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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You want to succeed in college and achieve all of those aspirations and goals you set for yourself? Listen up. This may come as a startling surprise, but you’re going to have to study. Weep and mourn for your free time now, because in just a few months, you won’t remember what it was like to sit and watch television or peruse the internet guilt free. Every waking moment will be a moment that you should have spent with your nose in a book; your grades, a better reflection of your commitment to time management than any inherent talent. It will be difficult: there will be times when you doubt yourself and your abilities. Don’t give up. If you feel like you are failing, put more effort and time into your work, and you will be rewarded. With that said, remember to make time for the little things. Coffee with friends, a night at the movies when you should be at home studying, a quick jog to clear your head: the small activities that fill your down time may seem wasteful and unnecessary with an exam looming on the horizon, but they are crucial nonetheless.


If I could tell my highschool self only 1 thing: It would be "You may hate school right now, but you're going to hate being broke later in life; even more! Go straight to college! DO NOT "wait a year because you deserve it'" (all you did was graduate highschool --- no you don't), DO NOT skip your ACT's, DO NOT skip your SAT's, DO NOT Pass GO -- you sure as heck will not get $200". College life is great! It is nothing like the childish drama that made you hate highschool... Don't believe me? Go! See for yourself. Better yet.. this is your future self talking to you: I don't care if you don't believe me, I've already been thru everything you think you know (which for the most part, you don't have a clue).. and you're going to miss out on 13 years of your life just because you're young and stupid, and are worried about having fun at the moment. Now march your little butt up to the Admissions Office & you can send me the Thank You E-Mail, when you realize i'm right. Peace Bro


I did an excellent job preparing myself for college. I took all college preparatory courses and concurrently attended courses at my local community college. I had prepared for college since I was in the seventh grade, and as a result of my diligence and persistence, I received scholarships to Berkeley and Stanford. The scholarships, however, did not cover all my expenses and my family's finances were such that I could not receive assistance from them. I went to Japan to open an English school and subsequently owned five other companies. I was able to do this without a college education because of the strong knowledge base that I had created in high school. In my heart and mind though, always lied the desire to attend a university and finish my college degree. In 1996, I finally attended college and took 42 credits, all for which I received As because of my innate desire to utilize my brain as a sponge. Unfortunately, my mother had a heart attack and I had to withdraw to take care of her. Finally, I am now pursuing my most fervent dream, and would greatly treasure being the recipient of this wonderful scholarship.


The university, one of the most important decisions in life. My dream. Today, I have 33 years and three children, but I will not stop dreaming, I want to be helpful to my family and society, I want to be an example for my children, as they are about to graduate and want them to follow my steps . To achieve my goal I have to be consistent and persistent, firm, only God can stop me. It is not easy, but I had to set priorities, get organized and learn to manage time and money, and find friends with similar interests to help me with my goals.


If i could go back in time and give my high-school self some advice about college, it would be to take more initiative, and responsibility. School had always been easy for me, i was blessed with amazing comprehensive skills. It allowed me to coast through middle and high school with the absolute minimum amount of effort. College however, is different. The difference is not so much academic ( i'm still able to get by with little work), but rather from the real-world consequences of your actions. The world outside of school requires so much intiative and responsibilty to provide for yourself and the ones you love, that you cannot loaf about, you cannot slide through it. Effort and passion are needed to survive life and to create the type of living you wish to have, and this was just something i did not have in high-school.


I would tell myself that every college is different, so I should pick which ever fits with my lifestyle, my personality and my studying habits, and I would tell myself to pick the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in Ponce. I would not make a mistake by choosing this College.


Myself tell me that this is a strong experience, but is for my progress in the life.


The best advice I could make myself take advantage of every activity that seriously would help me to grow intellectually and as human. With the purpose of know myself, in a matter of what I like and what I do not like, for what I'm good and for what I'm no good. This advice would help me set goals and don't go through the unpleasant experience of realizing that I don't know nothing of myself. Also take advantage of those moments that will never come back.


