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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Everything happens for a reason


The advice I would give myself is making sure I stayed on top of things when it came to my financial aid and loans. In high school, it easier because everyone like teachers and staff does the work for you and let you know about deadlines but in colleges you have to take on the responsibility in taking control and making sure you meet the deadlines. It can become frustrating because the staff may not seem helpful but don't give up. You have to be persistent and things will start looking up.


If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school self to keep my focus and not to get distracted from my studies in college. I would also tell myself not to be afraid to branch out and meet people from other places.


If I could give myself advice going back to high school I would remind myself to "never give up". No matter how big or how small the goal is that is set forth it can be accomplished. The only person stopping anyone from reaching their specific goal is that person, so with that said I would advise myself to never give up and to always give my best effort in all that I do.


well high school and campus life is very different,becaause college life is new life and have responsiblity and also there is basic foundtion future life and started independent and self responsiblity , which is good transtional period of future life


I advise you, my high school self to challenge yourself. Often, you have withdrawn from academics or responsbilities that appeared difficult. Sure, the possibility of not getting an "A" in a class or the risk of not looking extremely intelligent to peers can be difficult. But, the risks of arduous action far outweigh the consequences of inaction. As our friend, Joey, once said, in the military, if you do not excel in a task sufficiently, you will be told to do more push-ups as a punishment. But, when you think strategically, doing push-ups only builds your body stronger. It only makes you better equipped to complete tasks quicker. Therefore I challenge you to look at ambitious work as an opportunity to do more push-ups. Everyone has an awkward middle school dance. But once the first guy gets in the middle, and embarrasses himself, it can be enjoyable for everyone. Look forward to embarrasing yourself! I also encourage you to plan daily and to set goals frequently. It is proven that young people have not developed their prefrontal cortex to the level of adults. Adulthood is not about the present, but nurturing goals for yourself and your family.


High School counselors aren't always right. If I were to assume I went back in time and talked to myself as a high school senior, that's what I would tell myself. I would say, "Ericedis, Mrs. Dolins is wrong. You CAN apply to Pratt Institute and get in, just believe in your talent." My photographs were good enough to portrait my talent and be wanted in a "high-class" university. But counselors don't do that. Counselors don't push you to reach your best anymore. They simply assume a "high-class" school isn't going to want you because your SAT scores wasn't high enough, or you have no money to provide to them, therefore, what would you bring to the school? I know the answer, talent. That is what my counselor didn't realize. I had talent, and I knew they would want it. So, I applied. I didn't have the best SAT scores, but guess what? I got in. I believe schools care about what you will supply for the world instead of what you are supplying now in your young years, because this is just the beginning of the future talents.


I have thought about this before and I would tell myself to take high school more serious. I had my fair share of trouble making but inside the classroom I needed to leave the trouble making outside the doors. My GPA was average but it could have been better. I could have used those high expectations as motivation to do better. These traits could have helped my past self and present self, recieve more awards such as; scholarships, and grants, to help pay for college. I would also inform myself on the price of books. I always heard how much expensve it was for tutition but I really heard about the price of books for classes. As for anything I would tell my past self that it will be some bumps in the road but I pulled throw them like a champ.


I would explain to myself that discipline is essential now more than ever. There is plenty of free time, distractions, and pressures that can hinder your prosperity academically. The "temptations" that come with college will test your maturity, your standards, and morals. Most college students are not sure of theirselves when entering college so they fall into situations that provide no benefit, and you might also not be sure of yourself but be sure of what you want and where trying to go. Be sure of what you want college to do for you so your plan and agenda is clear cut. College is supposed to be fun but understand that it is BUSINESS BEFORE PLEASURE.


As a high school senior I would have told myself to attend college while in high school before the age of 17. Anyone 17 yrs of age and younger pays less per semester hours. I would not work and with my parents income I would have qualified for financial aid. Now as a single parent with children and a full time job it is harder to attend school and even harder when I have to pay out of pocket for books and classes.


