Morgan State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To be more focused and to take on all challanges with the ability to do great.


I were to go back in time and talk to myself about college life and making an transition from high school to college, I would tell myself not to feel ashame and embarrased for asking for accomodations because of my disability, to be opened to taking classes abroad, and to involve myself in more school activities.


if i could go back and talk to myslef before coming here, I would tell myself to stay focused and watch the people you hang around because you become the people you hang around. Also to make time for football and school and study study study. dont try and jugle a bunch of women because all thats going to do is take up all of your free time and you will end up broke and lonely at the end of the day


Read more about your intended major, to better prepare yourself. SAve your money for supplies and spending.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advice my myself to study and read alot more. I have learned that studying the material outside of the classroom will help you master it. I would also advice myself to manage my finances properly and listen to others. There have been times where I did not have enough money to buy books and had to borrow or copy others. Another thing I would advice myself is to participate in acitivities on campus. By participating in activites on campus this would allow me to get to know others and better my communication skills. Lastly, I would have been motivated and confident about starting college. I was not very confident my first year in college and decided to drop out. Once I set my goals and realized that obtaining a Bachelors Degree of Science in Accounting was one of them I enrolled again. Enrolling back in college was the best choice I could have made. It has taken me longer than a traditional student to become a Senior, however I am graduating May 2014 and am more confident than I have ever been.


The advice I would give to myself is simple. First I would tell myself to take advantage of all of my resources often. A student should know what and where every available resource is on their campus and how to take advantage of it. Beyond that it doesn't make sense to do something that will benefit you only once. Do it as many times as possible and doing that would connect to my second piece of adavice; NETWORK. Once you know where everything is and take advantage of the resources available, make sure that the people in charge of these resources know who you are. This makes most petty issues at school disappear with a phone call. Cultivate these relationships and the wil go a long way. Lastly, Do Your Work. All the relationships in the would won't get you a degree if you aren't doing your work. Doing work and being talented are two different things as well. Talent without work ethic is meaningless, but those who aren't talented who have work ethic will go far. So what ever you do make sure the work comes first.


absolutely nothing, i believe God orchestrated me landing at morgan for a reason


I would say that i should stay focused and be able to balance my studies and social life.


College is not as hard as people made it seem. Its a lot better then high school, you will make better grades.


I would tell myself to apply for a lot of scholarships and retake the Math COMPASS test to get a higher score. Even thought my parents are making me go to Trident, do not doubt what you can learn. Also the math is really easy and the homework is online, so do not get in trouble and keep the calculator at home. Always take your engineering notebook/or sketch with you.


The first advice I would give would be prepared for those sleepless nights. I would urge myself to avoid procrastinating and began assignments promptly. I would recommend not being consumed with only trying to get good grade but enjoying other activities my college has to offer. My last but most important advice would be learn all you can be never forget who are and what brought you to the point where you are now.


When I entered my senior year of high school I treated it just as I had treated all of my education leading up to it. My main goal concerning my education was to complete the work that was set before me. Throughout my high school years I was homeschooled and while working with my parents it was determined that the main focus of high school would be to achieve my diploma. While working to achieve the diploma was rightfully a good goal, it being the only goal resulted in a problem. That problem was I never worked towards other goals that would be beneficial to my future. If I could go back and talk to my senior self I would advise myself to work towards a college goal. I would recommend looking at colleges that were good for me and, most importantly I would press myself to find a passion that I could use to assist myself in finding a career that is right for me.


Being a college student is a far different life than being a high school student. High school is an education system whose principles are based upon providing a broad education experience, while college is an education system that focuses on a single field of study. College classes expect the majority of work and studying to be done by students outside of the classroom, and students that do not study outside the classroom do not earn the high grades others are achieving. Good advice from a college student to a high school student would be to think more about the future, and to plan on what goals to set and how to achieve them. A common goal to create would be setting an achievable GPA to work for. Many students create much more stress for themselves by setting a very high GPA and underachieving that goal than creating a goal they can achieve. Creating a study schedule to follow habitually, determine the best methods of studying, and balancing a work and school schedule are good skills to work at also. The best way to prepare for college is to eat, sleep, and breathe like a college student.