Knowing what I know now, the advice that I would give to myself for being prepared for college would be words of encouragement along with the difficult tasks that will have to be taken on. I would talk about how rewarding college level education will be; both academic and financial wise. Most of the time high school students are undecided on what are their long term goals and what interests them the most, so it is of good encouragement to advice you (myself talking to me) to begin to have a mindset much different than what you are used to in the past. Though education is very rewarding, the difficult tasks comes with being able to manage the expenses of paying for tuition, books, and classes; the mandatory study hours that will take away time from a social life and even time spent with family members; and most importantly the hours of sleep that will be lost. The meaning of sacrifice will began to really take its place in your role as a college student, which is why maturity and becoming more responsible will result in this action. With a great support system, you will most definitely succeed through college.


I would use my experience as a university to continue my focus on school.


Take the exact same course of action: work, work, work. You'll know what you want to do and when you get there you'll make better decisions based on real world experience. With a few years work experience you will be able to manage your time more effectivley and have a greater appriciation for aquiring an education. You will appriciate how far a dollar goes after you have worked for it, and have a better idea of how to budget with out overspending. The brain doesnt fully develop until the early twenties, you will be more intellectually prepared for sucess after exploring the real world out of your partents house. Don't let anyone push you into anything, take your time and make calculated decisions based on experience with consideration for your intrests. Most importantly remember a degree costs alot of money that you may see no return on- choose a field with job security and growth rather than based solely on interest or pleasure, be practical. Work for the job that will afford you pleasure in your leisure time.


I advice that I need to focuss more to the classes, and study better than I did. I wonder that I can be the best student in my major, and in my future career.


Assuming and thinking like a high school senior, and knowing what I know now, the best advice I would give to me is to be completely sure about what I want to study. Because is not easy, selecting what you want to be in a future. Be very concentrated and focused on the studies. Also have Study Skills, and get used to them. If I had Study Skills even before entering college, maybe I would be done a little difficult to find a way how to study, thanks God, I'm doing everything right in college, and I have good grades, because I learned to have Study Skills and I study every day...so yeah that's would be my best advice.


If I had the chance to go back in time I would like to tell myself to study alot harder,and that even know I dont like school it really pay off later. I would for sure tell my self to listen to everything that sharrock,rice,and cole say because they really do have my best interest in mind and everything that they help me do is probaly the only reason I well even think about going to college, and the only reason I even have the grades to get in to college. I would also tell myself that basketball isnt everything and I should study more, and that being popular and going to all the football games ect. wont do anything for you in college.I would make sure to tell myself that I need to pay more attention in psychology because I come to love it and decide to make it my area of study and it also helps me come to understand myself alot better and helps me get over my depression and sickness.Finally I think I would just tell myself to enjoy high-school, Because its the best time my our lifes....


can communicate with my high school counselor Asuncion Rodriguez Room located in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico. the phone number I have not at this time but I can get after


I would give myself a lot of advice that would help me avoid wasting time and money. I have learned from my mistakes. First, don’t slack off! Financial aid is a blessing and you will lose it if you fail your classes. If you feel like you can’t pass the class, make sure you drop it and don’t fail! Second, keep going to school and get a part time job if really necessary. Money isn’t the most important thing. As much as you would like to help your parents out, you need to focus on your school first. It will take you just 2 years to get your Associates and 4 years to get your Bachelors. If you work full time, you will take longer, a lot longer! Third, your passion is Chemistry and Anthropology. Start studying this instead of being undecided because you will change your major several times. Fourth, this is another chapter of your life you will be able to complete. The end product is a sense of accomplishment which no one can take from you!