Dear innocent impressionable 2008 Zack,The journey you are about to embark on will create memories that last a lifetime. I want you to take more chances and never be afraid to fail. You have the potential within you to do anything you want in this life so never give up even when obstacles come your way. Life will throw many challenges at you and your reactions to these challenges will shape the person you are meant to be. Try to get the best grades you can. Even though you think college isn't an option for you financially, you will eventually realize that no matter how hard it may seem, it can be done. College is a time to create memories, enjoy yourself and challenge yourself everyday. It may seem hard having to meet new people or to be in unfamiliar places and situations but it is in doing this that you will learn the most about yourself. Do not waste time being comfortable because comfort doesn't lead to success. It is in the uncomfort that you will really see what you are capable of so step out of what you know and take chances.


I would tell myself to pay more attention to my work load, professors, and classes because its not as easy as it looks.


If I could go back in time to give myself advice I would tell myself to take more time on my SATs and ACTs to better my chances of getting better scores. I would also tell myself to take all my classes more serious not just the classes that related to my major. I would also tell myself to learn more and try to retain more in my english and history class on the account of I still have to take the same classes over in college. If I did better in my classes then i would have a highier gpa and that would then allow me to be eligible for honors at my college. With this advice I feel like my first year of college would have been better.


The transition from high school to college is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} as terrifying and life-altering as it first seems--though, it's not the end of the world, but rather the beginning of a new one. Make the effort to maintain peace within your soul as you begin to discover yourself on a level of pure, conscious awareness through the process of self-actualizing. Recognize your moral responsibilities and accordingly accept punishment for wrong doings of which you are culpable; reflect constructively on your errors. Focus on enhancing your patience. Patience will be, for you, a benefitting and rewarding quality as you are soon to work with others of varying opinion and will be challenged to understand complex, unfathomable and theoretical materials. Open your mind more honestly; humbleness is an immediate and necessary result of thinking of yourself as a part of the world, instead of apart from. Respect the opinions of others and choose your debates based on your evidence, not on your dissension. Remain confident and secure in your intelligence. Willingly accept that you are, always have been, and always will be different. You'll find people someday who will appreciate you, once you can learn to appreciate yourself.


Heres a few points I would tell myself: -Have open mind to other people and their cultures. -You are in school because you want to be and to do better for yourself. Do not take college for granted. You do not want to waste money or your time. -Not all faculty in college are cruel, you have time to find a mentor to keep you on track and help you get where you want to be. -Socialize, make friends, because you never know you may need them for something and you can return the favors. -TIME MANAGEMENT is the most important factor in college. You should plan out your days because there will be days you become overwhelmed with schoolwork, sleep and your social life. Make time for studying but also time to relax and socialize with whoever you want. - The first two years are the best, dont slack in those two years, attempt to get the 4.0 then because once your third year kick in, it gets very hard to maintain the gpa you started with. -Last but not least, do not be nervous, there is always someone there to help or to talk to.


If I could go back to being a high school senior, I would tell myself to apply to more in-state schools because out-of-state fees and transportation is expensive. I would also say to myself to not depend on financial aid to cover all of your tuition and room and board because financial aid is suppose to help you cover some or most of the tuition, not necessarily all of it. Dealing with college life and the transition, I would say to myself that it is not as hard as you think it would be. This is a new chapter, start over. If you think that you did not do as well in high school, going to college is like a new slate. Your high school GPA does not follow you into college, it may have got you in this college, but the GPA that you earn in college is not going to combine with your high school GPA. Also, have a positive attitude, leave all of the middle school/high school drama behind.