I would tell myself to study the most i could.


Dear Chikere, I am your past writting to your present. If you could go back to the days when you were a high school senior the main advice I would give you is to do more research into the college life, appy for scholarships, and be more involved in high school. College is a great networking place If you were more involved in acadmic clubs or perhaps sports paying for school probably would have been a breeze. You should have applied for scholarships and never doubted yourself because with faith anything can happen. I know the past is the past but its never to late to try for a better future. But, regardless of your high school decisions you are still paving your acadmeic success in college. I am proud of you. sincerly, Your high school self.


The advice i would give myself is to make the necessary financial arrangements. while matriculating through my first year in college , i knew for a fact that i did not do all the research that i should have. Another thing i would tell my high school self is to never go without buying books and to never let anyone get best of you.


Find a mentor or an upperclassmen that will give you great advice and can guide you to make the right decisions. Take your school work seriously because you want to get the most out of your learning experience. Even though you may be hesitant look to get involed with an on campus organization, or play a sport. As far as roommates are concerned, only room with people you really know and trust and make sure you have your own room that can be locked and unlocked with a key. Make sure you have a job, preferably on campus, so you can have money for typical expenses. Try not to be a reckless spender in the event you receive a refund check, save as much as you can without buying things you absolutely dont need.


The advice I would give to my high school self would be to slow down and enjoy life. I fought so hard against my parents to getout and do things I wasnt ready for and now that I have done the stuff I ask was it worth the fight? But thats just a hard headed kid for you thinking the grass was greener on the other side. I would tell myself to take school more serious and realize my potential and propel farther. I would tell myself to take some college classes and try harder in my AP classes. I would tell myself that ny petty things that happen during high school isnt that important. I would tell myself to make sure not to stress myself out and enjoy life in the moment


Punishing yourself for past mistakes helps no one, and can actually prevent you from being successful in college and in life. When you mess up (as you will many times), don't beat yourself up for it. Mistakes serve a purpose-- self-education. Analyze what happened, what you did, and the results of your actions. Consider what you could have or should have done instead. Take comfort in the fact that you have learned from your errors and that you now know how to avoid repeating them in the future. Do what you can to minimize any hurt you may have caused to others AND to yourself. Once you have done these things, you don't have to make yourself feel bad about screwing up. The mistake has served its purpose; it taught you something. You've done what you could to make things right, and you won't make that mistake again. Remember, being perfect isn't the point. You're learning, just like you're supposed to. Yes, it hurts and gets you down a lot, but even the happiest people have made grievous errors in their past. They learned from them and moved on. You can, too.


I would tell myself to not slack off in high school, and play around in certain classes. To start thinking about college and what my major should be right off the back. To do research about colleges based on the professors, teaching regarding my major, and other things like cost. Become active in shadow activities to learn about what I would like to do later in life when I decide to go to college.


As a college student there are many distractions to keep you from doing your very best. If you put your education first and remember that is the reason you're there, everything else will fall in place. Also remember to explore your campus because Morgan State has many things to offer. The library is free, so utilize it. Do not wait until the last minute to cram in your work because it will only put more pressure on you. You're in college, so be sure to have good time management. Even though you're in college, remember to enjoy yourself. You do not want to be a dorm rat; go out and have fun but balance your free time and your school work. As long as you keep up your grades up, you'll enjoy your first year more. Also go to the events the school has and show some school spirit. You'll be able to meet new people and network.


"Stay true to yourself, but be sure to enjoy the ride including every bump." That's exactly what I would say to myself. I learned so much my freshman year of college, but the most important lesson was to stay postive. I lost a lot of friends from high school but I gained a few amazing new ones. My first semester grades were discouraging, but second semester I made up for them. It's so easy to get discouraged and distracted but it is so important to see each situation through to the end. Be kind to others because you can learn from them. Be yourself because there is someone who is a perfect match to your true personality. Get involved. But most importantly have fun! Stay focused but remember that college is an experience as a whole. Don't take it for granted, it's only four years!


