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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


to parents and students i advise them to check out the school they are planning to attend. spend a few days on the campus find out what really goes on. see if that type of enviroment is right for you. try to know what you want from you college exprience therefor you can know if that school is able to provide it. be sure that you are ready to leave home and that you are responsible enough to make good decisions for yourself. most importantly be sure that you what doing is for yourself and that this is something that you want. some people end up going to a college that they think other people want them to go to and then they end up probably fluking out or hating their undergrad experience.


The advice I would give to students would be before you decide on a college, know the things you would like a college to posses, see which college most fit your criteria, and know that all your standards will not be met. Your first choice in college is not always what you expect or right for you, so remove your previous views or someone else?s views and be open-minded when visiting. To both the parent and student that the student has to attend the college of choice. The student is on a path of living their life independently and that they will have to make decisions that are best for them. Let your child leave the nest and experience life to become the adult he or she is called to be but at the same time be there to provide help when needed. As for the students? experience, ?work hard, play hard, but do not confuse the two?. Live life! College is a wonderful experience but learn to balance your workload with your social life. You are going to make mistakes but learn from them so that it will be a success and your experience will be miraculous.


In finding a college, spare no expense. College is an investment in your future; there's nothing better to spend your money on, While in college, work hard and enjoy yourself


There is no right choice in choosing a college, just follow your own views. Choose which college you want to attend. Attend the college you feel will make you a better person, and will help you to have a bright future. Pick a college that will express your views on life. And if your first choice seems to not be what you wanted, it is very easy to transfer to another college!


If it works for you go for it and achieve!!!


Attending college is a wonderful opportunity to explore, experience, and discover who you are and who you want to be. Deciding which college to attend is not based solely on local, national, or international popularity, but what's the best fit for YOU.Furthermore and more importantly, ensure that you are getting a quality education. Do not settle for less in fear of your failure; instead, take the challenge of choosing a college that will make you a better person. For those who may think that their test (SAT and/or ACT) scores and/or grades in high school amount to how well you will perform in college; think again. Every person is different and unique in their own way. Therefore, scores and/or grades may not determine entirely how a student will perform in college. You can do anything that you enable yourself to do. Work on being the best you can be.


Always visit before you just decide. For students make the choice for yourself, because you will be there for 4-5yrs. not your parents. Have good reccommendations and write good essays. Be aware of the surroundings of the school because you dont want to attend a school that is not in good shape. Choose a school that best fits you and what you feel from the heart.


In order for parents to find the right college for their student, they should listen to what the child wants. Yes the school might be expensive and far away but its all about the experience. They want their child to not only learn and grow but to also have a good time. So when it comes down to the student choosing a college after they've done all the research and done their visits, the parents should just listen because nobody knows wat the student wants more than the student him/herself. Now after the student has got into college the best way to make the most of it is to get involved, whether it be football, soccer, volleyball and basketball games, SGA, Soroities/Fraternities, community service organizations or even occasional partying. The key is to get involved, learn, meet new people and over all have fun and enjoy the college experience.


Carefully choose what school is right for the kind of life you want to live. If your interested in Art make sure you attend the right at school you think will build you a career.


What college should I go to? That is often the question on many high school juniors and seniors minds. Choosing the right college can be tough. One has to decide if they want to attend asmall school or a large school. Then, one has to make sure that the college that is chosen has all of the classes that is needed for the major, if the college even ofers that major. Also matching the personality is important. Being able to have a good time at the school is important because every once in a while, as a student, one needs to take a break from the books. To make the most out of a college experience, students need to take care of business. Make sure the work gets done when it is given and do not wait until the last minute. The earlier the better because then students will have more time to be a part of the social events on campus. There is no point in going to college to waist time. College is a place to learn and get a good education so one can have a bright future.


Do lot of home work on the school you wolud like to attend


I would tell parents and students to take a very long look at whatever school you choose to attend. Go as far as tours and even shadowing a student because the experience is so much more different then you think. In order to make the most of the college experience a student must be productive and stay on campus to get the full effect of the colege life.


study hard


I love Morgan State. I have learned alot not only about my own culture but also others.