To stay focus


If I could go back in time to talk to myself I would be honest with myself in selecting colleges. I would tell myself that, Morgan State is great school and that the choices I made my Freshamen year really hindered my academically. Knowing who you associate yourself with goes a long way. No one is perfect and we all have our own flaws to work on but don't give into the bad. Study all the time. Get in the habit of reading a lot because the old me would never pick up a book. Reading is fundamental! Morgan has so much opportunities that are there to explore. Also I would tell myself that being shy keeps you from showing others what you are capable of. I would definitely tell myself that I should become a mentor because not only do I love to talk but when it comes to youth I drop everything and make sure students are guided in the right path. Always be positive in all you do. Challenges are put in our lives to make ourselves better.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the biggest advice that I would give is to apply for sacholarships. College is extremely expensive and the fact that the majority of people drop out because of money is a major reason to look for scholarships. Another thing that I would tell myself is to apply to more schools. This is because I only applied to a few schools so I didn't give myself enough options where there could have been more money coming my way. Finally, I would tell myself to retake the SATs at least one extra time because I simply could have done better.


If I was to talk to my self as a high school senior, I will tell my self to learn balance. My first year in college taught me that is hard for me to have a relaxing social life because most of my time is devoted to going to class and doing homework. The reason behind this is because in high school, I was really quiet and I rarely socialize, therefore devoting all my time to school work. Now that I have a lot of friends in college, is hard for me to create that balance because is not what I was used to. Therefore, as a college student talking to myself as a senior, I will tell myself to loosen up and be more social. Create a balance between school and friends. By doing this, I can create more social networks that will benefit both myself and my friends as we progress for the future. In other words, is not always about the GPA, but also who you know. That is why balance is important at an early stage so is a smooth transition for college.


The life I would give my self is to know my major as soon as possible and to take my classes really serious. I will also study more in the library and focus. You are going to mae mistakes but just learn from them and grow.


Nowadays, most high school students believe that at 18 years old, one is now mature enough to make reasonable decision concerning ones life. Now as an adult, i can boldly say that 18yrs is just the first step to understanding how to make good decision, let alone making them. The secret to having a good and rewarding high school experience is most importantly to never trust or seek advice from any of your agemates. Let your mother,guardian or any available mature individual be your best friend. From my experience in high school,i learnt that high school students give only about 5{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} positive advices to their mates. In high school, i never listened to my parents because i thought they never understood me,believing that only my friends did. That was my first mistake. Then i started listening to and taking advices from them, which was my second mistake. These two decisions alone made me loose focus and until i left high school, i never understood who i really was and what i wanted in life. The most important time in ones life that he/she should be close to their families is in high school, so choose wisely.


I know you have your ideas, but college is not as scary as you think. There are many people here, student and proffesors alike, that will help you make the transition. If you don't get accepted right away take the opprotunity of going to that pre-college summer program, it will help you in the long run. Not only will you have the advantage of being in a college classroom, but it helps you engage with students who already attend Morgan and students who may be going there. In highschool they always give you a lot of assignments to complete and you nag and complain, but when you get here that will only be the start of it. Don't lose track and get behind, if you need help go to a tutor or talk to your proffesor about the assignment. Don't be shy because they are there to help you achieve your goals. A part of being in college is also making new friends, but be carefull not to get caught up with those who are not serious about their education. Well that's all, I hope your first year goes great. Good luck.


I would tell myself to not ignore what people who are in college tell you it's going to be like. When I first got to college yes it was easy, but in order to be successful after college your grades need to be superb and that does take a lot of hard work and dedication. I would have told myself to start strong, so all you have to do is maintain your gpa not work even harder to raise it.


I would tell myself that time management and obtaining knowledge outside the class room are the difference between having good and extraordinary academic success. Managing your time correctly will allow yourself to perpare appropriately for your class without having to feel the stress of exams, paper, and finals and will allow you to have plenty of personal time. Secondly learning beyond the class room will all you to gain a much deeper understanding of the course material. This extra learning is what will seperate a '"B" student from an "A" student. Also doing so will help in the prefessional world allowing you to find internships easier and excelling there.


The advice I would give to my high school self is to not be afraid and that everything will be okay. In high school, I was upset I was not accepted into my top choice school and that I had to attend my last resort, which was Morgan State University. Moreover, my plan was to complete one year at Morgan and transfer somewhere else. However, I learned that it does not matter which school you attend, but it's what you make of the experience. Now I love my school and I made plenty of good friends. Likewise, I have no intention of transferring schools. I am happy with the decision I made to attend Morgan State University, and I will stick with it.