I will advice my self that for sure, I will face a lot of peer pressures like going to parties as I transition in to college, but I should not give in so that i will not lose focus in my college career. I will tell my self not to be ashamed to ask for help or question on anything that I did not understand while I am in college. I will advice my self to do my best and secure a scholarship in college if I am not transitioning with one. I will advice my self to be on at the best of moral behavior when i get into college.


First, I want to start off saying don't be scared. Transitioning is easier than you think. Just keep pushing forward because the pay off is better than expected. Secondly, do not take a year off, go straight from high school to college! It would be nice to have more credits under your belt before your life begins as a mom, wife and a working woman. Do not think you can't handle something just because it seems like a lot of work, it isn't you just like to procrastinate. Life will be tough but you are stronger than you think and there are so many people who come into your life that will love you and support you no matter what decisions you make. Thirdly, live life as much as you can try not to miss out on the bad times, the good times and the strange times its all those things that make you as strong and determined as you are!


I would say just take your time when doing your work. Make sure you go to your professors office hours. You do not have to go to every social event there will always be another one.


I would tell myself that while you're still living at home with parents not eager to kick you out go for the four year degree as opposed to the two year associate's degree. The bachelor's degree would have set me up better to continue my education at a later date if I chose to go back. I would have probably been more financially stable as well to afford to go back to college as well, or at least in a job that would have allowed me the time and flexibility to do so. I would also have told myself to go get a degree that syncs up with where my heart is. People that have careers they are passionate about tend to see their work more as a labor of love than a means to an end. The final thing I would have told my High School self would be to not look at material possessions as the mark of what makes a man. Life, while short and a lot of times tough, is not a journey of self pleasure seeking. Life is about helping meet the needs of others, and building quality relationships with people.


Make sure to take your time, and really make a decision about what you want to do in your life. College is going to be hard, and it is up to you to make the decision to set up your life.


If i could turn back the hands of time, i would sit down and learn without distractions, i would not look at the university or college as a place where you be free from your parents and do whatever you want to. As a female , i will never think that college is where to meet the best guys and hot guys. I would will see it as a stepping stone to my future, the foundation of my most pleasant days. I would never have played with so many years before i can finally decide to continue my education. i would set a target to be a Nurse before i turn 25years old. The future is in your hands, nobody can make your future, not even your wealthy parents. If a person must succeed, you must avoid peer pressure, and occupy yourself with the things that can make your future brighter. widening out in a moral way, and be friends to only those who openly condenm your bad side. Refuse strictly bad company and those who view the future blindly. Lastly, think critically, do not act before you think. You are your future, create it or break it.


I would advise myself to open to a different career opportunity that maybe one that you may not think you like, love and/or enjoy.


If I could give you any advice, I would tell you three things, that would get you ready for college. Number three would be know what you want to do with your life before going into college. I know advisers say you have all this time, but in reality you don’t . Even further, knowing what you want to do you means won't have to waste time doing things you don’t need to, and that would save you time and money. Two, pace yourself. Take your time, don't try to do everything at once, because you will cause yourself unnecessary stress and in turn the stress will negatively effect you and your studies. So slow down, think, then act. And last but not least, stay focused. I know it is hard with all the new experiences, responsibilities, and life lessons in front of you, but try your hardest to never lose sight of your goal. Things will always be there to get in the way, and you will never seem to have enough time or resources but stay focused on your goal—never lose sight of your mission—and everything else will fall into place, I promise.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself would be to stay focused, stive to be the best, and do not let anyone or anything take you away from your goals or dreams. I would also tell myself to stay clear of a relationship until after college graduation due to the stress of being in a relationship.