Do not just look at the cost of attending but rather the sucess rate of the students after college and how many professors stay for a duration of time. Look into the livinf arrangements offered as well as the structure of the administration of the school and their communication processes.


Make sure to talk to as many current students as well as alumni at the university. Also, look around the university while school is in session and take in the scenery. See the students' attitudes while in class and around the main campus. See if it is in line with what you want to be around.


make sure it is the students decision and not the parents


check the school out. investigate the teachers, majors, education, and how helpful everything is. Pray and ask God to lead you on the right path. join an activity.


Take your time. To the students there is more to college than the party and how far away from home it is. Take the time to assess what you are really looking for out of your school out of your education and go from there. Parents trust your children and truly be a support for the during this time and not another source of pressure if the child doesn't feel comfortable at the school then they wont be successful at the school.




Do not feel that you have failed or think you are not good enough for the school of your first school. You may end up loving the one that you get in to.


Just visit not only the school but the surroundings. Make sure they have all the majors you may be interested in so that you could possibly double major or switch if you realized you have a new found love for another career. Make sure the college you choose is in the ideal area that you think you would want to be in. For example if you are afraid of animals running out in front of you rcar you might not want to go to school in a rural area and if you don't like hearing sirens at night you may not want o be in the city. COllege is about your growth and development choose a place that you think will help you grow. Make sure you are aound people that are going to grow with you, look at statistics!


Make sure while you are in high school to go on college tours and talk to students that attend.


When looking for a college make sure you look at what would benefit the student the most. You must think about what kind of career you want to pursue because all schools do not offer the same majors. Make sure you pick a college that fits your personality, your lifestyle, and your future goals. Also when you get to college remember that you can have fun but you must get your work done because grades are the defining point of your future. You must have good grades to do almost everything in college whether it be playing sports or joining a greek organizations. Grades are also necessary to get into grad school and depending on the tyoe if career it want they also look at different organizations so you must involved. There are many organizations that you can join that open up many different netwroks and opportunities that allow you to become involved and make your college life more memorable.


i would advise that you should not choose a school based on the amount of finiacial aid they have awarded you. you should choose a school that you feel will be most comfortable and proud to attend. and continue to be proud of even after graduation. also, while at school, make the most of it. make as many friends as you can and join as many extra-curriculum activites. but don't forget about the bigger picture, your education. learn and absorb the most you can from your professors and apply it to your professional careers.


do not choose a college based on the amount of financial aid you are awarded. choose the one that you feel you will be proud to attend and will continue to love even after graduation. also, while there, make the most of your experiance at college. join as many school activities as you can and dont be afraid to make new friends and learn new things.


It is a great school and is worth your while.


In order to find the right college a person must first find the right major and field of study they are interested in. Next a person needs to figure out what type of school size and environment they can succeed in. Finally a person needs to know if they are able to pay for the cost of going to college, whether with the help of scholarships, grants, or loans. A good source that can assist a person to know these important details are an advisor from high school and also websites like A way a person can make the most of their college experience is by doing their best academically, and by getting involved in activities on and off campus related to campus life and their major. These things will keep the person occupied in things that can be beneficial to them in the future.


Start researching early so you make the perfect choice for yourself or child. Make sure your financial aid is complete


Don't go somewhere you dont want to go just because your tuiton is paid for. You will be unhappy.


Choose an affordable school which fits your personality!


Just go to college, any choice is a good one


Do your work!!


Before deciding what college/university to attend I believe one should take the time to look at many schools and explore their options. I also feel as though one should take into consideration many factors that need to be considered before deciding on a college. One should look at the cost, location, activites, and housing options. These things should be considered because if they are not looked at closely, one will see that they possibly made a mistake when choosing their college.


Look for a school that best fits you as a person. If you know that it is hard to study when you're school is too big, find a school that makes you feel comfortable. As well as, making you feel like you can achieve your goals and become successful in your future. To make the most of your college experience stay involved with the school. Join a club, sports, or groups that interest you, so that you can have a full experience with your college life. You know that you have chosen the correct college, when you know you feel like you can accomplish anything you want in life, and the people surrounding you make you feel like you belong to your college/university.