Do a lot of research on what you would love to study and why. It saves you time in college from switching majors, etc. Secondly, take your high school courses seriously because there is nothing better than an excellent foundation. Don't be too eager to be independent. We all need one another to survive (A tree does not make a forest). Mingle with the right crowd because it goes a long way in determining how you will succeed and the choices you will make. Overall, always stay positive even in negative situations.


I would give myself advice about growing up and making decisions that would help me survive on my own in college. For instance, I would tell myself that time management is KEY from the day you enter college until the day you graduate. Time management is important because no matter what you're dealing with, such as school work, sleep, studying, parties, and even eating, you will have to learn to manage your time in order to fit everything into your daily schedule. Also, money management is a very important aspect of your college career. Managing your money will help you to maintain money for those "rainy days" everyone tells you about. Also, it prepares you to live in the real world on your own as an adult who is now an independent student. Finally, I would tell myself that motivation is very important when it comes to your college trnsition. In order to keep the good grades up when you have such a heavy workload and have too much "on your plate" you must motivate yourself to strive for success beause in the end you will have completed another huge chapter in your life successfully.


Please start aplyiing for school early. Please stay focused as you enter college!


I would love to travel back in time and tell my high school counterpart about the struggle he would endure in the future without a high school education. The lack of accomplishment will always haunt him. “Don’t give up on yourself”, finish high school and then go to college. College not only has so much information available to you everywhere you turn but it holds many other opportunities to. You will meet amazing people with intriguing ideas. Professors and fellow students with insight into subjects you have never pondered. You will learn something new everyday. Even if it is not something absolutely mind blowing, you will still be intoxicated with this new knowledge wandering around your mind. Creativity will spread from this meandering stream of thought and lead you to new ideas and experiences.When you start using this creativity you will find endless possibilities to what you can accomplish. Everyday I tell myself that and everyday I get closer and closer to my goals. Don’t wait as long as I did. My grandfather once said, “If you want to accomplish something you must have the will to do it”. Find that will and do it. I am.


I would defiantly prepare myself finically you need to look for scholarship’s. And learn how to manage your time succesfuly. Make sure you don’t get side tracked by the glam of college. Stay focused and break out of your shell. The key to making it in college is to network. you have to talk and get to know everybody. It's also good to build relationships with your professors, sit in the front and show the professor that you’re serious about your education. Believe in yourself and never get discouraged. Keep your dreams alive. Apply for internships and make sure that your major is really your passion. If you keep all these tips in mind you should have no problem succeeding in your college life.


I would advise my younger self to become more aware of the financial processes involved with attending college. I would also find a mentor to help with decision-making during firstcouple of years at a university. I would also advise my younger self to by pass all of the credit card offers found on campus during freshman year.


After people experience college education, their perception about education changes. If i had to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the most important advice i would give myself is to get use to reading for there would be lots reading in college, and prepare early for it would help out. Not just reading but i would also warn myself that college is not a play ground and i should take learning seriously; when i attend college, i should not take it likely as a high school. high school is a place where a student could fool around and still manages to pass. But if anyone tries to take college as high school, i assure people that they would definitely fail. The last thing i would warn myself is that college is not cheap, so i would suggest myself to get a job as early so i could save up money. Of course the money would not be helpful with tution, but it would definitely help when it comes to books. Knowing this three things would help out when i start college.