Dear Timaira, Work hard this year! Its your last year to prove that you have what it takes to make it to college. Dont slack on anything! C's are just average and your better than that! Keep an open mind when you take classes! Take challenging classes. Colleges love that! College will be a rough transistion. Going from Wisconsin to Maryland will be rough. YES you will miss your mom, YES you will have to get up on your own for an 8am class. Go in undecided. Something tells me you wont want to be a lawyer by the end of your first semester. You will meet amazing friends! They will stick by you for life. If you strive for greatness you will achieve greatness! You have this in the bag Timaira! Now Deliver! Sincerly, You


"Michael, the world is a challenging place filled with individuals who are ready to put forth their best work. You must be willing to do the same, and some. Continue to take challenging courses and remember to retain all the information you have gathered. Be sure to find numerous activities that will keep you entertained, because school work can take its toll. Develop your body physically, mentally, and spiritually in order to be a well-rounded person. If you work and study hard now, then it will pay off in the future. Remember to always have faith, because that will guide you onto the right path to success. Find your passion so that you will work hard at it no matter the condition. If it is something you love doing, then it will feel as if you are not working at all. Keep your family close as they will continue to provide support. Take some risks in order to find out what you truly are capable of accomplishing. College is fast approaching, and it is a start to your next adventure."


Learn more about the college of your choice before you enroll.


I would tell myself that it is very important to hold oneself 100 percent accountable for your situation. In college many things are happening around you but that is no reason to be ignorant of one's situation. Teachers will not baby student like in high school, so being on grades is strictly the student's responsibility. Parents are no longer there to take care of thier children, so staying out of trouble is strictly the student's responsibility. School is no longer free and can be very expensive, so keeping a tab on finances, loans and other financial aid is also strictly the responsiblity of the student. In college the responsibility is placed on the student's shoulders. If I knew this I would have been more ready for college life and would have been more successful in making the transtition.


Take every step of life serious. Don't take anything for granted


I would tell myself to choose a college based on all my interests. One that has my major, extracurricular actitivies, and organizations I would like to join. I would also give the advice of being more open and focused. Do more scholarships because the tuition is hard to cover. I would encourage myself to develop better study habits and try to be more independent. I would tell myself to think about college as an investment for my future. When choosing a major think of how I want to spend the rest of my life. Ask questions such as, Do I want a job or a Career? Do I want to live paycheck to paycheck or live comfortably? Do I want to be a statistic? I would express the need of taking my time and choosing wisely. Pick an enviorment that is going to be the perfect fit. Do not just stick with what I know. Do more research to find out more about the school and what it has to offer. Based on what I have experienced this is the advice I would give myself with making the transition from senior year of high school to freshman year of college.


I would tell myself to stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel dont give up because everything will get better when I finally graduate. I also would tell myself to remain the person that I am dont let anyone change me because I am a strong person and I will make it through the peer pressure that comes with college. I also will tell myself not to hang around the people I started hanging with in the beginning because they was holding me down only stick around people who are there to help not hurt.


Of course college may not be for everyone, but if you know in your mind that you are going to college, go because you want to and not because your family wants you to go. Everyone deserves the college experience. There will be a lot of distractions and parties but you have to know how to balance and focus on what is most important. You will never want to look back on life and say, "What if I went to college" but you also don't want to leave college feeling like you haven't learned anything or you wasted your time and have a degree for nothing. Just be prepared for the ups and downs of college, but don't let it discourage you because I was discouraged because of housing and grades and family issues but now I am 23 years old, back in college and have been achieving 3.0 GPA's the past 3 semesters, so anything is possible.


High school was a good part of my life. Even though it was an amazing time at that age, I would love to change things if I can get back in time since I made couple of mistakes that I regret. As a highschooler, even though I was adviced by my teachers to do very well in class so I could win scholarships and funds. Being a teenager and being lackadaisical on knowing the importance of good academic achievements, I missed out on great scholarships and grants that I could've been awarded that would have helped me from taking so much loans. Also , financially, I would've had much less stressful college life. One of my favoritesayings is experience is the greatest teacher in life We don't really start to take on opportunites unti reality kicks in and we face difficulties throughout our life. The more we grow older, the wiser we get. I made those mistakes as a youngster and I learned so much from it now. Since It has been tough on me, I am trying to capitalize on opportunities with the time I have left as a student and earn my degree.


