University of Arizona Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I was aware of the fact that printers on the campus cost catcash to use. Debit cards and other University of Arizona cards will not work.


I wish I had known how difficult it was going to be.


The University of Arizona has many great opportunities to get involved that most incoming freshmen are unaware of. Had I known that this is a very integrated and social campus environment, I would of tried to get much more involved when I first arrived. The main thing new students should take advantage of is the school clubs that specialize in nearly every hobby or interest. Getting involved is crucial to the experience at the University of Arizona, from both an academic and social standpoint.


Be well-informed about financial aid (scholarships, grants), what clubs are available, dorm life, and just the overall set up of Tucson.


There is actually no sense of "I wish I had known ..." before I came to this school. I am completely satisfied with my choice to go here and I don't look back and ponder "what if?" scenarios.


I wish I would have known that some of my friends where attending so that I could have gotten closer to them so when I came here I would have a social life that was a little less work. Nobody tells you how much work it is making friends, how to do so, or how important it is that you do. Without a social life school tends to stress you out a lot more. Because I didn't know this stuff I am now playing catch-up and life is just more stressful.


I wish i would have been more prepared financially before i came to The University of Arizona. Coming from a community college it was quite a shock to see that two university classes amount to more than fulltime tuition at pima.


That the transition from Community College to University wasn't as similar as transitioning from High School to Community College. There's a lot of hoops that one needs to jump through to get to the University and it kinda remains that way once you're there; there's a lot of things you need to do just to get into one activity or the other. It's quite frustrating.


I wish I had known to volenteer more, to keep my GPA high from the start, to apply for more scholarships I'm not eligible for now. Most of all I wish I had worried less and spent more time enjoying my friends and family.


I have not yet come across anything that was not found with research prior to attending this school.


I wish I had known that is really important to start taking a hand in your education from day one not waiting until your sophomore or junior year.


I wish I would have known how much I was going to have to manage my time. In high school it was a lot easier to do homework and go out with my friends. In college you really have to dedicate yourself to whatever you are doing whether its' studying for a test or finishing up a project due the next day.


I wish I had taken advantage of the professors' office hours from the first semester because it took almost two years to learn that, besides staying on track for the class, office hours allow you to get to know the professors (some of them being leading researchers in their field) and visa versa. Professors can open doors for you that you never knew existed. I also wish I had known how much it truly cost because it would have been nice to have had a better understanding of how much money I'll be paying for the next twenty years.


I wish i had know about financial aid and scholarships opportunities before I attended this school.


I am an out of state student, so I did not know very much about the University of Ariziona prior to enrolling, besides the fact that it was a "top school" for students pursuing dance as a career. There isn't anything specific about this school that I wish I would have known before I came to this school, but rather being more aware of the expectations of college itself and what to expect. Looking back, it seems to me like I took a year to adjust rather than just getting right down to business.


I wish I had known more about scholarships before attending this school. Tuition rates have sky rocketed, and my parents cannot financially assist me with the tuition anymore, leaving me to take charge on my own and applying for a loan, plus grants aren't that much. This makes me take less courses so that I can pay.


I wish I had known a few more people before coming to this school. It would have been nice to have been acquainted with a few people before coming here!


I wish I knew about, to find out which professors are not worth my while. I wish I knew to look for online classes, to avoid the commute to the campus. I wish I knew to keep up with the assignments, because catching up is near impossible.


I wish I had a definite answer on what I wanted to study. My time management skills and planning could have been better before I came to this school. There was a lot of adjusting I had to do in my first years. Being the first out of my family to attend college all I had to keep me going was the encouragment and support from my family and friends. So even though there was a lot I wish I had known I still managed to adapt well and learned to plan better.


In a large university, it is so important to be your own advocate so you don't get lost in the shuffle. It's essential to seek out professors in office hours to answer questions and meet with advisors regularly to investigate opportunities for classes, scholarships, internships.


I wish I had known that the dorms were not worth the 10,000 dollars a year to live in them. I wish I had known that the fire alarm was going to go off every single day, and that the price of the dorms would be increased for this reason. I also wish I would have been sure about a Veterinary science major instead of attempting a double major for a year and a half.


The University of Arizona staff is very helpful when it comes to informing the incoming students about the advantages and disadvantages found at the university. During my enrollment process, I was able to quickly recieve answers to my frequently asked questions. I have attended this university for a year and half and I have truely found my passion and love for this university. There really has not been any unexpected situations/struggles that I have had to overcome and/or wished I would have known before attending this school.


I wish I had known that there are numerous classes for every type of personality. There are classes which I did not realize could even be a class. The varity of classes and times are endless. If there is something you are intrested in there is a class for you out there and there are many times when these classes are offered to accomidate each students schedule.