I would say to my self trust your instinct and study what you really want to study. Don't let the people around you underestimate the talent you have. Keep away from the romanticism, keep focused but enjoy your time in college. College is a wonderful place to be, you meet extraordinary people who can let you in to world unimaginable to us. In college you can be yourself, in college you look for the things you are interested. Do it! Get involve in what you can, in whatever you want, the limit is the sky. Don't settle for less, be aggressive with your thoughts, be creative in your path. Because it is worth, and your deserve it.


To give all they have because sacrifices in the future are worth it. To fight for what they want and be very positive that they can do everything to be a professional. I would said to them that it is hard but the easy stuff never brings something that you wish for, if you work hard you will be awarded in the future with something that was worth it, being a professional.


I would give myself advice about getting my life together and plans for my future ahead of time.


Almost nothing. Do not change a thing, that the decisions I've made so far do not regret any. I like what I'm studying and where I am studying. This university is the most recommended to study nursing. They are one of the most accredited in order to get a job anywhere. What I advise in high school is to get more self-esteem of myself and choose better partners. And be more secure of myself.And try not to be so lazy to wake up early to go to classes.Another tip I would give would be that follow your goals and dreams that you can achieve. Do not let anyone fall. Always be yourself, do not change for anyone or liked by others. And the Catholic university is the best choice you've made to study nursing.


Now I think that life in college is to learn, study and develop us as students and leave the social life aside to make a future well. All coming out of high think going to college is to socialize and hang out with friends and the university is to become a profession.


Dear 2007 Katrin, You’re loving life right now, huh? Senior in high school, partying with friends, counting down to graduation. You have plans to go to college but you figure you have the summer to worry about that. Right now you want to lay back, relax, and enjoy the good life of essentially no responsibilities. Speaking from experience as your future self, pursuing your education is way more important than finding out where the party is this Friday night. So take it from me, set the time aside from hanging out, going off campus for lunch, and looking for a perfect prom dress and really prepare yourself for college. How? Start applying for scholarships now! Nothing is more stressful then scrambling around while in college trying to find ways to pay for your tuition. Next, find a cure for that senioritis. Take your butt to class everyday and stop finding excuses to skip class. Just because you go to a beach school, doesn’t mean you can leave anytime you want and go sunbathe. Take it from me, follow my advice now and you will be smooth sailing in a few years. Sincerely, 2012 Katrin


If I go back in time and talk to my self in high school i will apreciate more the years of studies and try to do the most in more early time. With my knowledge now, I think don't change my major but leave a major for other I din't do it again ... in other words planning my studies per year with my real economic statement , organized how many time i will give to each class and putting first place my studys will be the things I going to do better and always think in the future. The future is the key for the present we have to take a wide view to make al you're goals come true.


Going back in time as a high school senior would definitely bring a lot of changes in my life now. Knowing what I know now, I would definitely advise myself to take college seriously from day one. Coming out of high school, we have the concept that college is a new beginning, where we are not only away from the supervision of our parents, but we have more access to frat parties and other social events. No one really tells us that when reality strikes, you find yourself spending endless nights studying for exams or preparing for oral presentations. Time is key. I would be more aware that in order to graduate in four years, I must take a minimum of eighteen credits per semester. Otherwise, I will not graduate within the four year expectation plan. Counseling every time I sign up for another semester would also play a key part in my four year plan. Financial aid would be my last advice, being that you can only use 601{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of your FAFSA. Therefore, I would try not to repeat any courses and I would put in all my effort to make my four years in college a full success.


Definitely, to try to get the best grades, you possibly can, so that i can get an academic scholarships, participate in sports, and fill out additional scholarships, other then the pell grant. Also, to save up, because college life can be expensive.


I would tell myself to work harder, study more and to look at the bigger picture instead of just the here and now. During high school I went through some tough times when my dad died. As a result, I made some poor choices, got involved with the wrong people and didn't really care about school that much. Now that I'm older and have got my head screwed back on straight I realize that the decisions I made in the past really set me back in the long run. I've had to take a few remedial courses because I didn't pay much attention in high school. It's amazing how a few years can dramatically change your perspective on life. Hindsight being 20/20, I would tell my past self to get her act together and go that extra mile to live up to her full potential. It's much harder to get a de-railed train back on track than a train that stayed on its track in the first place.


