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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


When I first started the college process, I was so certain that I would be going and applying to specific colleges. Throughout the process, be open to change. What you think is your first choice when you start the college application process, may not necessarily be your first choice by the time you make a selection. As soon as your senior year starts, engage in a mission to find yourself. Senior year may be the ‘end’ of a chapter, but it can be a chance for new beginnings. Don’t hesitate to try something new. Senior year is often the only time in high school that you can take more than one elective, try new content areas. If you attend college determined to make learning and growth your priority, you should regularly take the risk to try new things, if you go meet your professors personally, and if you claim the campus as your home, the odds are very high that you will walk across the commencement stage in four short years with a profound sense of satisfaction. A successful college career requires years of hard work, and you can't expect to be a success without devotion and sacrifice.


Now I'm in my third year of university, and of course in some ocassions I want to get back to my senior year of high school. The transition that I have to pass (be a senior student in high school and then start college life) was not easy, but not difficult at all. I think that I take the way of college life quickly ( be more responsible that I be in high school, more responsible in my works and my classes, etc). If I have the oportunity that come back to my high school senior year, and prepare for the college or university, one advice that I give myself, is to: work hard, have excelent grades that help you entering to the university, be more responsible than you are, studying more than you study, have a ver good GPA and maintain her, and of course pray to the first person that would help you, God; and accepts advice for your family and people that want the best for you. It's your future, and in your future, only you and God, know the things that should be pass.


If I could acctually go back in time yo my high school-self I would first of all tell my-self to get grades a bit higher, if I had grades a bit higher I would acctually gotten granted some scholarships. Also I would have love to tell my-self that is not half as bad as I thought, I was scared that it was going to be very very hard. The other thing I would've tell my-self is to get some credits in advance in a program in the same university I wanted to get into. Another thing I would've tell my-self is to get some more credits a semester, I acctually am behind on credits but is because I don't have the money to pay for them. And finally, I would most importantly tell my-self is to be confident in me , my-self, be sure of what I know in a class and speak up. I had problems with some profesors because of that mistake. Those are the things I would say to my-self if I could go back in time and talk to my-high-school-self.


If I could go back and speak to my highschool self I would tell myself about the differences in the way the university is carried out. That the university is not similar to highschool in the way that the classes partake. I would remind myself to review as much as I can because I cannot always remember the information necesary for the exam unless I review regularly since the classes aren't on a daily basis. I would also tell myself to learn how to manage my time. In architecture, it is really easy to get lost in the amount of work that is due in a week and sometimes I would forget that other classwork is important too! I would have told myself to be stronger than ever before, but not to be so hard on myself. The university is very important and some sacrifices are to be made so that I can make a future for myself, but I shouldn't go too far as to end un sick and unable to work in my assignments. Lastly I would tell myself about the wonderful people whom I would meet and they would become my friends and support system.


Okay, I’ll keep this short and honest: Do what you really want, believe in the choices you make and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. No one, absolutely no one knows you better than yourself. Only you can take the right path. Live a little and take the risks because all they say about college is a lie. College is no different than the real world and if you follow other’s choices you will end up with a life, carrier and unhappiness that were not you. So be brave and dare because the truth is you already know what you want.


to keep studing an to get a degree because this will help you get a better job that mean a better way of life


My advice to myself is still strugglin and are in the end to achieve your dream.


If i was a senior, i would advice myself and let me know that once you enter college you have to be very responsible and go after what you want, because college isn't that simple. You need many effort and eficence.


that is excelente, but very sacrifice


I will tell my self that give all of your potential to be the best and have fun.


Mi high school senior education was very great.


make the best decition about what im going to study! think in me and my future and not in the money


The best years of my life


As we all know, collage life arent that easy as we think when we are seniors.If I could have this opportunity it would be amazing and more easier for me to deal with some situations that I had encounter. The most important advice that I would give to myself is to get focused and dedicated to what I want. Sometimes we pass by situations that stress ourselves and we block our minds. I would advice myself that collage isnt easy; if we want something in oir lives, we have to work for it.


Now that college life is not easy, that seriously cojiera things in school that what you learn today will last forever


It is an exceptional college you will not regret having applied. You'll actually probecho and good learning experience for your work.


My advice to myself is that I have to keep focus,study hard and graduate before starting to work or to get married. Keep focus is the most important thing


I would tell myself as a high school senior that college is nothing like high school. That you should prepare yourself with a good educational base before entering college so that you can enter in the concentration you seek. Also you should always study for the profession that you really want to be as an adult. This is what your future will be.