Apply to at least 5 schools and apply to them as early as you can. Try to visit the schools you apply to. Take college tours. Apply for as many scholarships as possible. Find out what extracurricular activities the schools have to offer. Research the community/surrounding area of those schools. If you have any questions ask for help.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself, "Prioritize, continue your scheduling, and better it." I graduated in the top 5 of my class and was accepted into every college I applied to. In my senior year of high school, I was taking 3 AP courses and was apart of the Debate Team. I had to lay out a schedule for debate team meetings, homework and studying, and meetings with teachers. My scheduling was successful because I attended every debate competition, passed all of my classes with a 'B' or higher, earned AP credit, and laid out a college plan. I carried over my scheduling abilities to college, however, with me attending such a large institution, I wanted to be involved in a lot of organizations and I just didn't have the time to do it all. My academics did end up suffering my first year of college because I didn't stick with my schedule. So, I would remind my high school senior self to schedule and prioritize, make sure I have enough time for my classes, homework, studying, and the unexpected.


The advice I would give myself is to study hard, make good grades, apply for scholarships asap, meet deadlines and live up the last year of high school.


If I knew then what I know now, I would have did a lot of things differently in high school. My advice to high school seniors and incoming college freshmen, get involved! I cruised by, I got good grades but I didn't join any clubs or play any sports. So when it was time for me to fill out my college applications I had nothing to write about my extra-curricular activities. I was still able to get accepted into college but you definiely Increase your chances by getting involved. In college getting involved works the same way as high school except then it's for networking, and jobs. Getting involved can introduce you to people who could potentially open doors for you in the future. Time management along with getting with being responsible enough to seperate business from pleasure and knowing how to balance each. Respecting yourself, I can't stress enough! Carry yourself with class and dignity. First impression are everything, you only get one shot at it so make it good. I also recommend taking a math class during your senior year it will help your in your freshmen year in college. Good luck!


Even though you are unsure about what you want to go to school for you should still work hard and do well in the classes that you do take. Those credits will still be usable in the future when you do figure it out, allowing you to finish your degree faster and cheaper.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to really take my time in choosing a major and figuring out exactly what it is that I want to do. I would also tell myself to save my money and to apply for as many scholarships as possible.


Being a Senior is great, isn't it? The parties, dances, and sporting events have made you popular! You are beautiful, young, everyone knows you! Live it up, this is the best time of your life. BUT, while you are enjoying all the perks of being in your last year of school, how are you plannning for your future? What goals and ambitions do you have after all of this is over? Have you planned or prepared for your life after school? I want to tell you, that without an education, it is not all fun and games, and it is not easy! Take High School seriously, you could easily throw away your opportunity to prepare yourself for adult life. Think aout how important all of the populairty really is. News Flash, it ISN'T! Get your head in those books, pay attention to what your parents, teachers and guidance counselors are telling you, and GO TO CLASS! If you don't take action now, you will look back at yourself 12 years down the road and you will just be a waitress, struggling, trying to make ends meet. What you do today, affects your family later, Be SMART!


There are lots of key things I would tell myself when I was back in high school. I would tell myself to study harder for the SAT's because I shouldve done better. I would also tell myself to tryout for some of the sports at Morgan so my mom wouldnt have to pay sooo much money for my books, room, and tuition. My mom has worked so hard these past few years to save up for my education, that its getting harder and harder for her to pay for it. Especially since my father isnt in my life anymore, she's been doing this on her own for a long minute now. Lastly, I would give advice for myself to get a job around winter breaks and all, so I couldve been abled to help my mom with paying for my education. Getting a job and maybe even higher grades so my school couldve gave me money, wouldve helped out a lot for me and my mom. Yet since its a little late, recieving this money would help out a lot for paying for my Fall year and a little of my Spring year.


My best College advise to my high school self is to start ‘STRONG’. Starting my freshman year with a GPA as close to 4.0 GPA as possible will not only be a big achievement and pride for me, it will also open up endless possibilities throughout my college years. I may not even need to pay for college tuition for the rest of my college years. This also means that I will have a much better opportunity against the competition to receive scholarships awards, enter research programs, and internships. The ability to have a solid start in my freshman year will set the pace for the rest of my college years. It’s like building a house on solid foundation, it will stand firm even in heavy storm unlike a building on a weak foundation, it will fall apart by the time the storm comes. I will always face some challenges and trials as a college student, like the popular saying ‘The higher you go the tougher it get’ and I say the tougher it gets the stronger I need to be to survive, so for the most part how I start could determine exactly how I will finish.