Ok Brian. You need to get through this. The peer pressure and the need for popularity is only temporary and if you resist, you become that much stronger. Alot of the students thats popular today will not be 5 years from now. Do not worry about fitting in with the "in crowd", appreciate those that appreciate you. That way you start your own in crowd. You dont have long left so, take full advantage of your learing experience while its free. Because when you become a man, the word free becomes obsolete and everything cost. Build a bond with your teachers and listen to them closely. They are only there to help you. They care about you more than you realize. They cared about you, before you came to high school hoping that they can have a significant impact on a young persons life. Not because of a paycheck. Listen to them well because they are genuine. Dream big Brian and never quit.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to study more and get more involved. Being an incoming junior I have learned what study skills are best for me, knowing how to study properly helped me raise my gpa tremdously.


If I could go back and talk to my senior year self in high school I would give myself the advice and courage to retake the ACT. I also would have given myself the advice to work harder in math. I thought high school math was hard. I was nowhere near prepared for college math. Last I would tell myself to take a break and make friends. Working full time and taking high school classes plus a college class is stretching you a little too thin. You are keeping yourself so busy you have never tried to make friends with anyone in this school. Doing all this may keep yourself focused on the important things but you could also learn something from having friends and have someone to turn to when you need help in a class. I would also tell myself good luck life is not as hard as everyone tries to convice you. And always remember to try to have at least a little fun.


Dont worry about missing parties, Go to class, meet people and if you decide to go out that night. Remember you have work to do as soon as you get back in...


People always say “make sure you pass through college and do not let college pass through you”. Starting college was a good transition for me to being matured and independent. I encountered some challenges which I feel I handled well. The first advice I would give to myself as a high school student transitioning into college, is to explore and research the vast majors and career opportunities before deciding on what to major in. I would also take a minor in a foreign language, preferably Spanish. In this emerging global market, being bilingual sets you apart and gives you a competitive edge over your peers. Given the opportunity, I would also participate in study abroad programs. This would add to my skills and experiences and expose me to different cultures and people. I would definitely participate in intramurals and be part of the volleyball team. Volleyball happens to be my favorite sport but I felt that I could not handle sports and my education, so I never gave volleyball a chance to be part of my life. Finally, I would advice myself to build a better GPA, join honors societies, take up leadership roles and be more engaging.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to break my procrastination habit. In waiting until the last minute on deadlines I missed out on an honors scholarship and a University grant from my school for my freshman year. Because of this, I had to take out loans in order to attend school last year and now I am trying to make up for it. I also missed out on staying on campus for my first year of college. This made me pretty upset. This year I am able to stay on campus, but I still had to take out loans. My plan now is to save up enough money so that I will be able to pay my loans back. The advice I would give to my high school self is to make sure that I stay on top of my deadlines. Meeting deadlines is very important!


I would definitly tell myself to work as hard as I could to make the transition smoother for college. Don't be afriad to branch out and try new things as well as meet new people! Networking is everything! Also be open to different ideas and suggestions that come your way.


If i could go back in time and talk to my high school self i would tell myself a few things. Frist being dont slack off your senior year as some would call the "senior itis". i say this because your senior grades can determine your chance of going to a 4 year college verse an commnutiy college. secondly i would say to ask for help, dont think just because your gradation you know it all. there is always advice you can use and learn from. lastly is be yourself! dont try and become what you see on campuse, people will love you for you. also try your best to keep good company around yourself. your new found friends should reflect you as a person.


I would go back and remind myself to take part in every opportunity that was offered to me. I would tell myself not to limit myself or feel the need to curb my abilities as a growing adult. I would tell myself to network more, do more community service as well as become more involved in my school. I would remind myself that every day is a blessing, and the fact that i have breath in my body is more than reason enough to share what i know with the world and those around me. But most of all i would tell myself not to be afraid to make mistakes, because those mistakes would give me an opportunity to progress as a college student with knowledge on what to do and what not to do. With what i know now im quite sure i would have done even better than i had before.


I would tell myself that college is not a thing to play with and you really have to buckle down and focus on what you are there to do. College is way different from high school; from the classes and even the enviornment. Being in a college class and being in a high school class are 2 different things. College Professors are very serious and do not take any mess from anyone. They are not there to baby anyone, they mean business. Professors know that you are grown and let you do things on your own. Partying is fun at times but there is a time to party and a time not to party. Just stay focused and try your best.