get togethers but you will fall behind if you get caught up in too much. The person should be very hard working and ready for any challenges that are presented to them.


I think that any type of person could come to school here and feel welcomed. I have met such a diverse group of people. There are so many different groups and organizations to become involved in that it make the transition very easy!


goal oriented


Someone who is open minded about everything. Someone who is willing to be open to others ideas and opinions. This school is very liberal and has very many opiniated people who are very stubborn. This school is not too strong on academics but does have some good progrmas that are well respected. Another type of person who could go here is someone who is not sure what they want to do with their life yet. This school offers a varitey of classes that could give someone a good idea of what they want to do.


self-motivated and very diciplined individuals


Anyone would be a good candidate for this school. It is very open to all people, artistic or business-like. People are free to be who they are, and it is well known for a lot of the available majors.


Anyone should be allowed to attend this school. It does not matter what color or race you are. This is America, the land of the free. Schools should not omit someone because of thier race. Also, schools should not give some races more financial aid than others. I have many African American friends that attend my school for free! Their parents make about the same as mine do, some more, and some less than others. This is not fair! Why does the system conform to some races and dismiss others?


The person that should attend this school is someone that likes to be around a lot of people on campus. There are always so many people that you can meet in classes and other outside activities that you see on campus everyday! This campus is very diverse, so being open to new ideas and people is very important for your success.


This school is for everyone, everyone can find a place here if they look for it.


A person who wants the stereotypical college experience. This is a liberal campus with lots of things to do and lots of different people to meet if you want to. A person who is willing to try new things and have fun but should be able to distinguish between social time and study time,


A career-oriented student who is looknig for a university that teaches all that you need to know and more for your field, but will also show you a very good time.


Any kind of person should attend this school. I feel that there is already a wide variety of ethnicities, races, education levels, ages and personality types. Studies must be taken seriously, but there are plenty of non-school related activities to do on campus or in the city.


Really any kind of Student would fit in here. It's such a big school that you will find someone or a group of people to settle into and make long lasting friendships.


Anyone, especially art students!


Someone who is serious about their education and is determined to complete their future goals in life. I had to wait a few years until I was ready to go to school so I am a few years older than a majority of the students but it isn't even an issue. Everyone here is excited to be at school and very helpful to each other. This school is for someone who is passionate about learning and the career field they want to enter.


Anyone could do well at KSU.


The school doesn't have the strongest academic base, but students usually do well if they try. So it's best for the average student looking for a state school. It is what it is.


Anybody should come to Kent State. The atmosphere here allows all people from different walks of life to attend.


A person who is able to balance a social life and education is the perfect person for Kent. Alot of students go out and have fun in the evening hours, yet they are also able to recieve great grades and succeed in school.


Any person that is open-minded to change and a well passed enviroment. People here are friendly and social active as well as dedicated students. You should be driven for excellence and you can achieve that here with the right mind-set.


Students that are very focused