If I could go back in time and think things correctly no doubt, would use the time to the maximum in terms of my studies and nothing in the world would leave them. Personally go through many family problems which greatly influenced my studies, which on one occasion I had to interrupt them. But thanks to God and came back and I will not stop until im finished. If I could go back in time i never stop my education for anything in life and would focus more than ever to do a job right about them, to educate me in the right way and in the shortest time possible to achieve a professional grade.


It does not really change anything because everything I've learned it was because of the decision made in the past. The advice I received helped me to see how is the university and when enter in the university I saw that everything was almost equal to what he said.


get to the USA and work and study there.


Learn to be independent and responsible. And have good study habits.


I would tell myself to really consider the future. Think ahead. Work hard now so that later on down the road you can enjoy college without worrying about getting a job, taking out loans, and having to buy your books. Study and make the most out of the time you have! If only I could go back a year...


dont let go of your studies and try harder, save money


Well the advice that I can give is that when you enter to college or University dont spend time with people that do not do nothing just spending time with others, if you know that the profesor assing you a test dont study the day before study the week before so when the test come you can have a good grade and always be humble, because with humble you can get all that you want.


College life is not easy. When we graduated the high school, we look forward to beginning college, to experience this new world. We came with some ideas that in my case, were not quite assertive. For example, I thought it was going to have time to make a good social life, and instead, the burden of school and work took most of my time. At this stage of my college life would give me some tips, not only to me, if not all who start their own university life. The first step is to go with a thought of study, create a study plan to keep all jobs for the last minute. The plan must devote a certain time to all classes daily. It is important to know that we will study, but also to meet people and socialize. We must create a balance between recreational and regarding the studies. College life is not difficult, if we know how to cope with the load. The important thing is to keep our values, be honest, and above all, responsible, and we must choose a career that passionate you.


I would tell myself BE PREPARED. Everyone tells you already that college is completely different from high school, but that does nothing to prepare a student for what is to come. Especially for students that plan on going out of state. If I could, I would have told myself to wait to attend my first year of college, to make SURE that I was an in state student before moving to South Carolina and attending college. Out of state tuition it more than doubled at most if not all schools. I had to take out loans just to attend a technical college when my plan A fell through. Should I be able to go back in time, I would tell myself be prepared as possible. There is so much that needs to be done financially when going into college, and one needs to be aware of the costs, debts, and paying options available for school. Take out AS LITTLE student loans as possible, because having to take them out for a Technical school is ridiculous. Also, constatnly be on the look out for scholaships. They are everywhere. be aware of deadlines and use as many search engines as possible.


College is a good plan for you. You may not know exactly why you are going yet or what the end game is, but the education is worth it. Do not forget about your advisors, they are there to help you and do know what path and plan is best for you even from a general stand point. You don't know it all and its going to take some time to get there. It is not an easy road. Financially, school is a bind and working while in school it will take some time, but don't get discouraged. Work through it and don't quit. There's a bright life at the end of the tunnel.


Go to "la Cato" (Nickname in Spanish for my University. You will not regret to going at "la cato" There is your future and your real vocation. This is the home of education, vacation, faith; the home of all.


Well, I was a boy who actually liked to play video games in his free time and play basketball on the YMCA. If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, i would say that i need to replace those hobbies, just like i did now, and take that free time for studying. College takes a lot from you. You could be sick physically and you still need to try your best to attend class. But apart from this, there is not mucho to tell because in high school i never had any problems with the classes,. Yes, some of them were difficult, but i was putting up a lot of hard work into it that my teachers knew that i was a good student. So as you can see, only two things i would tell myself. Otherwise, i knew i was prepared for this.


the advice I would give to my self is that no matter were you came from, or what you have or dont have, nothing is imposible and never is too late to achive you're goals.