I will tell me that I should not consider Computer Sciences, the first bachelor degree that I have, and go straight to what I study now, architecture. Another tip is to make better use of time in campus to get better grades.


Luis study hard, do not be ashamed of yourself do what it takes to be the best. Do not be shy, take every possible way to get to an intership, search for professional contacts who can help you to work in a company that fit the way you want to live your life. Programming is what you like, take maths seriously, do not play fool and sit around every programming language can open doors to a whole new world. The better you know, the far you will get. You do not know when you are going to need the knowledge of a programming language in the future. Business can take you everywhere if you are willing to embrace the power of knowledge. Education is the future. Having doubts make you ask questions, ask them and receive every answer you can have, cause information is the source of the knowledge. Take seriously the college, GPA is essential, but not just that also practicing every day what you learn, cause the practice makes you the true software programmer. College would not be easy but will help you trough difficult ways in the future. :)


I'll to advice myself to continue studying science no matter how difficult it is, and no matter how many problems may face, give 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of myself and be successful in everything I proposed.


I would definetely tell myself to study hard and always focuse because time runs faster than we notice. Also, I would go for the summer classes to spend time wisely and could graduate sooner than expected and join many extracurricular activities or groups because it's fun and it develops the lidership skills one may have within.




to change so much things.


As a twenty-two year old college junior, there is one major piece of advice that I would give to my high school self: RELAX. Making the transition from high school to college is fun and exciting. While there are several more details and responsibilities involved, college life is about more than just deadlines and fees. Instead of worrying about finding your perfect major and rushing through as many classes as possible, it is important to slow down and really soak in the knowledge the professors are there to share. Being both mentally and emotionally present while on campus builds you up more than just acdemically; take time meet other students, get to know your professors , and find a way to personally connect with the material that you are learning. Off campus, take a break from school work and pursue new interests and hobbies that will help you grow into a more interesting and well rounded adult. As a high school senior, these words would have lessened the anxiety of entering into college. Now, four years later, I am grateful to have gained the insight and confidence of a self-supporting adult who absolutely cherishes the opportunity to learn.


if traveling to the past I would tell myself that college is not easy and is strong, but is an important stage in our lives and acquire knowledge and experience unforgettable stage is a time and I recommend to anyone passing, the university is unique and special in every life.


Make sure to check all the programs they have so you can be sure what do you want to study at this college. And before you make a decision, check all the opinions you have available.


I talk to myself and say that the University isn't too difficult, like the peolpe say every time. Is just that you need to pay attention to it and study a little bit more.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would say: ‘well college is not as hard as everyone says’. The only thing that changes is that now there are more responsibility and I’m preparing for something that I’m going to be doing every single day of my life, so I should really take the best decision; choose the career that you want, not the career that your parents wants. Always stay kind and humble as normally you are, don’t forget gratitude and always remember the people who help you; those are the ones who love you to death and want the best for you. Remember, what easy comes, easy goes and what goes around comes back around. Be yourself, don’t go with flow, be different, the world is full of many similar people, be thankful and always stay focused on what you want for your future.


I would tell myself that sometimes when things are hard and frustrating and when it feels that giving up is the best idea to think and visualize myself in 10 more years. To think about that graduation day and how my mother always worked hard so I could go to college and be a succesful person. That sometimes people wants to turn you down and make you feel like you dont know too much, but the point is to always prove them wrong and succeed.


With the college experience today that I have lived daily and presently I see ah cambiado.The life and college life is not like I thought, you have to deal with problems, so many consequences for things that nobody knows until one is faced with the reality . the college experience is a beautiful experience that only live once in our lives.


I would tell myself that, to reach all my goals, and to become a good professional, the best way is to keep studying what I like and with much interest and enthusiasm from start to finish. Entering to the University was the best decision I ever made in my life. This will help me be a much secure and prepared person ready to compete in this competitive, professional world of work. I will keep working and studying hard every day to go after my goals and not give up because it is an opportunity that has given me life. I would advice other students and friends to keep studying and do their best. I have come to realize that in college I enjoy learning. It is an unique experience and very different along with many responsibilities. My perspective since high school and that of today has not changed much since I always loved to study and be responsible, because I think the world needs well prepared people so that they can make the difference and construct a better tommorow.


To go ahead and dont waste any time, college is great for knowledge, experience and growth in life.


Success to all and I include myself in our personal and professional careers!