i would tell myself not to stress on the small stuff. its ok to take breaks and go to parties just dont get wrapped up in the party life that it mess with your education


The high school I went to thoroughly prepared me for my college matriculation. However, personally there are things I could have worked on more before I started college. Mentally I was prepared to face what lied ahead and academically as well. Nonetheless, I would tell myself, "Brea, learn to study more and effectively." We all know college and high school are not the same. There are more distractions and obligations in college than in high school. So, it takes more effort to focus on what is truly important. I never really had to study as much as I need to now. If I had developed a strong studying ethic I would have been better equipped to handle my workload as an engneering student. Also, I recognize it is ok to ask for help when necessary and not to be content with just "passing by" as it were. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance especially when it is right at your fingertips.


I would tell myself to buckle down and take school seriously. It's more important than it seemed at the time, and I think my high school self could really use a kick in the right direction. I'd also tell them not to go to Wright State University like they had decided to do. The school wasn't all it seemed, and really was a hiccup in my schooling. Go somewhere that you will be happy and able to focus, even if it's just Cuyahoga Community College for the first couple years. There is nothing wrong with doing that, and it will help you in the long run. Look into more schools, and focus on your studies when you get there. Sure, you still need to get out and have some fun, but you have to remember, college is about getting your degree so you can have a happy degree you love, not so that you can party. Go out, have fun, but always go back to your studies and get done everything you need to. Don't let the fun consume you, and make sure the school is actually somewhere you will be happy.


Strive for straight A's only. Work hard and take challenging classes like honors and AP. Also, do as met extra curriculm activities as possible. Take a SAT prep classes. Just in general take highschool very serious because it is the jump start of your career.


I would tell myself learn and expound upon time management and communication skills greatly. Talk to as many professors and councelors as you can about life goals and achievements as well as career goals. Also, use your student population to the maximum when it comes to group projects and classes and succeeding in college. Be wise about all the decisions you make in college even if they seem small and sit and really think about a decision before you execute on it to understand the decision you are making is the right decision and not one you really do not approve of. Never let peer pressure get to you in any way. Always use good judgment and take advice from all others as well.


Dear HIgh School Brianna Hope, Stay motivated and if you ever need help in any any subject that teacher is willing to help you. So dont be afraid to speak up and ask questions. Also do not worry how dumb the question is ask it. Another thing is to not worry about whos your friend and whos not because in life friends come and go. Follow your heart and chase your dreams dont let others dicourage you . Brianna You have the potential to be whatever your heart desires to be. Always keep god first and remember that even though things may not work out how you want god may have something 10x better than what you had in mind. Sincerely, The College Student Brianna Hope


If I could go back and speak to my highschool self, I would stress to myself the importance of being proactive in the college application process. As a highschool athelete, I believed in doing what it took to get by instead of pushing t obe the best student athelete. I graduated with a 3.2 GPA, played basketball, ran track, and scored a 1600 on my SATs the first try. I didnt try hard in my classes, I didn't retake the SAT, even though I knew I would do better if I did, and I was lacksidasical when it came to my sports as well. I would stress to myself how much being focused and hard working could pay off. How important applying for scholarships like I am doin now would be back then. I would attept to let my past self know that although I had doubts about my abilities, those were all in my head, and that I actually am smart, I am talented, and that I shouldn't use intimidation of moving on in life as an excuse to give myself the short end of the stick. If only I were able to do that.


Do not give up on yourself during Spring 2012. Just take a mini vaction somewhere fun on spring break and come back to school ready to achieve. Complete ALL homework assignments. Go get tutoring help when dealing with your english class. Participate more in class do not be shy to share your answers. Be a nicer person to your friends, they have good intentions. Do not socialize with the students from back home. Have more on-campus actives to do. Speak up to your roommates about what is really bothering you. Keep smiling.