I wish I had known a little more about the online system that we use at U of A called D2L. It was confusing for me at first until one of my professors went through how to use it to get assignments, readings, take tests, see my grades etc.


I wish I had known more about the transferring process. Although everything went smoothly when I was transferring, there were some classes that I have to take that were sort of under the fine print in order to apply to my college. Because of that, I am slightly behind on classes but will be caught up after this next semester.


Definately be prepared for some intense heat! I took it for granted at first, however it truly is hot during the summer. I also wish I had utilized more scholorship oppurtunites before coming here. That's always a plus. Other than that, the school doesn't really have anything to complain about. It's an outstanding school with great people, great campus, and is all around wonderful. I don't really expect much more from it. U of A is definately a campus to consider when applying to colleges. Go Wildcats, and Bear Down.


Before attending the University of Arizona, I wish I would had known about their tutoring programs and how material is generally covered on exams. They also use a certain website to post all homework and notifications for each individual class. I also wish I would have known that my instructor’s office hours are very helpful and it’s a way for them to help a student out individually. Some challenging courses at the University of Arizona include math and science, and I wish I would have known that in order to better prepare myself and study effectivly.


There is only one thing I wish I had known about the University of Arizona before I went there which is how challenging some of the classes I would take were going to be. I had expected them to be difficult, because this is no longer high school but to what extent they would be challenging was unexpected. Since I am trying pursue a degree in Engineering I knew that my workload would be harder than many of my friends. I just wished I had known the difficulty of this couse to better prepare myself over the summer.


Before coming to this school I wish I would've know how diverse it was entering as a minority I felt I would feel out of place, as the school year started The University of Arizona has vast programs for all its students and its many different cultures to help make students feel in a comfortable environment.


I wish I had known just how rigorous college classes would be. I felt unprepared for the level of difficulty of the classes as well as uneducated about what the credit units meant.


I wish I had a better feel for the campus before getting started. I was "different" in my appearance so there were not a lot of people willing to help me when I first came the the school.


I wish I would have known that our governor was going to increase tuition at ridiculous amounts. I also wish I knew JUST how big the campus is when it comes to walking acorss it in just a short 10 minutes!


How expensive and inconvenient on-campus living is, as opposed to off-campus.


Before coming to the University of Arizona, I really wish I had know what it would be like to live on my own, without parents there to lay down rules, without a curfew and without a job. But being at the University of Arizona really helped me discover who I was, without my parent's rules to live with.


The weather is very extreme. It's either too hot or too cold. You have to prepare for that.


Before I came to this school I wish I had known how hard it is to live off campus. Although I have only been in college for a semester I find it hard to want to leave sometimes. I enjoy being on campus and being involved in many activities on campus. So for me the one thing I wish I had known before I attended the University of Arizona is how hard it is to live away from campus.


I wish I had known about the strong fraternity and sorority vibe at this school. There are plenty of opportunities outside of the greek life at this school but it is still a fairly prominent voice on campus.


I would have liked to have known that the department I am enrolled in is different than I expected it to be. It turned out for the best, but knowing that the structure would be different would have been helpful in preparing myself for the workload. I would have also liked to have been better prepared when it came to joining extracurricular activities and explored more of the school's options when it came to using my time for other things besides schoolwork.


Before attending this school I wish I would have known that its kind of difficult to stay on campus because so many people want to stay on campus. But then again thats probably with any college campus so I probably should have known that first hand for myself.


Before I came to the University of Arizona, I wish I had known just how involved Greek life is at the University. Pretty much the entire social life of the University is run by Greek life, and unless you get really involved in campus clubs and organizations, there isn't much of a chance to have a social life short of just joining the expensive Greek life.


To incoming students, I would suggest to stay socially active. Making the right friends is important, as many fantastic opportunities can come simply from knowing the right person.


I wish I would have known how awesome it was so that I wouldn't have bothered with other schools.


I wish I had known to be more prepared for the drastic weather conditions in Tucson. Both the extreme heat, and the extreme cold. I also wish I had more insight on qualities to look out for when selecting a room mate, both good and bad.


What the work load was really going to be like along with the classes that I was going to be taking.


The amount of coursework required.


I wish i would have known how big the classes were going to be for your first year courses.


I wish I had known more about internships and study abroad programs. I am a junior and barely getting informed about these great oppurtunities. I also feel that many do not know that there are so many study aborad programs for students in majors other than humanities. I also wish I had known more about different majors because I lost two years in the wrong major as i was pressured by my advisor to stick to a major i had no passion for.


I wish I had known how much information was covered in one class period! The expectations of college were a surprise but after getting used to them its easy!


What Ishould have prepared myself for, socialization skills, I had ADD, I may never get employed


I wish I had known the importance of applying for even the smallest of scholarships and how that can pay for anything from books to supplies to even food. I wish I had taken advantage of more oppotunites to make my financial situation better.