Time is gold, desicions are important because them will affect tomorrow. Think in what you want for you, for yours so you can reach it. College is a new world capacity is requared. Look for all your goals and reach them.


If God gave me the opportunity to go back and be in high school would advise me orient myself more about my new life, about my studies, I expected at university, you need tools to face this new beginning and ready for a life totally different from high school.


One tip I would give is: Be very sure of what you want to study, be an active person in the various school organizations and travel as much as possible in order to influence my knowledge.


Study and be more responsible, so you'll be more prepared for college.


I did work hard during my senior year to increase my GPA average. I thought that I would be able to the same in college but it's even harder. I would have to say that I would advice myself to keep in mind that not everything in college would turned out to be the way i've being expecting but to never limit myself to keep dreaming big, to achieve my goals and to never give up being a hardworking student who has always managed to achieve anything she puts herself through no matter how hard it may seem. Leaving highschool is not easy for anyone because we are leaving behind what may have been our home for maybe the entire 14 years we need to spend in it but once we close a chapter in life we should be looking forward for a new one filled with new experiences,people and adventures.


If I could go back in time and give an advice to myself it would be to never give up, to be myself and never do what others want to, to listen before taking action, to accept everyone's opinion. I would also tell myself to take care about nature and those persons who are needed, because they are the most important things the government and all humans should turn their look for and start to repeair. As far as today I'm passing through many economic problems in my family, but with effot and dedication dreams come true, and for this I would also tell myself that you won't lose anything for just trying; the impossible is possible is you believe in yourself. I would tell myself a hundred and more times to never never get away from God, because withouthim my future would'nt be happy and perfect.


Never stop, and always look forward to the future...




Abby, you haven't been working hard enough. You may think high school is boring and you do not have the slightest clue what you want to do with your future yet but you have to try. The future matters. You need to hit the books, get to sleep at a reasonable time, and get up in time for the bus. Try joining soccer, that was always a true passion of yours, wasn't it? Try attending a pep rally or after-school club, these things look good on college applications, if you push yourself hard enough in soccer you may even get yourself a scholarship. I know you are still young but times go by fast and if you don't take a chance to stop and think about your future, you may never make it there. Stay strong.


to be decided in what i want for my life and my future, and don't think in others persons, only in me, because is only my future and thats the base that is going to support me all my life. that college is a nice and unique exaperience and to love all the moments that you live there.


The university life offers positive experiences as much to us as negative; it is that we must be in favor alert at any moment and mainly establishing a saving plan. The university student, of middle-class or lower, faces many sacrifices to obtain their professional goal. However, there are necessary expenses like: lodging, books, food, gasoline or vehicle, clothes, materials, classes, etc. It is important to consider an account of saving for this aim, since when money is needed more, there is not one that can help us to follow ahead. In addition, it is necessary to prepare itself emotionally to face the intellectual diversity that exists in the campus. Finally, it is necessary to consider the challenges sent by the professors. Challenges that can be exceeded if we followed the rate required with discipline.


The change is remarkable indeed, the responsibility should be the starting point to reach goals and accomplish your goals. You have to study hard because the university are strong and demanding. It can get very far, as long as we applied.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself the first thing that i would say to myself would be that i should think very well what I really want to do with my life and what I really like to do. Don't think about the money that you are going to win, the medicine is not the best option no because you can't with that but because it isn't what you are and what you really want. Listen to mom because she know you, and know who you are and what you like, listens to his advice and listens your heart. Forget the friends and boyfriend because the friendship is for all the life no matter where we are. The most important thing is the future and do what we loved. And other important thing when you are in collage takes advantages of the time, learn as much as you can, travel, participates in activities, do different things because the things that always are going to be with us are the experiences and the knowledge. Don't be afraid of unknow you are a good person and a good student think more on you.


Procrassinating is the worst thing to do when you are a busy College Student. I learned that the hard way but, preparing for classes is an essential part of lving a college life. Always get sleep before class since it is better to comprehend when we are not sleepy. Study and practice over and over especially if you have an accounting test or an math test with a lot equations. When learning business concepts always try to closely relate them to real life situations. When studying for a mid term, final or a big exam do not wait until the night before the test. Always study at least three days before the final study like if that final was the next day. That way the day before the big exam when everyone is procrassinating studying and staying awake until 5 am you can get a good night sleep and have no stress so you can take the test like a champ.


Be more focused on my studies and attend always to class. Read a lot and learn new things.


Study everyday and never let work to the day before.