Make sure you make college visits to every school your accepted into before deciding to go there. Keep in mind that colleges make their school seem a lot better when they have campus visiting. Ask random students who go to the school about how it is before going there.


let the srudent choose


Find a college that fits the type of person that you are. If you ar not use to a large surrounding then you should pick a smaller campus. Also if you are not into being away from home then find a campus that is to closer to home.


do your research and visit the college to get a vibe of what it will be like...also pick your classes by the instructor for best education.


Parents should be less focused on the name of the school and support their child in whatever major they may be interested in. I chose a university that my parents had never heard of. Despite my parents not wanting me to go away, I proved to them that I was mature and focused. I balanced socializing with studying and graduated at the top of my class. It is not about the name of the school, it is about the experience. The experience of being independent, learning who you really are, making the smallest differences on your campus, being able to reject peer pressure, and possibly making lifetime friends. I chose a major I was passionate about despite my parents thinking that I would never make any money. I proved them wrong again. Although I am not making alot of money, I know that i can have an successful career if I work hard. And the best thing is that my parents recognize it too.


To look at the administration because a well organized financial aid, records, and bursars office will make the four years a breeze. When you have to worry about scholarship money and loans not being applied to your account correctly it takes away from the school aspect. Also have fun it is the best years of your life.


Go with your heart. Make sure the school you choose is one that fits your personality and academic abilities. Dont just go to a college that all your friends are going to because they they cant graduate for you. Overall, Just enjoy your college experience and make the best of it. Be involved, and join organizations that will help make you a better person and prepare you for success in the real world. Good luck and I wish you nothing but success!! Krystal**


I would advise students to research the schools that they are interested in and dont go by hear-say. I would advise parents to listen to thier children and not always try to insist that they go to the school of YOUR choice (especially your alma mater). Your school may not be the school for your child.


Do not attend HBCU's they are stressful unorganized and behind in the world of education and Accreditation. Worst type of universities in the nation. Awful administration and thing about these schools are the bands and the social life plenty of attractive people on the campuses but other than thaqt not a place of higher education.


Make sure that you visit the school and see what it has to offer before you make a decision.


Scout the campus, students, and teachers before making the final decision. If you find someone that you feel is on the same page with you stick to that person because everyone isn't thinking about you-the student. If you want the full experience without living on campus make friends that live on and off campus, read postings, or talk to classmates about upcoming events. But I don't advise people to party and hang out late every night nor the nights before early classes. But school isn't a big party you're there to learn so if you don't feel as if your learning and you have the option to transfer then go with your gut feelings after talking with your family. But if you don't have that option try to stick with upper classmen in your major so you won't feel alone because most likely they've felt the same way. Also do some self searching and independent learning; if you need to find on campus help or a therapist to talk to.


I would advise all college hopefuls to pick a school on a couple of things, starting with your intended major. Somtimes a school will be defined by what major/studies it specializes in. Depending on the quality of the program, your life and career after college can be deeply affected. If one doesnt happen to know what they want to with there college career, then the location and size of a college is another important aspect to pay attention to. By size I mean size of the campus and classes. Some students may prefer a small class setting like myself, and a small campus to make class tranfers easier. Others may favor the traditional lecture hall type class with hundreds of students, and a large campus with properties like those of a small town. To make the most out of a college expirience rember that you are in school to learn, but dont slack on your social life and the enjoyment of life. the best advice would be to find a balance between the two.


Visit the school first and ask all the questions that are on your mind even if they sound stupid. Do all your research on the school and attend a sit in class.


College is what you make it. Some might say a campus is boring but that is only because they don't take the time out to get to know people and organizations so that they can be active. Socializing is not your number one priority, work first play later. Focuse on your school work so that you can continue to get your education. Never take a semester off because most get comfortable and never come back.


I would tell parents and students to do serious research before attending any school and visit the school and talk to current students if possible . I wish I would have done it before I decided to attend anything.