Dear Julie: This is going to sound really weird (I’m not even sure how it happened), but somehow I was able to transport myself two years into the future. In other words, when you are reading this, I will be ending my sophomore year in college while you are still in high school. I will get to the point. I want to give you five tips in order to help you prevent mistakes in your first two years of college that you otherwise may make. #1.) Get used to the taste of coffee; it will become your best friend. #2.) Don’t procrastinate anything. Turn in all of your applications/assignments at least two weeks before the deadline; I promise you will find out some crucial detail that is mandatory you change. #3.) Learn how to hardcore study. Webster’s Dictionary does not provide an accurate definition of “hardcore.” The word, “intense” isn’t strong enough. #4.) Sleep is for the weak. #5.) Never forget why you are going to college: to reach your dreams. When it seems like all doors are closed, go through a window. Or punch a hole in the wall and go through that.


Well i will tell myself not to give up my dreams, its worth the wait im going to become the architect that i always wanted to be.


I will tell myself to decide wisely which career I will choose. One problem that I had was that when I was a senior I wasn't decided yet of what career I will take and that slow me down in the process of choosing an university and registering for scholarships. College life is not as difficult as some students portray; when you actually look at it is not that bad. You need to have in mind that you will need to do some sacrifices and study a lot so you can "survive" college. There's a goal that I have chosen and in the way to that goal there will be hard decisions to make and sometimes there will be a lot of pressure but one thing that I have seen in college is that you are not alone and that there are other people just like you, and those people will help you carry on, giving you the right motivation to keep on. In college you will find friends, not the ones that you are used to, but that's enough to get to the goal. The key is motivation, the rest will come in the way.


I recommend to high school seniors that take all the orientations and coferences that they can in school about college. Also that go to the universities and see how it likes and ask all the questions they have. Be sure what you really want in your future and have minimun two careers that you like just in case. The college live is very different to school but you'll love it. The Pontifical Catholic University is great and if you like to have a great experience in college come here to study.


i did know


It is difficult but you can explore more and take the things with calm. University life bears much responsibility and you have to dawn you studying but then in the future you will see the fruits and profits for all that you've struggled.


My advice would be that I can't waste my time in anything more than my studies I need to focus 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} in everything I must do in order to get my college degree I have to be possitive in everything I find is new to try. I have to make a schedule a rutine for my life in college and out of college to be a better student to be a great athlete and show I can do both with no difficulty. I should probably go first and prepare myself physically and mentally for college, look for my classrooms, my professors, my buildings, my library, my lunch area, etc. Always be aware of visiting the professor if I have any doubts in the material show them I'm interested in class, participate in class, study everyday, start on working in the projects, assignments. Always be in time, give everything in time, no wasting time because we're talking about my future not a fun moment that last 4 years and it's over, and what should I do now? I have to be strong and be confident about myself and, be true to myself and my loved ones.


Going back I might change just some things. When i started i was prepared mentally for all the changes that were comming my way, but giving the chance to talk to my self, what would I change? Well I think that the ting to change would be to go more enthusiastic and more sure of what I wanted to do. Not that I didn't want the whole college expirience, is just knowin that ive finish high school not seeing my friends or the fact that i feelt so big so fast well didnt make me fell so happy to go, so if giving the chance ill change that attitude. And the other , to be more secure, is to really be sure that this is what i want, wich it is.


I would tell myself not to get involved with anything else except for my college classes and to expand my friendship circle to other people.


Seize the opportunities that life gives me to be a professional in the morning. And also gives me the joy of socializing with others and have a wider knowledge framework.


Itell to mi self to go the Catolica in Ponce Puerto Rico because is the best opction. In there we come a great person and bigger professional. You gonna open you eyes the I and a greart publicist. And I desmotrate to my self mi talent in adversiting. Then I tell abuot me new profersor and freind have I gonna to tell they are great and nice to me and I know this is great in my life, this is my best opccion.